Combining Cyber insurance & Cybersecurity is the focus for Amplify Intelligence & Gallagher. At Cyberweek 2020

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Gallagher partners with Amplify Intelligence to offer state of the art Cyber Insurance

Gallagher partners with Amplify Intelligence to offer state of the art Cyber Insurance

Paul Byrne | Amplify Intelligence CEO

Amplify Intelligence Cyber Security Experts – Paul Byrne CEO | Founder

This week Amplify Intelligence with their partners Gallagher aims to concentrate on a range of aspects encompassing both cyber security, and cyber insurance.

The greatest cyber challenge small business face is the belief they are not at risk. After this, it is how to manage all possible threats & costs without deep security expertise. We solve this problem”


MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, October 20, 2020 / — "Cyberweek 2020" is upon us.

Cyber Week allows cybersecurity experts the opportunity to provide valuable information to small businesses, networks and peers, and build relationships with prospective investors and consumers.

It also offers a perfect opportunity for business owners and company executives to truly grasp what cyber protection means to them and their customer information – and how a lack thereof can result in the significant financial or reputational damage, and sometimes even legal penalties. To a cybercriminal, customer or business data is like gold.

Cyber attacks against Australia have increased in frequency in recent months, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds said on Friday the 4th September 2020, as the country released its first cyber security threat report which cited 4,500 hacking attempts in one day.

Traditional approaches to security that small businesses use such as security awareness, antivirus, Antimalware or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) are not effective alone to stop these.

One security solution alone can not prevent a cyber breach, even if it is the best in its field.

Enterprise knows this and follows standards such as ISO27001 with a defence in depth approach which is greatly lacking for small businesses. This is what Amplify Intelligence and Gallagher are looking to solve, bringing a layered approach to the cyber defence for small businesses.

> As our insurance partner in providing cyber security risk management tools for businesses, Gallagher contributes valuable advice and guidance on strategy to help clients safeguard their business systems, data, intellectual property and communications.
> For those involved in cyber security for business protection this event showcases
> Cyber fitness of Aussie small business
> Australia under cyber attack – are you ready?
> Driving change through opportunity – carving out a pathway beyond the pandemic
> AIC: Investing in Australian cyber security – why it's important for building digital trust
and many more areas where cyber insurance provides critical back-up to practical security measures.

Amplify Intelligence tailors their cybersecurity service to your business security needs.

As cyber crime is a constantly evolving threat, we believe that the responsible business owner cannot afford to risk reliance solely on protection from an unknown threat – make yourself a harder target, and reduce the cost of insurance by operating within a more secure system.

As time goes by, we are learning that the softer targets are also more likely to be the target. Criminals tend to go for the easy money, as it is a lower risk for them. These businesses may realise that they can cover this risk with insurance, however, they will be paying a significantly higher premium.

67% of small businesses that have experienced a cyber attack will not recover – they will declare bankruptcy within a year – this is a hard pill to swallow but it is a fact that is not often discussed.
The danger is that your business might continue to operate at a disadvantage for weeks, months or even years as a result of an undetected and continuing hack.

Cyber criminals operate without borders. Criminals are not geographically limited to the victims they can physically reach, and many may not even be affected by local laws.

Amplify Intelligence is aware of this threat and has partnered with Gallagher to bring sophisticated enterprise-level protection to small business.

We remove the complicated clutter and address the threats faced by your business, and Gallagher provides advice and coverage from loss that may be incurred after an attack.

Come to our booth at CyberWeek to learn how Gallagher and Amplify Intelligence can protect your business!

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