FairSplit.com Announces Collaboration with WealthCounsel

WealthCounsel Collaboration Makes FairSplit.com More Accessible Everywhere to Help with Estate Settlement of Personal Property

The challenges of dividing personal property sometimes go differently than parent’s would have hoped.

FairSplit.com Offers Invaluable Online Division of Personal Property With Transparency, Accessibility and Efficiency

Use of FairSplit.com had been growing, but COVID’s travel and gathering restrictions definitely increased its use and acceptance dramatically.”

— David MacMahan

CAMARILLO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — WealthCounsel, LLC, the industry leader in automated drafting software for trusts and estates attorneys, and FairSplit.com, innovator and creator of an online system for listing and sharing asset information for fair divisions in estate settlements, announce their collaboration to provide WealthCounsel’s attorney members and the general public with access to FairSplit.com’s platform and services by integrating with WealthCounsel.com, a website for practicing attorneys, and EstatePlanning.com, WealthCounsel’s consumer education website.

“Until now, executors and trustees seeking a process to divide personal property discovered FairSplit.com mostly through online searches or referrals from families that have used it in the past. We are very excited about WealthCounsel’s decision to help boost awareness and use of our platform and services by offering easy access to families and legal professionals who are helping clients with their estates,” says David MacMahan, FairSplit.com CEO and founder. “Use of FairSplit.com had been growing, but COVID’s travel and gathering restrictions definitely increased its use and acceptance dramatically,” he added.

The collaboration allows users to
• list and categorize assets and upload photos for free in private accounts on the platform, specifically designed for personal property in a home;
• share lists of assets for free with family members and related parties to allow full transparency;
• upgrade to a FairSplit.com subscription to access multiple types of property division, including rounds of “interested or not,” blind bidding with emotional points and ordering and awarding items by interest, an online system of “drawing straws”;
• hire FairSplit.com consultants to manage and assist with personal property division;
• access the FairSplit.com network of local partners to handle photographing, packing and shipping property; and
• get fair market value estimates, when full appraisals are not necessary.

The collaboration is now live and available to the public on EstatePlanning.com. It will be available to WealthCounsel attorneys via the WealthCounsel Marketplace and as an integration with WealthTracx®, WealthCounsel’s trust administration software solution. “We are impressed with FairSplit.com’s dedication to making a challenging and often painful part of estate settlement easier, more amicable and so much more efficient. WealthCounsel is excited to partner with FairSplit.com to bring this solution to our attorney members to help them efficiently settle their clients’ estates, as well as to the retail consumer who is searching for a better way to divide personal property,” said Henna Shah, CEO of WealthCounsel, LLC.

About WealthCounsel, LLC
WealthCounsel, LLC, has been helping estate and business planning attorneys practice excellence for over 20 years. Membership benefits include superior estate and business planning drafting software with Wealth Docx® and Business Docx®, a vibrant community of thousands of attorneys and thoughtful analysis on breaking industry developments.

About FairSplit.com
For more than 10 years, FairSplit.com has provided an online platform and system to efficiently list, share and divide tangible personal property for estate and divorce settlements. The services are used worldwide by all types of families, from those simply wanting a fair and transparent system, to those in contentious situations where in-person division processes are not possible or advisable.

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Estate Settlement of Personal Property Online, using FairSplit.com

Source: EIN Presswire