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Innovation provider Coterie Solutions forms strategic partnership with the leading innovation platform, InnovationCast to deliver digital transformation hubs

Building on the powerful InnovationCast platform, we can offer our RPA expertise visualized in workflows, assessment forms and most importantly engaging Ideation strategies, all in a matter of days.”

— Scott McKinnon, Co-Founder – Coterie

DALLAS , TEXAS, USA, October 15, 2020 / — The two companies say that together they provide a “top-down and bottom-up innovation platform to enable rapid process discovery through ideation, assessment and program monitoring framework” for all automation transformations and tasks across an organization.

Building on the powerful InnovationCast platform, Coterie will apply their transformation and social expertise to deliver purpose ready innovation hubs. For example, the first Innovation Hub available is for Robotic Process Automation and it specifically addresses the difficulties companies are facing in passing the “20 Bot Barrier”. Identifying the first few automations tends to be easy payback for most companies, but in these times of remote work and distributed employees, companies need a new way to innovate, brainstorm and manage the RPA programs to success. Using Innovation Hub, companies will find it easy to build innovation communities, crowdsource new RPA ideas and manage the assessment and project results all from one easy and fun platform.

“Companies have jumped into RPA with both feet and early results are promising. However, many companies hit a barrier and struggle to validate new ideas quickly and efficiently.” Says Scott McKinnon, Co-Founder, Coterie. “Building on the powerful InnovationCast platform, we can offer our RPA expertise visualized in workflows, assessment forms and most importantly engaging Ideation strategies, all in a matter of days.”

Traditionally, companies leveraged a combination of interviews, process mining and business analysts to identify new automation projects, but this approach can be costly, time-consuming, and lack a speed to value that most CFOs and RPA programs are looking to see in return.

“By partnering with InnovationCast, we easily merge essential human and data-driven approaches together so that enterprises can identify RPA opportunities from the people that know the process the best. Their employees!” said McKinnon, Co-Founder, Coterie. “This platform allows us to engage with the business having confidence an award winning platform is powering their innovation community.”

Coterie lists features of the “best-of-breed joint solution” including:

•Crowdsourcing the innovation community with Challenges and Ideation
•Powerful community management to gamify and enhance engagement
•Powerful workflow, forms, and dashboards to execute and report on your RPA pipeline inany stage of the project. Ideas to ROI…Faster!
Innovation and Automation Radar keeping our customers in touch with the latest trends and opportunities, while keeping an eye on the competition by knowing where to automate first.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Coterie to deliver the most complete end-to-end RPA innovation management available,” said Leonardo Varella-Cid, Co-Founder, InnovationCast. “As companies try to get the most value from their transformation initiatives, it's imperative that they have the right tools to make it happen. We’re looking forward to providing customers with unparalleled innovation management on their journey with a single solution for process automation, AI and other exciting projects.”

About InnovationCast
Innovate better, together…InnovationCast is the collaborative innovation management platform that helps companies engage people to co-create ideas and bring them to life, faster! Test early ideas without breaking the bank while taking these ideas to the finish line. Discover unforeseen possibilities while getting results in weeks, not years.

About Coterie Solutions
With an approach that emphasizes crowd sourcing ideas to reality, you'll find working with Coterie to be about results. Your results! Inspiration needs execution. Using agile and integrated social tools designed to get results, Coterie delivers rapid innovation results. Build your own innovation ecosystem to connect, explore and develop ideas into tangible success. Coterie Video available on YouTube

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