Free LifeExec Course to Help California Families Prepare for Wildfire Evacuation

+10,000 families are currently at risk of wildfire evacuation. Prepare your household today with expert lifesaving tips and tools

BEND, OR, USA, July 26, 2021 / — Evacuation levels continue to rise in the state of California. Currently, the Dixie Fire has become California’s largest fire, claiming nearly 200,000 acres of land. Now, more than 10,000 structures are in the line of Dixie’s danger. The rapid spread of the wildfire is providing FEMA’s evacuation alert system little to no notice of an evacuation. Families are required to make life-changing decisions in 30-minutes or less. In response, the high desert-based team at LifeExec is offering their Natural Disaster Preparedness Course for free. LifeExec’s Natural Disaster Preparedness Course teaches critical information everyone needs to know to ensure the entire household can move to safety quickly.

“A wildfire can strike anywhere, spread incredible fast, and homes can be evacuated with only minutes notice,” said Director of Marketing, Abby McCubbin, “what do you do if you’re not home?”

McCubbin and her team implore people to think about what they will do if they’re away from their spouse or children. The team at LifeExec also urges people to ask themselves what they can you do to protect their home? Disaster planning, according to McCubbin and her team, is about developing a game plan so everyone knows how to respond ahead of time.

That’s exactly what McCubbin and her team promise their users. According to McCubbin, LifeExec’s Natural Disaster Preparedness Course is family-friendly and includes resources that helps families build a customized evacuation plan.

“Most people don’t know that shutting your AC vents or setting your sprinklers to hose the side of your house can actually be lifesaving,” said McCubbin, “in just 15-20 minutes families gain unique knowledge and peace of mind needed to stay calm and react quickly.”

In addition to the evacuation tips, LifeExec’s team has included FEMA evacuation levels in the course with easy to follow steps per evacuation level. According to McCubbin, the evacuation checklist also includes meeting place locations families can decide on together and memorize for future use.

“Schools routinely go over evacuation meeting locations, but do families have this information and know how their children will respond, even if they’re at work?” McCubbin asked, “How would you and your family communicate if there was a Level 3 Alert?”

The team at LifeExec helps families plan ahead of time, so loved ones can move quickly when timing is critical. And since 3 out of 4 people admit they have no idea what to do during a natural disaster, McCubbin advised getting this information out is crucial.

“Looking up what FEMA evacuation levels are is not the place you want to be when you only have minutes to make life-saving decisions,” said McCubbin.

According to McCubbin, LifeExec has had lifesaving impact on users’ lives. For two women from Sanoma County, life became chaotic in just an instant.

“Two women in Sanoma County were terrified when they got a knock on the door from the firefighter giving them little time to evacuate,” said McCubbin, “they remembered their evacuation checklist and were able to pack, prepare their home, and move to safety in under an hour.”

LifeExec is the first patented life preparedness company in the world. The company was created when co-founder, Ken York, had a near-death experience on Mt. Rainer and realized he had not communicated his legacy wishes to his family. With LifeExec, users can upload and share digital documents, passwords, and contact information, allowing them to respond with confidence to any life event, even a natural disaster.

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