KLAIM Announces First of Its Kind Financing Solution For Medical Claims in the UAE

First of its Kind Financing Solution For Medical Claims in the UAE

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, July 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — KLAIM, a healthcare technology platform dedicated to making medical claim management simple and hassle-free, has just launched its new medical financing solution for the UAE market. Designed specifically for healthcare providers, this is the first-ever solution of its kind in the entire MENA region.

Rejections and delayed payments from insurance companies have always been a grave concern for healthcare providers in the UAE. Payments worth millions of dirhams remain held up and it takes up to six months to be cleared. Naturally, these delays lead to serious disruption in cash flow for healthcare providers. This is where the new financing solution from KLAIM comes in.

KLAIM healthcare receivables purchase is a financial plan that solves cash flow hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories problems resulting from outstanding insurance receivables. Thanks to advanced Healthcare analytics, the solution introduced by KLAIM allows healthcare providers to receive upfront payments for their claims within 48 hours, without waiting for their insurance companies to pay them. The company has already signed an agreement with Doctors Clinic and Diagnostic Center (DCDC) in Healthcare City to solve their medical claim payment issues and in several advanced discussions since the service was launched at the beginning of July.

“We identified that delay in the payments was a big problem when it comes to billing and payments. Traditionally banks have shied away from financing smaller institutions. We came up with this innovative solution that combines technology and finance for healthcare, to help the provider, especially the smaller ones, to keep the lights on and operate to offer the best service,” said Karim Dakki, Founder and CEO of KLAIM.

KLAIM’s new client Doctor Clinic and Diagnostic Center (DCDC) is a noted healthcare provider delivering world-class patient care and diagnostic services… Like many other healthcare providers in the region, DCDC was in a tight spot because of payment delays by insurance companies. It affected their performance as lots of time was lost following up on payments. A robust solution to this problem was essential for them to focus entirely on providing quality healthcare services.

“Solving this issue of delay in insurance payments will help us concentrate on our medical service; improve our service quality and daily performance of the customer care. At the same time, our staff will be paid on time and we will be able to concentrate more on our main business, which is medical service,” said Dr. Ahmad, the owner of the clinic DCDC.

“There is a big demand for this service in the medical field and it will help many clinics to succeed, survive, and improve at the same time. I'm sure that this will also have a significant positive impact on the entire medical service sector in Dubai,” Dr. Ahmad added.

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Panamax Capital and Magstar Capital assist RICOVR in raising $1.5 million Pre-Series A Round

PRINCETON, NJ, USA, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RICOVR Healthcare, creator of the XALIVA rapid diagnostics platform announced in April 2021 that it has raised $1.5 million Pre-Series A round to
commercialize its point-of-care testing device for THC and COVID-19.

RICOVR has now raised a total of $3.0 million. The new funding was led by Achari Ventures, with
participation from Halley Venture Partners and strategic investors. The prior $1.1 million Seed round in
December 2020 was led by Halley Venture Partners.

Piyush Sadana, COO and Co-Founder of RICOVR said, “We are fortunate to have the support of our
investors and trusted financial advisors, Panamax and Magstar who assisted and introduced the lead
investors for both rounds, as we look to continue to grow the company and scale RICOVR’s unique

RICOVR Healthcare is the creator of the XALIVA rapid diagnostics platform that provides high-quality,
rapid diagnostics results using a small amount of saliva. Company’s product pipeline includes rapid
point-of-care tests for Covid-19, THC & drugs-of-abuse, and infectious diseases. The Company boasts a
distinguished advisory board and management team of scientists and engineers committed to making a positive impact on society.

About Panamax Capital

Panamax provides capital raising,M&A, and strategic advisory services to small to medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs), investors, and acquirers. Focus on Technology/Impact Investing enabled companies
in the Consumer, Finance, F&B, Health & Life Sciences, Logistics/Transportation, Natural Resources, Real
Estate, and Technology sectors. Greenwich, CT based with resources in the Americas, Asia, India, and
Ireland. Broker/Dealer services provided by PartnerCap Securities, LLC, Member FINRA / SIPC.

About Magstar Capital
Magstar Capital is an investment banking firm that provides strategic buy-side and sell-side M&A, capital raising, and corporate advisory services to companies and private equity, venture capital, and family office investors across a variety of sectors, including Banking, Specialty Finance, FinTech, Health/Wellness/MedTech, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Sports and Entertainment, Asset Management, Real Estate, and Technology and Media. The firm’s principals have been involved in over 150 M&A and capital raising assignments, representing an aggregate transaction value over $15 billion. Magstar is based in New York, with additional offices in Chicago, Austin, Aspen, and Miami. Magstar is a Member, FINRA/SIPC.

For further information on RICOVR, please visit www.ricovr.com.

For more information on these transactions please contact:

Panamax Capital
Tom Blinten
(203) 979-4041

Magstar Capital
David Magli
(914) 937-7583

Piyush Sadana
(609) 375-8379

Kyle Muse
Ricovr Healthcare
+1 609-375-8379
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Matthew Bussard Reveals How Medicare Works If You Won’t Retire at 65

Many seniors wonder how Medicare works if retirement is not an option upon reaching sixty-five. Medicare specialist Matthew Bussard addresses these concerns.

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND, USA, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Matthew Bussard, a popular financial service broker in Rhode Island, works specifically with Medicare users. He carries such a high passion for his line of work that on the weekends, you will find Bussard volunteering at clinics, helping with Medicare enrollment, or answering Medicare questions.

“On multiple occasions, I’ve had seniors ask me how Medicare works if retirement is not a part of the plan when they reach sixty-five,” said Bussard.

No circumstance is the same, but when speaking in general terms, the choice to enroll in Medicare is determined by employer size and current workplace health insurance value. Those over the age of sixty-five who still have a job and get health insurance from their employer that employs twenty or more people do not have to immediately enroll in Medicare for the time being. However, if an organization employs fewer than twenty employees, employees sixty-five and older need to get their primary insurance through Medicare. That means those individuals need to get Medicare Parts A and B.

Seniors who work for an employer that employs less than twenty people that do not enroll in Medicare Parts A and B are at the risk of receiving little to no health care from their employer.

“No matter the number of employees at an individual’s job, I always encourage my clients to enroll in Medicare Part A on time, as there is no price to pay in doing so,” said Matthew Bussard.

Even those who currently receive health insurance from their employer can benefit from enrolling in Medicare Part A when turning sixty-five. There is no cost to enroll. In doing so, Medicare can act as a backup or secondary insurance plan that could potentially catch what primary insurance received through an employer does cover. Hospital stays are covered by Medicare Part A.

For those who are not claiming Social Security benefits and are actively working at sixty-five years old, it is critical to keep in mind that the government will not grant automatic enrollment in Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B is not free, but those turning sixty-five who are working at a business employing less than twenty people should enroll in Medicare Part B as soon as eligible.

The only people turning sixty-five who do not have the option to enroll in Medicare are those who make deposits towards a health savings account and want to keep contributing towards it. Medicare does not allow those enrolled to contribute to a health savings account.

To learn more about Matthew Bussard or to ask questions related to Medicare, visit his website www.matthewbussard.com.

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We Insure Continues National Expansion, Opens New Office in Naples, Florida, Owned and Operated by Joe Erickson

Joe Erickson Headshot We Insure Jerickson

Joe Erickson, Agency Owner

We Insure Logo

I wanted to join We Insure because it allows me to give my clients more choices so that I can sell coverage rather than price”

— Joe Erickson, Agency Owner

JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We Insure Inc., an independent insurance franchise company, announced today the opening of We Insure JD Insurance Agency.

Agency Owner Joe Erickson has been in the insurance industry for more than ten years, focusing on all lines of insurance including commercial, life, and primarily property and casualty insurance. He has been a Naples, FL resident for most of his life and gained his insurance experience along with talented agents at established insurance companies.

Owning an independent insurance agency to further fulfill his passion for helping people has been a recent attainable goal for Joe. With a desire to have more access to the top-rated markets for all lines of insurance and the support to allow him to focus 100% on his customers, he opened a We Insure agency. “I wanted to join We Insure because it allows me to give my clients more choices so that I can sell coverage rather than price,” says Erickson. “I also want to be a part of an insurance family with full support.”

“We Insure has built strong relationships with top insurance carriers, which enables our franchise partners to get immediate access to excellent rates — an incredible advantage for a new agency,” explains Chief Development Officer, Chris Pflueger.

We Insure is experiencing high demand from entrepreneurs for its innovative franchise insurance offering. The Florida-based company was created by a former captive agent with a mission to tackle the insurance industry’s biggest challenges. Philip Visali, CEO of We Insure, accomplished this by bringing together the best in choice from independent agencies along with the superior back-end support of captive models. Ten years later, We Insure has partnerships with the top carriers, and more than 100 total markets, to provide its customers with the ultimate experience of choice and lower rates. The company has deeply invested in state-of-the-art support systems and IT infrastructure to provide agents with seamless servicing so they can focus on developing customer relationships.

We Insure was recently identified by independent research firm Franchise Business Review (FBR) as one of the Top 100 Low-Cost Franchises in 2021 and as one of the Top 200 Best Franchises to Buy in 2021. FBR’s recognition was based on franchisees’ satisfaction and performance rankings.

About We Insure
We Insure is a national insurance company that’s disrupting the industry with an innovative business model focused on customer experience and exceptional agent support. The franchise offers unprecedented access to carriers and complete operational, IT, service and marketing support to its franchise owners in the U.S. We Insure is expanding rapidly with more than 170 retail locations nationwide. For more information about franchise opportunities, visit weinsurefranchise.com. For general information, visit weinsuregroup.com.


We Insure JD Insurance Agency
4530 Arnold Ave
Naples, FL 34104

Joe Erickson
We Insure JD Insurance Agency
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TechAssure Launches Cyber Insurance Program Protected by Ransomware Blocking Technology Platform

TechAssure Logo

Global Tech & Cyber Risk Experts

ShadowNet is the insurance industry's first cyber insurance program to include auto-shunning technology to block malicious IP addresses.

The missing piece in cyber insurance has always been proactive protection of cyber insureds. ShadowNet goes a step further by actively blocking hackers from ever accessing a company’s network.”

— Garrett Droege

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TechAssure, the international nonprofit association of insurance and risk management experts for technology-related risks, announced the launch of ShadowNet: a comprehensive cyber insurance program protected by an industry-leading ransomware blocking technology solution. By partnering with RiskAnalytics and ICE Cybersecurity, TechAssure has created a solution that offers companies greater protection and offers insurers a more well-protected book of business.

“The missing piece in cyber insurance has always been proactive protection of cyber insureds,” said TechAssure Executive Director, Garrett Droege. “Many companies offer cyber security assessments, network scans, and risk management recommendations along with their cyber insurance products. ShadowNet goes a step further by actively blocking hackers from ever accessing a company’s network.”

As the cyber insurance marketplace hardens, companies are increasingly finding it difficult to access the coverage, limits, and/or pricing they are seeking. This is largely being driven by the sharp increase in ransomware claims over the past 18 months. Cyber insurance underwriters are looking for insureds that are being proactive in cyber risk management and have a proven strategy to avoid ransomware events. ShadowNet is a unique platform that allows insureds to identify threats in real-time, share that information with other insureds and insurance carriers, and blocks them from communicating with ransomware and malware.

ShadowNet is available through any of TechAssure’s US-based retail brokerage members. It is open to a broad-variety of industries and company sizes.


Established in 2000, TechAssure is a unique consortium of risk management experts serving innovative industries, such as technology, telecommunications, life sciences, clean tech, as well as the venture capital and private equity firms that fund them. Comprised of over 35 specialist firms located in technology hubs across the world, TechAssure members collectively serve over 5,000 clients and represent over $10 Billion in premium volume. The association also produces a proprietary annual benchmarking report for the industries it serves.
TechAssure Marketing Contact:
Amy Ellis, Membership + Marketing Coordinator


RiskAnalytics collects, analyzes and correlates global risk data to distribute cyber threat intelligence in real-time to stop cybercrime. As a member of Google’s esteemed VirusTotal community, RiskAnalytics’ team of U.S.- based cyber experts stay up-to-date on the latest tech, methods and sources of cyberthreats across the globe, and infuse that knowledge into an industry-leading, always-on threat intel feed, called ShadowNet. Simply put, RiskAnalytics is your first and last line of defense.

RiskAnalytics Marketing Contact:
Jake Stull, Director of Marketing


ICE Cybersecurity is a leading provider of cybersecurity insights and intelligence for businesses. Our Integrated Cybersecurity Engine (ICE) provides analytics and reports creating a comprehensive view of our clients’ security posture, helping them take rapid action to reduce risk, improve compliance and prevent ransomware infections. Be secure, be confident.

ICE Cybersecurity Marketing Contact:
Phuoc Nguyen, VP Business Development

Garrett Droege
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Dotgo Launches RichSMS™ to Deliver SMS Messages Over RCS, While Lowering Costs

Dotgo Launches RichSMS™ to Deliver SMS Messages Over RCS, While Lowering Costs

Dotgo Launches RichSMS™ to Deliver SMS Messages Over RCS, While Lowering Costs

Brands sending notifications and offers as SMS can now deliver them as an RCS message with branding, security, and enhanced customer experience

We built the RichSMS technology to make it very easy for developers to adopt RCS, and experience its benefits, while saving costs”

— Surinder Singh Anand, CTO and VP Product Management, Dotgo®

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dotgo®, a leading cloud communications provider of Rich Communication Services (RCS) and business messaging solutions, today announced the launch of its RichSMS™ service that allows messages sent as SMS to be delivered over RCS without any software changes. Users receive the same message, along with the brand logo and verified trust mark, in their RCS-enabled phones.

RCS, part of the 5G standard, is the next generation of SMS that includes pictures, audio, video, and presence, combined with enhanced security and encryption. RCS messages are delivered into the native messaging apps such as Google Messages and Samsung Messages on Android phones. RCS Business Messaging (RBM) uses the richer and interactive features of RCS to enable branded and secure business messaging. As of today, RCS is available globally with over 600M monthly active users.

RichSMS, built on Dotgo’s patent-pending technology, provides greater security, trust, and branding for business-to-consumer communication, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Developers sending notifications, offers, and one-time passwords over SMS can now opt-in for RichSMS.

Using RichSMS is simple and easy. Developers still send messages using the standard SMPP connection, or an SMS API. Dotgo’s patent-pending RichSMS technology determines if the message can be sent over RCS, and if so, to transform and send it over RCS with branding and trust marks. The resulting message is delivered as an RCS message to the same native messaging app that receives SMS messages. If the user is not RCS-enabled, the message continues to be delivered as an SMS. 

Brands sending long (multi-part) SMS messages can save costs by using RichSMS. Instead of sending (and paying for) multiple SMS messages to deliver the long text message, a brand can use RichSMS to send the entire text as a single RCS message, significantly reducing their messaging costs.

“We built the RichSMS technology to make it very easy for developers to adopt RCS, and experience its benefits, while saving costs,” says Surinder Singh Anand, CTO and VP Product Management, Dotgo®.

“RichSMS represents an innovative use of RCS technology and will help further grow the entire RCS ecosystem. Gupshup is partnering with Dotgo to bring RichSMS and other RCS innovations from Dotgo to its over 100,000 customers,” says Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup, a leader in conversational messaging.

About Dotgo

Dotgo®, a global leader in RCS and other rich business messaging solutions, is the provider of the Dotgo Bot Store®, the world’s first and largest directory of RCS and WhatsApp bots, RichOTP®, and RichSMS™. Embracing the paradigm shift to rich business messaging that is underway, Dotgo is building the cloud communications technology and services needed in a world where every business must have a presence inside messaging apps, just as they have web sites and smartphone apps. RCS, Google’s Business Messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp are fast becoming the de-facto standards for business messaging for brands, offering exciting possibilities for customer engagement.

Dotgo enables brands and developers to transform customer interactions using rich business messaging, and helps mobile operators make RCS business messaging a reality. Dotgo is a Google partner, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. For more information, visit www.dotgo.com. Bot Store, Dotgo, and RichOTP are registered trademarks of Dotgo Systems Inc. in USA and other jurisdictions.

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Quantum Assurance International, Inc. Independent Insurance Agency Spotlight – Integrity Insurance Resource, LLC.


Quantum Assurance International, Inc. Independent Insurance Agency Spotlight – Integrity Insurance Resource, LLC.


Quantum Assurance

Meet Gavin Bates of Integrity Insurance Resource insuring all of Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, North/South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas & Virginia

Quantum is a forward-thinking insurance company that is reinventing the insurance experience for customers and agents. ”

— Gavin Bates, Agency Owner, Integrity Insurance Resource LLC.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quantum Assurance International, Inc. introduces Gavin Bates, an independent insurance agency owner at Integrity Insurance Resource, LLC. finding the right and affordable insurance coverage, insuring all of Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia in auto, home, business, and more!

Gavin joined Quantum Assurance as an independent insurance agent in May 2021 and opened his insurance agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is an Oklahoma-based seasoned Insurance Agent with 14 years of experience and a history of success. He began his insurance career in 2007 and over the years cultivated and maintained relationships with customers based on his product knowledge and professionalism. His leadership and ability to connect with customers has a proven history of success.

Gavin is a proud husband and father to two daughters. His passion is family, being outdoors, and helping clients.

“Quantum is a forward-thinking insurance company that is reinventing the insurance experience for customers and agents. They truly give agents their independence on how you would like to run your business.”- Gavin Bates, Agency Owner, Integrity Insurance Resource LLC.

“Gavin Bates is a legacy in the insurance industry who is ready for his own agency in the independent world. Gavin and I have known each other for years and is one of the kindest most caring individuals you would ever meet. These attributes are easily seen when he is working with his clients and providing the solutions that fit their situation. I couldn’t be more excited than to be working with Gavin at Quantum!" – Marci Hensley, Agency Deployment Leader, Quantum Assurance

When you work with Integrity Insurance Resource LLC., you can expect:
• A professional and hassle-free insurance experience.
• Having a personal insurance agent experience because they do all the shopping for you.
• A fully licensed team to work on policy reviews for potential gaps in coverage.

About Quantum Assurance:
Quantum Assurance International is an independent insurance organization serving clients through our flagship call centers as well as our agency force. We reduce friction during the client experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and by matching our clients with premier choices from top-rated insurance carriers across the country. To learn more about becoming a Quantum Assurance International Independent Agent, visit: www.QuantumAssurance.com

Connect with Quantum Assurance on social media:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/quantum-assurance-international/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuantumAssurance/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdua0bd60YLxqmFzynjIT7g
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quantumassurance/?hl=en
TikTok: @quantumassurance

About Integrity Insurance Resource LLC.:
Integrity Insurance Resource LLC. is an Independent Insurance Agency representing a vast line of insurance carriers for all your insurance needs. We carefully select our carriers to provide you with the best level of service, price, and coverage. We work for you, not the insurance company.

For more information contact:
Gavin Bates, Agency Owner, Integrity Insurance Resource LLC.
Office: (918) 922-7077
Cell: (918) 520-6221
Email: William.Bates@quantumassurance.com
Address: 5840 S Memorial Dr. Ste. 290B Tulsa, OK 74145
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gavin-bates-427528212
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gavin.bates.169/
Licensed States: CO, GA, MD, OK, OH, NC, SC, TN, TX & VA

Abby Thoresen
Quantum Assurance
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Martha's Vineyard Bank Launches Insurance Agency through Partnership with Insuritas

Vineyard Sound Insurance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Martha's Vineyard Bank, was launched in July 2021.

Our mission is to make our clients' financial lives easy. Our Bank clients are interested in having a one-stop-shop for all of their financial and insurance needs. ”

— James M. Anthony, President, and CEO of Martha's Vineyard Bank

EAST WINDSOR, CT, USA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Martha's Vineyard Bank recently partnered with Insuritas, a full-service digital insurance agency platform, to begin offering personal, commercial, and ancillary insurance services to Martha's Vineyard Bank's more than 30,000 customers. Vineyard Sound Insurance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Martha's Vineyard Bank, launched in July. The Agency offers personal, ancillary, and commercial insurance products following Martha's Vineyard Bank's focus-on-client-service model.

"Our mission is to make our clients' financial lives easy. Our Bank clients are interested in having a one-stop-shop for all of their financial and insurance needs. The addition of Vineyard Sound Insurance allows us to offer a full suite of financial solutions", stated James M. Anthony, President, and CEO of Martha's Vineyard Bank, the parent company of Vineyard Sound Insurance.

Vineyard Sound Insurance can produce quotes from more than 40 insurance carrier partners. Our insurance solutions include home, renter's, auto, flood, identity theft, travel, and professional liability insurance, among many others.

"We're delighted to announce our relationship with Martha's Vineyard Bank and are proud to have earned the opportunity to build, launch, and manage a full-service, digitally-powered insurance agency for the bank and its customers," said Insuritas Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Chesky. "Through our relationship, the bank will now be able to provide simple, seamless access to competitive options for their customers' insurance needs, all with a focus on delivering the right coverages at the right price at the right time."

Jeffrey Chesky
+1 8606531134
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Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations International launches new group of services for heir-location

BOULDER, COLORADO , UNITED STATES , July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lauth Investigations International is excited to announce the launch of a new suite of services known as ‘Heir-Locate’ services. The same infrastructure that has allowed LII to put unrecovered assets back in the hands of their rightful owners will now allow us to locate heirs in matters of estate, insurance, and other financial matters. Lauth is expanding its expertise in order to offer a more robust suite of services to support our clients.

What are heir-locate services? It is the process of identifying heirs/beneficiaries of property or estates, or the process of fact-finding to assist in the confirmation of heirship. Professionals who typically utilize these services are either probate attorneys or court appointed guardians who are required to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities during the course of a case. Corporations also utilize heir-locate services to assist in the mitigation of any unclaimed liability carried on the company’s balance sheet. Private investigators are not typically the first professionals who come to mind in the case of heir-location services, but their skillsets are highly conducive to fulfilling financial due-diligence.

Most online people-finder instant-search database options utilize old, outdated public record information. Whereas a private investigator specializes in locating people through the use of confidential data and other resources not readily available to the public. Resulting in current contact information for potential heirs or beneficiaries. Lauth’s private investigators work hand in hand with its staff of genealogical researchers to identify potential heirs and locate beneficiaries.

Lauth Investigations International is a family-owned-and-operated private investigation firm that has been providing verified intelligence to clients for over 30 years. Lauth Investigations has offices in Indianapolis, IN and Boulder, CO and genealogical researchers strategically located throughout the United States with capabilities of research internationally. LII maintains an A+ rating with the BBB and is a member of APG.

Christie Haas
Lauth Investigations International
+1 (855) 544-3463 Ext. 0
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What We Do | Return Assets Division | Lauth Investigations International

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Veriday Hosting Product Launch Event with speakers from Novarica and Forrester

Veriday, a leading digital transformation solutions provider, is excited to announce its upcoming launch event on October 26th, 2021.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — On October 26th, 2021, Veriday will be hosting a launch event for its flagship product, Digital Agent. Join us as we host insightful keynote sessions from Forrester and Novarica and announce exciting new advancements being brought to the Digital Agent platform as it expands further into the US.

Participants will learn about what’s hot & what’s not in Wealth and Insurance Tech and access to insights from Forrester and Novarica industry reports. Additionally, learn about the new features that are being rolled out to the leading marketing platform for regulated industries, Digital Agent. We will be bringing in some of the leading institutions in North America and why they are utilizing Digital Agent to enable their marketing programs.

Sign up here: https://www.veriday.com/digital-agent-launch-event/

If you are unable to attend, be sure to register to get a copy of the Forrester and Novarica session and to stay up to date with the latest news about Veriday and Digital Agent.

About Digital Agent
Digital Agent® is an enterprise marketing platform that allows head office marketing teams to boost sales efforts by supporting all stages of the buyer journey to create more personalized connections at scale.
Our integrated marketing cloud is packed with practical features (such as; Websites, Email, Social, Blog, Events, Compliance) that empower financial advisors to take control of their digital presence and enable marketing departments to easily manage hundreds or thousands of websites and content delivery channels.

For more information about Digital Agent by Veriday here.

About Veriday Inc.
Veriday’s diverse experience, products and professional services allow them to effectively tailor enterprise solutions for partners operating across industries including healthcare, financial services, government, insurance and engineering, providing us with critical insights and deep customer relationships throughout North America.

Click Here to learn more about Veriday.

Eric Sleeth
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