PatchMaster Specialty Drywall Repair Franchise Opening in Cleveland

Experienced Sales and Marketing Professional Joseph Gilliam brings drywall repair franchise to the Northeast Ohio region

I decided to become a PatchMaster franchise owner right here in Cleveland; to put my professional skills to good use to serve my community and help people in my area.”

— Joseph Gilliam, PatchMaster owner in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, November 30, 2020 / — Joseph Gilliam is a sales and marketing professional who spent the better part of two decades cultivating his skills in Northeastern Ohio. Now, he is investing in something different for him, something exciting and tangible to help homeowners and commercial real estate operators in the community.

Gilliam is opening a specialty drywall repair business, PatchMaster, a fast-growing drywall repair concept sweeping the nation. This is the first PatchMaster location in Ohio.

“I’ve always been successful in connecting with people and networking on the North Coast. My experience in marketing and my technical ability have put me in a unique position to pursue a lifelong dream of mine; to own and operate my own business,” Gilliam said. “And so, I decided to become a PatchMaster franchise owner right here in Cleveland; to put my professional skills to good use to serve my community and help people in my area.”

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Gilliam earned a BA in Marketing and Journalism. His PatchMaster franchise, which officially opened in November, services the greater Cleveland area as well as parts of 12 different counties on the North Coast.

PatchMaster’s business model offers customers a fast, professional solution for drywall repairs. Most busy handymen, large drywall companies or contractors don’t want to perform small drywall repairs. Service professionals like plumbers and electricians often don’t have the resources to fix holes they leave behind.

PatchMaster specializes in fixing holes caused by renters, plumbing leaks and DIY projects that just can’t seem to get finished. In most cases, PatchMaster can complete the job in one visit.

Currently, PatchMaster has more than 43 franchises signed in 77 territories with 26 franchises opened and operating. The franchise has opportunities for growth across Canada and the United States.

“We’re thrilled to have Joseph on board with us to bring PatchMaster to Cleveland and the state of Ohio,” said Paul Ferrara, CEO of PatchMaster. “We love welcoming franchise owners who are determined and hard workers — he told me that he wanted to become ‘the’ drywall expert in Cleveland, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will go on to do just that. Joseph has proven himself to be an enthusiastic business owner and leader who is dedicated to growing his business. We can’t wait to witness him grow in his community.”

Gilliam is a member of the Willoughby Hills BNI group, as well as a member of his local Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, Gilliam enjoys competitive running and playing sports like basketball and football. As another way to channel his creativity, he writes novels in his free time.

The initial franchise fee for a PatchMaster franchise territory, which consists of a population up to 250,000, is $19,500 USD. The PatchMaster franchise system encourages military veterans to join its franchise, offering a 15 percent discount off the initial franchise fee to qualified applicants. Ongoing fees include a technology fee and a downward sliding scale for royalties starting at 9 percent. Franchisees attend a week-long training program at the company’s headquarters in Somerville, New Jersey.

PatchMaster is a low-cost franchise with a quick ramp up period. No drywall experience is required for owners – PatchMaster provides all the training, tools and resources to learn the model and run the business. Franchisees have access to support for marketing, including digital marketing and social media, job pricing, hiring, managing technicians and financial management.

For more information on this growing home services franchise, visit


About PatchMaster

Headquartered in Chester, New Jersey, PatchMaster is a home services franchise brand offering customers a fast and professional solution for drywall repairs. The company provides high quality drywall services for small holes, dings, and dents, typically finishing jobs in one visit. Launched in 2016 and offering franchises since September 2017, PatchMaster already has more than 43 franchises signed in 77 territories with 26 franchises opened and operating. PatchMaster is positioned to revolutionize the home services industry as a pioneering drywall franchise.

Visit or call 1-844-PATCHMASTER to learn more.

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Emil Malak Pens an Op-ed: New antibody resistant coronavirus mutation N493K; Focus should be on testing

Emil Malak, CEO Voip-Pal, well versed in global politics, culture and health


VOIP-PAL Corporate Logo

CEOCFO Magazine logo

There is an urgent need for continuous testing every three days as well as making COVID-19 testing more widely available through innovative means such as testing vending machines.”

— Emil Malak

WASHINGTON, DC, US, November 30, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced it has published an op-ed ( by Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak. Inc., Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM), a Bellevue, Washington based company is an inventor and pioneer of the switching technology now being used by many of the world's largest telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls. Mr. Malak has other business ventures and is well versed in global politics and culture.

In February of this year (2020), just as the world was waking up to the news that people were fleeing Wuhan China, headed to worldwide destinations with the deadly coronavirus, Mr. Malak wrote his very first Op-ed on the subject. In the title of his article, “A Global Pandemic Has Already Started” Mr. Malak declared the novel coronavirus to be a worldwide pandemic one month before the World Health Organization did. Since then we have seen several of Mr. Malek’s predictions on the virus come true.

In his most recent op-ed, Mr. Malak discussed the new antibody resistant coronavirus mutation N493K. “The neutralizing antibodies that patients develop after being infected with a virus or following vaccination are not proving to be effective against this new mutant. The N439K mutation so-far is proving to be resistant to antibodies.

He continued, “N439K has already been identified in twelve countries and is increasing infection rates in the United States and Europe. As a result, within the next four weeks we could potentially see death rates increase. Authors of a recent study on the new coronavirus mutant conclude their findings could have consequences, not only on the efficacy of emerging vaccines but also the efficacy of antibody therapeutics.”

With studies such as the one by The University of Vermont Medical Center yet to be done, Mr. Malak who is very pro-vaccine and believes they save lives cautioned, “I have the utmost respect for politicians on both sides of the aisle that have dedicated their efforts into eradicating the coronavirus. One of the challenges is there are still too many unknowns before we can roll out a safe vaccine solution. Do neutralizing antibodies indeed vanish within a few months? Will antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) put those vaccinated in danger? Could a vaccinated person, thinking they are immune to COVID-19 become an asymptomatic carrier and spread the virus? How many doses of the vaccine will people need per year? Some suggest three of four doses per year to be safe. What about side effects? Will spike protein mutations complicate matters?”

Malak has repeatedly warned in his op-eds over the past nine months about the need to gather adequate data of at least two years before allowing a vaccine to go to the market. Recalling the mistakes of the 1960’s Thalidomide tragedy that led to tens of thousands of children born with birth defects, Malak wrote, “We need to learn from these tragedies and never repeat the same mistakes. Rushing into any drug or vaccine could lead to catastrophic consequences.”

Pointing to a study by Danish researches, Mr. Malak discusses another concern in the possibility that today’s vaccine may not work tomorrow because of virus mutation, “Researchers have documented at least two mutations of the coronavirus. In one instance the genetic sequence within the spike protein changed the position of the “614 G” aspartic acid (contains an amino acid and a carboxylic acid) to an “amino acid glycine.” That single change within the spike protein created a new COVID-19-2.0, far more contagious and deadly than the original. The second mutation was recently discovered in the mink farms of Denmark; two amino acid mutations within the spike protein. It is valid to question whether a vaccine would be effective after a mutation takes place in the spike protein. We do not know when, nor how frequently a mutation will take place, rendering the vaccine ineffective each time. Another important question that needs to be answered is how effective any COVID-19 vaccine will be on a mutated strain of the virus; a COVID-2.0.”

Mr. Malak continues, “As a result of this new virus all of Denmark’s 17 million farmed minks in their 400 mink farms are being destroyed and 240 or more mink farm workers are currently infected. This latest development provides even more reason why the focus should be on developing more effective therapeutics,” said Mr. Malak.

Mr. calls for what he calls, “The hammer and the dance” – for a new non-political task force. “It is necessary to form a national scientific advisory committee that is free from all political influence. The committee would provide two televised updates per week to advise the public of the facts regarding the coronavirus, its spread and what actions need to be taken by each state.”

Below is Mr. Malak’s proposal:
The Hammer – Europe is headed back to total lockdown, referred to as the “hammer” because of the resurgence of coronavirus cases. The virus is back in Europe vigorously, leading government officials to once again shutdown their economies. This radical action will be devastating to businesses and to the overall mental and physical health of Europeans and will hopefully be limited to a very short period.

The Dance – During the hammer period certain actions must be taken to get people back to work:
1. There is an urgent need for continuous testing every three days as well as making COVID-19 testing more widely available through innovative means such as testing vending machines that provide rapid results in one minute. Those that test negative are free to go to work, restaurants and live their lives normally. Those who test positive will seek medical attention and self-quarantine. More simple, rapid self-testing kits are needed.
2. Reconfigure workplaces providing the means for social distancing, disinfectants and mask wearing indoors.
3. Limit the size of indoor gatherings.
4. Indoor locations like restaurants, bars, and conference centers etc. could be retrofitted with air conditioning systems that burn out the virus during circulation cycles.
5. Close down tattoo parlors, massage parlors and prostitution businesses. Those with addictions should be treated in proper medical facilities.

People that do not adjust to the new norms necessary to deal with the virus will be leaving themselves vulnerable to potential infection and risks associated with the virus which includes death.

Malak, who has many years of experience dealing with the U.S. patent system hinted he may be writing a future article on the current state of patents in the United States saying, “Unfortunately, owning a U.S. patent today can be meaningless. It is no longer an asset but a liability.”

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The Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations International commits to contribute 1% of its revenue to charity

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Every day, Lauth’s Return Assets Division puts unknown assets back in the hands of their rightful owners, and often sees the impact that monetary sums can make.  As a result, it is a natural progression that the company is also committed to ensuring some of those recovered assets go towards charitable causes.  

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed.” In that spirit, Lauth Investigations International has begun an effort to return a percentage of assets we recover back to the community. Lauth Investigations International Return Assets Division’s charitable mission statement is simply that our primary interest in giving, is to support the communities in which we live and work by investing in programs that lift up those who need a hand.  Each month the company selects a charitable organization in one of the communities in which it operates and contributes 1% of its revenues for that month.   

Lauth Investigations International named Coburn Place: Save Haven for its October’s charity. Coburn Place is a nonprofit that provides shelter to Indianapolis citizens who are victims of abuse.  The Coburn Place provides housing and services to people who are survivors of domestic violence and interpersonal abuse. In 2011, they became the first residential domestic violence program in Indiana to implement a model of service delivery based on both the physical and emotional needs of survivors. Their website describes a noble mission of safety and healing, “We empower survivors of interpersonal abuse. We believe in starting with safe housing and letting them lead the way. We offer supportive services and lift survivors—and their children—up so they can soar.”  

For the month of November, and in honor of Veteran’ Day, the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations International, selected Denver Colorado based Veterans to Farmers, a nonprofit devoted to helping veterans develop sustainable skills for the rest of their lives. This program is designed to assist veterans in assimilating effectively and productively back into the communities in which they fought so valiantly to protect.  Not only does it benefit our nation’s heroes, but Veterans to Farmers also benefits the community by supporting the establishment of local farms, increasing commerce, revenues, and food security for the entire area.  This benefit extends through economic chains to benefit consumers who are then able to enjoy the fruits of their labor while supporting local business – turning our protectors into providers.  

About Lauth Investigations International

In 2012, Thomas and Rain Lauth launched the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations after discovering the amount of unrecovered assets held by various entities amounted to over $80 billion. The Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations International is an Indianapolis-based firm with additional offices in Florida and Colorado. Lauth Investigations assists heirs and owners by directing them to the proper channels to initiate the return of their assets, prepare proper documentation to register and defend the claimant, provide support to claimants to help recover the assets, and provide professional referrals for a legal representative.

Thomas Lauth
Lauth Investigations International
3176442788 ext.
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Perrin Conferences’ Annual New York Asbestos Litigation Conference Returns This December

The 2020 New York Asbestos Litigation Conference will be held virtually on December 8, 2020.

We’re excited to host prominent plaintiff and defense attorneys, judges, in-house counsel, and insurance professionals at this annual conference.”

— Lynnsey Perrin, President & CEO of Perrin Conferences

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Perrin Conferences has announced its virtual 2020 New York Asbestos Litigation Conference to be held on December 8, 2020. This conference will once again bring together leading attorneys and industry professionals for noteworthy panels and key discussions focused on New York asbestos litigation.

This year’s New York focused agenda will feature updates and perspectives on the current issues and outlook for 2021 in New York metro and upstate New York, appellate and summary judgment decisions, an update on talc litigation, a panel offering the judicial perspective, trials during COVID-19 and ethical issues to consider, and much more.

“We’re excited to host prominent plaintiff and defense attorneys, judges, in-house counsel, and insurance professionals at this annual conference. While we will miss the live aspect of this conference, we are bringing the same high-caliber speakers and trending topics to our audience,” said Lynnsey Perrin, President & CEO of Perrin Conferences.

This year’s conferences chairs are:
• Jennifer Wilcox Darger, Esq. Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau
• Charles M. Ferguson, Esq. Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.
• Paul Slater, Esq., Senior Counsel General Electric Company, Fairfield, CT

Speakers at the conference include:
• Joseph W. Belluck, Esq., Belluck & Fox, L.L.P., New York, NY
• Jerome H. Block, Esq., Levy Konigsberg LLP, New York, NY
• Daniel P. Blouin, Esq., Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC, New York, NY
• Patti L. Burshtyn, Esq., Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C., New York, NY
• Bernadette W. Catalana, Esq., MG+M The Law Firm, New York, NY
• Casey Chamra, Esq., O'Toole Scrivo, LLC, Cedar Grove, NJ
• Kerryann M. Cook, Esq., The Cook Group, New York, NY
• Meagan E. Dean, Esq., McGivney Kluger Clark & Intoccia, P.C., New York, NY
• Stephanie A. DiVita, Esq., The Law Firm of Pascarella DiVita
• Seth A. Dymond, Esq., Belluck & Fox, L.L.P., New York, NY
• Brian Early, Esq., The Early Law Firm, L.L.C., New York, NY
• Jordan Fox, Esq., Belluck & Fox, L.L.P., New York, NY
• Alani Golanski, Esq., Director, Appellate Litigation Unit, Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C., New York, NY
• David J. Goodearl, Esq., Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP, New York, NY
• Suzanne M. Halbardier, Esq., Barry McTiernan & Moore LLC, New York, NY
• Robert I. Komitor, Esq., Levy Konigsberg LLP, New York, NY
• Danny R. Kraft, Jr., Esq., Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., New York, NY
• Jonathan B. Kromberg, Esq., Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau, New York, NY
• Bridget Longoria, Esq., Assistant Vice President, Resolute Management Inc., Philadelphia, PA
• Stephen Novakidis, Esq., Foley & Mansfield, New York, NY
• Shelley Rossoff Olsen, Esq., Special Master, NYCAL, New York, NY
• Michelle Potter, Vice President, KCIC, Washington, DC
• Judith A. Yavitz, Esq., Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau LLP, New York, NY

Participating Judges include:
• Honorable Lucy Billings, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY
• Honorable Margaret A. Chan, Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York, NY
• Hon. Erin P. Gall, Oneida County Supreme Court, Utica, NY
• Honorable Gerald Lebovits, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY
• Honorable Verna L. Saunders, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY
• Honorable Adam Silvera, Asbestos Coordinating Judge, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY

The conference also offers Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit and CE Adjuster Credit for qualified candidates. CE Adjuster Credit is pending in Texas and Florida. Please contact Bethany Corio at if you have any questions regarding accreditation.
For more details on registration, please contact Lynnsey Perrin at or visit the Perrin Conferences website at

About Perrin Conferences
The leading national provider of joint plaintiff/defendant litigation conferences, Perrin Conferences offers comprehensive and specialized continuing legal education both virtual and live in an atmosphere of learning, networking, and sharing. Bringing together preeminent national talent in specialty legal fields, Perrin Conferences ensures its conferences deliver innovative content, networking opportunities, and career development. Attendees gain insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Follow the latest news from Perrin Conferences on LinkedIn at or Twitter @PerrinConf. For more information on the company and upcoming conferences please visit

Amy Williams
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Amy Williams
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Worldsensing strengthens industrial infrastructure monitoring focus with CMT

Two civil engineers talking and laughing with one holding a tablet.

Worldensing enables civil engineers to monitor critical infrastructures remotely.

Blue Worldsensing company logo 2020

Worldsensing company logo

Industrial monitoring leader launches Loadsensing Connectivity Management Tool and further strengthens global commercial team.

Our aim now is to build on our experience in transforming operations and tackle the fundamental mission of keeping people safe by monitoring assets in mining, construction, rail and beyond.”

— Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO

BARCELONA, BARCELONA, CATALUNYA, November 30, 2020 / — CMT gives engineers a unique cloud-based hub to manage devices, data and networks, building on Loadsensing’s industry-leading wireless network technology for the acquisition of near real-time geotechnical, geospatial and structural sensor information. “Our vision for CMT is to help our partners monitor geotech projects more efficiently,” said Albert Zaragoza, Worldsensing’s Chief Technology Officer.

“It will help them stay on top of their network, node and sensor performance and manage a variety of monitoring projects remotely, from the comfort of their office, through a single pane of glass.”

More than 270 engineering consultancies and monitoring technology providers worldwide already use Loadsensing to improve the safety of critical infrastructure. Within mining, construction, rail and structural health management, CMT addresses engineers’ need to automate monitoring projects through the cloud, reducing the need for site visits and improving safety while reducing costs.

“We know many of our partners monitor projects using spreadsheets, which can be daunting,” said Bernat Trias, director of products at Worldsensing. “We can automate parts of the process so they can focus on what matters the most, which is to ensure the construction process or existing infrastructures are safe.”

Connected with CMT, and to offer additional value to engineering service providers, Worldsensing has built a strong alliance partner network that includes data visualization software experts such as Vista Data Vision, Maxwell Geosystem and Intelltech. Worldsensing is also bundling Loadsensing with IDS GeoRadar by Hexagon and integrating the technology into Hexagon’s digital mining geomonitoring hub, HxGN.

Alongside the CMT launch, Worldsensing has just welcomed Cameron Clark as its new sales area manager for Canada. His long experience and expertise will help support Loadsensing’s growth, especially in mining. The hire represents a further strengthening of Worldsensing’s global team, which recently saw the addition of geotechnical expert Kelsey Kidd to lead North American sales, a mining engineer Leonardo Vidigal to cover the fast-growing Brazilian market and Yvan Bonin focusing on Africa. Worldsensing CEO Ignasi Vilajosana said the business was gearing up to meet soaring demand for industrial monitoring networks after selling its non-core Fastprk and OneMind business units this year.

“The Fastprk and OneMind sales this year leave us perfectly positioned to become the world leader in critical infrastructure monitoring,” said Vilajosana. “Our aim now is to build on our experience in transforming operations and tackle the fundamental mission of keeping people safe by monitoring assets in mining, construction, rail and beyond.”

The key to strengthening the Worldsensing positioning will be the ongoing development of its leading industrial monitoring solution, Loadsensing, to become the underlying platform of choice for monitoring critical infrastructures worldwide. Loadsensing was Worldsensing’s first industrial IoT product, launched as a data logger system in 2015. It has now evolved into a complete wireless solution that supports more than 170,000 sensors in more than 1,000 networks across more than 60 countries worldwide.

“We are seeing a surge in demand for Loadsensing network solutions as the markets recognize the valuable contribution that this technology can make to operational safety,” said Steve Cahill, Worldsensing’s Chief Operating Officer. “In recent years we have seen rapid adoption of the Loadsensing solution across a wide range of industry sectors. Working in close collaboration with our Partners, we continue to develop our Loadsensing capability, to help create an ever safer and more efficient working environment for our customers.

The Loadsensing connectivity-centric​ industrial monitoring offering has already been certified for use in environments as diverse as high-speed railway construction sites in the UK and mining company tailings dams in Brazil.

“We see safeguarding critical infrastructures as a mission that we are uniquely positioned to deliver on,” said Vilajosana. “At this point in our growth it makes sense to focus all our efforts on this particular market opportunity.”

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A New Partnership in the Horizon: UK Aerospace Giant and an Australian Defence Broker & Advanced Manufacturing Company

Glossy golden color globe with three pointe white strippes from the left side of the globe toward the right side but not quiet reaching the right side, with a pointed end.

Glaive International Defence Pty Ltd

Marques Aviation Ltd

Oxford Aerospace Academy

Glaive International Defence Pty. Ltd. and Marques Aviation Ltd. aerospace and defence companies announce an R&D, manufacturing and commercial partnership

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, November 30, 2020 / — Glaive International Defence Pty. Ltd. (Sydney, Australia) and Marques Aviation Ltd. (London, UK) aerospace and defence companies are proud to announce an R&D, manufacturing and commercial partnership which will see Glaive International Defence manufacture advanced UAVs in Australia.

This new partnership between Glaive International Defence and Marques Aviation is set to send some ripples among the Aerospace and Defence Industries, as it lays the foundation of new and upcoming innovations in this sector. Glaive International Defence Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned company and Defence Technology Broker licensed by the Australian Defence Department has evolved to manufacture high-end commercial and military unmanned aircraft. The new partnership with Marques Aviation represents a great example of Technology Transfer (TT) reinforced by excellent support from the Australian State & Federal Governments to develop manufacturing capability.

Marques Aviation Ltd is a global aerospace company that provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned aircraft systems to governments and commercial clients worldwide. Its team has over 30 years experience in aircraft design and the development of innovative aerospace technologies. The philosophy underlying engineering practice at Marques Aviation Ltd emphasises innovation to develop advanced high-performance unmanned aircraft. The Marques Aviation Group incorporates the Oxford Aerospace Academy which hosts its Oxford Aerospace Research Centre (OARC-UK), a platform that coordinates international R&D consortia for the development of forward-thinking aerospace technologies. OARC-UK will provide R&D programs and education and training via Glaive International Defence’s facilities in Australia.

This new venture will see the creation of Glaive’s new technological Defence Hub in regional Australia, including a new aircraft manufacturing plant and the creation of dozens of local jobs, therefore boosting the local economy. Glaive International Defence’s Founder & CEO, Vincent Marty, said “the collaboration responded to an increasing drive and demand for enterprises to reboot and reposition defence manufacturing in Australia. Acquiring advanced technology in the Defence Industry, manufacturing such high-performance UAVs in Australia, and helping reboot the local economy which has suffered due to Covid-19, falls in line with the Australian Government and the Australian Defence vision of restoring Australian manufacturing and defence sovereignty.”

This technology partnership between Marques Aviation and Glaive International Defence epitomises the beginning of a new exciting era for both companies which will realise the production of innovative ecological unmanned aerial platforms of medium-size characterised by hybrid solar-hydrogen-battery energy systems, AI sensor fusion, AI swarming, smart multi-function materials, intelligent structures and health monitoring, digital cloud based Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) training underpinned by dedicated R&D programs.

Dr Pascual Marques, president of Marques Aviation Ltd – UK, said “We hold ourselves to a high standard in the products we deliver and in the way we conduct ourselves throughout the entire client experience. Our mission is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability and maximised cost efficiency” – adding that “the new Glaive’s Technological Defence Hub in regional Australia will serve as a nucleus for the manufacturing of advanced aerospace technologies based on Industry 4.0 large-scale M2M, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) automated and self-monitoring manufacturing principles, high-level business deals facilitation, and training and education in the unmanned aerospace sector”.

Glaive International Defence Pty Ltd
Tel: +61 434499125 / +61 479152168

Marques Aviation Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)7721 784411

Vincent Marty
Glaive International Defence Pty Ltd
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Glaive International Defence & Marques Aviation – partnership presentation

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Non-life Insurance Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2020 – 2026

Latest Market Analysis Research Report on “Global Non-life Insurance Market 2020” has been added to Wise Guy Reports database.

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, November 30, 2020 / — Global Non-life Insurance Industry

New Study Reports “Non-life Insurance Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026” has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

Global Non-life Insurance Market Overview

Basic information on the market, as well as the scope of the various products, has been provided in the introductory section of the report on the Global Non-life Insurance Market. This report also provides an overview of the market profile. There is also a detailed discussion on the key manufacturing technology used in the industry, along with the major trends that influence the growth of the Global Non-life Insurance Market. The market data has been taken from base year 2020 and extended for the forecast period 2020-2026.

The key players covered in this study
Ping An Insurance
China Life Insurance
Prudential PLC
Munich Re
Zurich Insurance
Nippon Life Insurance
Japan Post Holdings
Berkshire Hathaway
Manulife Financial
Swiss RE
Prudential Financial
Legal and General

Get Sample Copy of the Report @

Global Non-life Insurance Market Drivers and Risks

Market research includes the factors that influence the degree of competition, supply and price levels. The key factors influencing the Global Non-life Insurance Market's growth rate have also been discussed. The research examines the effects of these factors on customer behavior. As part of the overall industry research report, the key dynamics and challenges that could have a direct impact on the Global Non-life Insurance Market are analyzed. The research also covers the key considerations in evaluating business opportunities such as the major developments in the industry.

Global Non-life Insurance Market Regional Description

The report published on the Global Non-life Insurance Market has highlighted the different market segments according to the regions. This covered the main geographic divisions specified as Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Over the forecast period from 2020 to 2026 the study studies the market size and the growth prospects of the various regions. This also included industry statistics including revenue figures from the 2020-2026 period.

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into
Motor Insurance
Travel Insurance:
Home Insurance
Commercial Insurance

Market segment by Application, split into
Digital and Direct Channels

Global Non-life Insurance Market Research Methodology

In addition to other methodologies, the extensive study carried out on the Global Non-life Insurance Market has been done by adopting Porter's Five Forces model. The results of the research have been provided regarding the major market statistics. The research provides an in-depth SWOT analysis to analyze the global business environment which aims to provide a thorough view of the market situation and outlook for the segments of companies. This report addresses the risks and prospects along with the strengths and limitations.

Global Non-life Insurance Market Key Players

The research analyses all the big corporations covering their company strategies operating in the Global Non-life Insurance Market. This involves competitive labeling, along with the main product requirements and offers. There was also an analysis of the business size and business positions held by each of the major companies. This also dwells on the industry-specific problems and uncertainties and threats to these market players’ operational activities. For the prediction timeframe of 2020-2026, the main market trends have been presented.

Report covers:

Comprehensive research methodology of Global Non-life Insurance Market.
This report also includes detailed and extensive market overview with gap analysis, historical analysis & key analyst insights.
An exhaustive analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the Global Non-life Insurance Market.
Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the Global Non-life Insurance Market.
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues
Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players

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Some points from table of content:

1 Report Overview
2 Global Growth Trends
3 Competition Landscape by Key Players
4 Non-life Insurance Breakdown Data by Type (2015-2026)
5 Non-life Insurance Breakdown Data by Application (2015-2026)
6 North America
7 Europe
8 China
9 Japan
10 Southeast Asia
11 Key Players Profiles
11.1 Allianz
11.1.1 Allianz Company Details
11.1.2 Allianz Business Overview
11.1.3 Allianz Non-life Insurance Introduction
11.1.4 Allianz Revenue in Non-life Insurance Business (2015-2020))
11.1.5 Allianz Recent Development
11.2 AXA
11.3 Generali
11.4 Ping An Insurance
11.5 China Life Insurance
11.6 Prudential PLC
11.7 Munich Re
11.8 Zurich Insurance
11.9 Nippon Life Insurance
11.10 Japan Post Holdings
11.11 Berkshire Hathaway
11.12 Metlife
11.13 Manulife Financial
11.14 CPIC
11.15 Chubb
11.16 AIG
11.17 Aviva
11.18 Allstate
11.19 Swiss RE
11.20 Prudential Financial
11.21 Travelers
11.22 AIA
11.23 Aflac
11.24 Legal and General
12 Analyst's Viewpoints/Conclusions
13 Appendix

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Private Jet Card Comparisons Enables Private Aviation Users To Compare 250 + Jet Card and Membership Options in Minutes

Private Jet Card Comparisons' easy-to-use filters enable subscribers to compare aircraft options, service area, safety, flight pricing, and details that matter

Our database is not duplicated anywhere. By compiling over 20,000 data points into a single, easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, we make comparing easy. Subscribers see first-hand how offerings differ.”

— Doug Gollan, Editor, Private Jet Card Comparisons

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2020 / — Private Jet Card Comparisons makes finding the best private aviation solutions fast and easy.

The independent online buyer's guide, launched in 2017, has compiled a proprietary database of over 250 jet card programs and memberships subscribers can compare by more than 65 variables that impact the offerings that best fit their flying needs. It has been updated 54 times since the beginning of the year.

By compiling comprehensive data in one place, Private Jet Card Comparisons has reduced research time from hours and days to just minutes.

"Our database is not duplicated anywhere else. By compiling the data into a single, easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, we make comparing easy. Most of all, the entire process is transparent as subscribers can see first-hand how providers and programs offerings differ," said Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons. "What's more, we constantly update the data. Just this year, we've made 54 updates based on changes to program policies."

A selection of what subscribers can compare includes:

Safety – Aircraft and Operator Sourcing Standards, and Pilot Experience
Pricing – Purchase Price, Hourly Rates, and Pricing Methodology
Flexibility – Lead time for Reservations and Cancellations, Applicable Aircraft, Seating Capacity, and Service Area
Stability – Ownership, Company History, Headcount, Refund Options, and Escrow Account Options
Aircraft Type – Search by Cabin Category, Specific Aircraft Type, or Seating Capacity, including the ability to upgrade or downgrade based on your needs for that trip
Details That Matter – Insurance, WiFi, Pets Policies, Unaccompanied Minors, Service Recovery, Initiation Fees, Annual and Monthly Dues, CPI Escalators, Fuel Surcharges, De-icing, and Peak Day Charges, Taxi Time, Segment, and Daily Minimums, Roundtrip Discounts

For subscribers who wish, there is both online and phone assistance. Additionally, they can use the VIP JET CARD DECIDER tool. Based on their input, Private Jet Card Comparisons will prepare a personalized analysis of the best options, including on-demand charter, jet cards, and memberships, and fractional ownership. The service includes a follow-up discussion on request.

Subscribers who pay $250 for 12 months of unlimited access also receive the website's BEST PRIVATE JET CHARTER BROKERS Guide, which includes a vetted list of on-demand brokers, including ratings from third-party consumer review websites and professional certifications.

A free newsletter and daily news and insights are available to all visitors to Private Jet Card Comparisons.

"Our only goal is to help private aviation users figure out the best ways to access private travel and identify the providers and programs that best fit their needs," said Gollan.

Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only private aviation solutions comparison website that does not sell user contact information or accept lead referral fees from jet companies, ensuring both privacy and that subscribers receive unbiased data and advice.

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Private Jet Card Comparisons
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4 Reasons Seniors get a Reverse Mortgage Even if they are Millionaires

Smart Move for Retirement Planning

Reverse Mortgage Equity Lines

Reverse Mortgage Expert

Paul Scheper, CRMP, CSA, MBA

Your Lender For Life!

Loangevity Mortgage

Why half of all reverse mortgages are made to homeowners who don't need the money today.

It’s better to have the equity line and not need it than to need it and not have it, in case you might need it down the road.”

— Rick McKinley, Prudential

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2020 / — A reverse mortgage is just a loan. It also is just a line of credit. It is just a way for senior homeowners (Age 60 plus) to live a more comfortable retirement. As a line of credit, a reverse mortgage equity line operates as a “stand by” cash reserve, a “just in case” fund for aging homeowners to access in case unexpected life events occur later on.

Here are four things to know about Reverse Mortgage Lines of Credit (with emphasis on the government insured Reverse Mortgage Equity Line:

1. A Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit typically increases every year. The “credit line limit” on a reverse mortgage grows each month based on how much of the credit line is not used. This unused amount grows at whatever the interest rate is on the government-insured reverse mortgage (or at 1.5% for Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Credit Lines). As an example, on the FHA insured reverse mortgage, if the interest rate were 4% on the loan, then your line of credit would increase by the matching and offsetting 4% every year regardless of the value of the home. That's right… even if the value of your home goes down, your REVERSE MORTGAGE Line of Credit is guaranteed to rise each year. This means that if you opened a $200,000 reverse mortgage credit line today at age 62, and did not touch the unused line of credit for 20 years, the credit line would more than double. It gets bigger on the unused portion. It grows if you do not need the money, which is why so many homeowners get the reverse mortgage line of credit.

2. A Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit Limit grows on the unused balance. This allows many seniors to get a reverse mortgage at the young, ripe age of only 62 years old, and let it sit and grow (based on the unused balance) to have a reserve account “just in case” life events require more money. Most seniors tap this unused line of credit in case unexpected home repairs pop up, or a spouse might need nursing home care, assisted living, or in-home caregivers, having access to a huge chunk of money (via the credit line growing for all of those years), it helps seniors be prepared and ready in case unexpected “life events” turn up.”

3. A Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit does not require the borrower to make any monthly payments ever, and if that's what a borrower chooses to do, the loan will be repaid when the home is sold or upon the death of the borrower and spouse, or when the home would presumably be sold or refinanced by the heirs. The interest on a reverse mortgage can be paid either monthly, or at the end of the loan, or at any amounts chosen by the homeowner.

4. A Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit does not recast like a traditional equity line. A traditional home equity line of credit is an interest only loan for 10 years, after which time it becomes fully amortizing, meaning that the monthly payments will shoot up ten years after you got the loan. So, if you got a regular HELOC at 62, you'd be facing payment shock at 72, when it's likely that your income has gone down. On a reverse mortgage equity line, there is no frightening “payment shock.”

In addition, qualifying for a HELOC today is no easy task for people in their retirement years. It's no longer about how much equity you have, it's all about your monthly income, which is the one thing retirees generally don't have in large supply. With real estate home values high, and interest rates so low, now might be the time to get a reverse equity line, even if you don’t need the money today. It’s a good thing to have, just in case you need the money down the road. Rick McKinley, of a Financial Planner with Prudential has some sage advice about looking into reverse mortgages. Says McKinley, “It’s better to have the equity line and not need it than to need it and not have it, in case you might need it down the road."

Paul E. Scheper, President
Loangevity Mortgage
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Top 10 Reasons People get Reverse Mortgages

Top 10 Reasons People get Reverse Mortgages

Loangevity Mortgage

A reverse mortgage might be the answer

You can’t take it with you – Enjoy Your Retirement Now

Reverse Mortgage Expert

Paul Scheper, CRMP, CSA, MBA

Top 10 reasons why a reverse mortgage might be suitable

A reverse mortgage is not a free lunch, nothing in life is free.”

— Troy Paepke

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2020 / — During the Covid-19 pandemic, Reverse Mortgages are more popular than ever.
Here are the TOP TEN reasons that, since 1988, over ONE MILLION homeowners have obtained a reverse mortgage.
And, ironically, these ten reasons are the same "top ten" reasons people choose reverse mortgages in the year of Covid-19.

1. To live in their homes forever, or for as long as possible;
2. To not fear “outliving” their money;
3. To payoff and replace their existing mortgage (which requires a mandatory monthly payment) with a reverse mortgage, which allows all payments to be deferred until the end of the loan;
4. To off high interest rates on credit cards;
5. To make necessary home improvements;
6. To handle medical bill payments, co-pays for insurance, and medicare deductibles, and prescription drug costs;
7. To replace Social Security Income when a spouse passes;
8. To replace the cash flow when an IRA-401K-Pension stops paying out;
9. To replenish savings, to improve monthly cash flow;
10. To establish a line of credit, just in case problems/challenges occur later on in retirement.

Reverse mortgage safeguards make this a safer, more sensible solution than ever. Mandatory counseling sessions help the seniors ask questions and get the numbers. There are restrictions on how much a senior can borrow and there are more choices than ever.
The five words that describe a reverse mortgage – It is just a loan. Sometimes it’s a suitable and appropriate way for a senior homeowner to age in place, to be happy, and comfortable. It need to be the right loan, for the right person, for the right property, and for the right reason.

Qualifications are very similar to getting a traditional loan, except the income and credit score requirements are not quite as robust. The homeowner must continue to make regular property tax payments, and insurance and association dues, just like with all home loans. The main difference is there is a age requirement, an home equity minimum and an occupancy requirement. "It's not a free lunch, nothing in life is free," says Troy Paepke, of Loangevity Mortgage. Paepke further points out, "The borrower still pays mortgage interest, but instead of paying it monthly, it can be charged at the end of the loan."

Paul E. Scheper, President
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