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NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / —, a leading nationwide network of lawyers, discovered that the numbers of filed workers’ compensation claims significantly increased this year over the prior year, almost doubling in some areas. The plaintiff platform shares insights into the surge in claims.

The labor market is still recovering from the damage caused by COVID-19. Even in August 2021, 5.6 million Americans reported that they couldn't work because their employer closed or lost business due to the pandemic, according to the US Department of Labor. Additionally, 1.3 million reported that they couldn't look for work due to the COVID-19 situation, which suggests that the public’s concern isn’t going away.

The Wave of COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claims

Jack Chemtob, founder and CEO of, shares insights from the plaintiff network, "One of our top law firms has seen 2.2 times the number of signed cases for workers' comp from February to May 2021, which caused us to investigate. Because these COVID claims are getting more common, it’s also more likely that they will be settled – especially in states with high exposure."

The latest figures from California’s Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) show almost 150,000 cases citing COVID-19, which total 15.5% of all claims this year. At the same time, Texas has seen a stunning 34% increase in the total number of claims reported to the DWC, compared to pre-pandemic numbers.

Despite vaccine efforts and market stabilization, workers’ compensation claims aren’t slowing down. The rise could be related to the overall sentiment of the workforce.

Worrying Prospects of the Delta Variant

Chemtob continues, "When this all started, many people wouldn’t file claims when they got sick because they were terrified of losing their jobs in the middle of the pandemic. I think this is changing now that we’re almost two years into it, with the Delta variant on the horizon. We have legal resources and tools to help settle claims that the workforce is starting to take advantage of."

While the Delta variant is a new development, it has already had a profound effect on the public. Its faster spread and reportedly more severe symptoms create a perfect storm for labor market disruption.

With both the rising number of workers’ compensation claims and lagging vaccination in Southern states, a return to previous states of emergency this winter is becoming increasingly likely. The situation calls for better access to legal aid for workers who will face an even slower bureaucracy overwhelmed with cases, staffing challenges and time delays.

A Rising Number of Claimants Need Robust Settlement Solutions

Depending on the state, anywhere between one-third and one-half of COVID-19-positive workers’ compensation claims get denied. However, only a small number of these denials get disputed. This indicates that a lot of people who get COVID-19 on the job don’t follow through with legal action even when they have the chance to get a fair settlement. developed a platform that offers workers in any state access to professional legal help. Their vast network of lawyers helps claimants go through the filing process to pursue due compensation related to COVID-19 exposure or other incidents covered by workers’ compensation. This service model protects the rights of US workers and advocates for fair settlements even for disputed claims.


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