Healthtech startup iXensor accelerates the adoption of telemedicine in community pharmacies amid COVID-19 pandemic

iXensor PixoTest POCT System digitalizes community care service and expedites the adoption of telemedicine

PixoTest POCT developed by iXensor The Pioneer of Mobile Health

The effortless data management capability of point-of-care testing enables the sizable adoption of digital healthcare services in Italy

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Health systems are reimagining how they will effectively manage chronic diseases in a COVID-19 era when the status quo of serial in-person visits to health care facilities will no longer be feasible.”

— Dr. Jacob B. Mirsky

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, September 14, 2020 / — iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, enhances medical diagnostics' accessibility in community care and home care with its innovation of PixoTest® POCT System. Over the past few months, patients who need to see doctors regularly suffered from the de-prioritization of clinical visits due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Several studies revealed that diabetes is the most adversely affected area among chronic diseases.

iXensor swiftly formulates the digitalized community care model with its PixoTest® POCT System, which integrates digital patient management features and point-of-care tests into one solution, enabling pharmacy chains to introduce the service of HbA1c and lipid panel check-up via a digital membership program. When a member patient walks into any one of the pharmacies for a regular HbA1c and lipid panel test, their GPs can access test results over the digital platform and make data-driven treatment plans promptly. The new service has been rolled out to around 500 pharmacies in Italy.

Severe impacts on patients of diabetes and hypertension

A recent study on the Impact of COVID-19 on routine care for chronic diseases, published on Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, revealed first-hand insights of the global survey completed by healthcare professionals from 47 countries worldwide. Diabetes was the most impacted chronic disease by the reduction in healthcare resources, followed by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension and heart disease. More than half of the respondents (67%) rated moderate or severe effects on their patients due to changes in healthcare services since the outbreak. As the pandemic continues, experiencing delay in routine care and treatment may potentially lead to severe consequences.

Community pharmacies’ value amplified via digitized service for chronic disease management

“Health systems are reimagining how they will effectively manage chronic diseases in a COVID-19 era when the status quo of serial in-person visits to brick-and-mortar health care facilities will no longer be feasible.” addressed by Dr. Jacob B. Mirsky from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

While health systems are finding the balance for managing the COVID-19 pandemic, health tech companies seize the trend and look to accelerating pharmacy chains' role in primary care. Mr. Oronzo Cervelli – The CEO of Alpha Pharma, which connects mobile diagnostics, pharmacy chains, and a digital patient care platform, commented that "We always try to enhance the value of modern medical and IT technology for our pharmacy clients. Adopting PixoTest® POCT System helps us to empower pharmacy customers to practice telemedicine. It allows healthcare professionals to incorporate POCT practice into the existing workflow easily and efficiently manage patient testing records."

PixoTest® POCT System's data connectivity competency played a critical role in revamping the community pharmacies' service model in Italy. "We anticipate that more chronic disease patients will soon benefit from health tech solutions through the trend of digital transformation in the pharmacy sector, especially in the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 outbreak", said Dr. Carson Chen, CEO of iXensor.

About iXensor
iXensor, founded in 2012, is the pioneer of mobile health. iXensor turns smartphones into lab-grade mobile medical diagnostics. In 2017, iXensor introduced the PixoTest® Blood Glucose Monitoring System as the world’s first US FDA approved smartphone camera-based blood test. Based on the core PixoTech® platform, iXensor has ventured into both at-home self-testing and professional clinical diagnostics across infectious diseases, women’s health, chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Our vision is to make quality healthcare accessible and timely by driving the paradigm shift of point-of-care testing with the highly scalable PixoTech® platform.

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