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Business Purpose Exemption

Joffrey Long

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Trust deed investors, borrowers, and loan brokers can begin considering the Business Purpose Exemption here.”

— Joffrey Long

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2020 / — In real estate financing, particularly in private money lending, the business purpose exemption is often considered.

There are many interesting questions related to the business purpose exemption and, provides you with some of the concerns that mortgage brokers, trust deed investors, and loan servicers may have in making or servicing certain loans.

Many private money loans (also referred to as hard money loans) are made, based on possible consideration of the business purpose exemption. The considerations range all the way from the initial formation of a business plan or decision to make loans or invest as a private money investor, all the way to the final aspects of loan servicing and ultimate collection or payoff issues.

"Trust deed investors, borrowers, and loan brokers can begin considering the Business Purpose Exemption here," indicated Joffrey Long, author of the website. "They will need to consult with qualified counsel as to the specific questions they need to address. Application of the exemption may vary from mortgage lender to mortgage lender, trust deed investor to trust deed investor, borrower, to borrower or licensing method to licensing method."

The format of the website goes from identifying the parties who may be interested in the exemption, how it may affect them, certain misconceptions about consumer purpose loans and related laws and regulations, and then moves on to questions that someone involved in trust deed investments might consider.

Joffrey Long, author of the site, has provided other information about private money trust deed brokerage, real estate lending in general, trust deed investments and fractionalized trust deeds, and loan servicing, in other websites and writings.

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