Water Damage 3D Scan Using Matterport 3D Technology

The Matterport restoration documentation technology utilized by ServiceMaster by Glenn’s expedites the restoration insurance claims process and reduces the likelihood of claims disputes.

ServiceMaster by Glenn’s has adopted the wide-spread use of Matterport Artificial Intelligence 3D documentation technology for disaster restoration services.

The Matterport documentation system allows us to not only help our clients, but those in the industry who deal with claims on a daily basis.”

— Keith Grella

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, May 18, 2020 / — In support of individuals and businesses, as well as insurance companies and adjusters, ServiceMaster by Glenn’s has adopted the wide-spread use of Matterport Artificial Intelligence 3D documentation technology for disaster restoration services.

The Matterport technology utilizes True3D Reality Capture to offer comprehensive and detailed visual and dimensional loss documentation for data collection and communication. By utilizing this technology, ServiceMaster by Glenn’s, a Vero Beach based restoration company, removes any human factors which might serve as points of dispute throughout the insurance claims process.

“The 3D scans, walkthroughs and digital measurements that Matterport provides not only helps us do our job faster and more efficiently, but also gives the insurance company access to the field data they need to make the best decisions regarding each job,” said Keith Grella, owner of ServiceMaster by Glenn’s. “We’ve already seen the benefits of this technology on multiple fire and water damage restoration claims.”
ServiceMaster by Glenn’s works with insurance companies to process claims for restoration clients easing the burden for those policyholders who are already taxed with the stress of a disaster.

The Matterport technology makes this process easier for everyone involved. With every scan point time-stamped, no ability to alter photos, and dimensions within 1% accuracy margin, the entire disaster restoration process can be expedited. Estimators avoid the tedious process of tape measuring and sketching and insurance adjusters are more efficiently utilized – sometimes being able to avoid field visits altogether. This serves as a win for policyholders who benefit from accelerated work, getting their lives back together faster and with fewer hurdles.


On February 24th, 2020 ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was called into a two-story residential home on the coast of Vero Beach, Florida. The ice maker line on the bottom story of the home had burst, and with the owners being snowbirds, the leak was undetected until after weeks’ worth of water damage had affected every single room on the bottom floor, seeping into walls, cabinets, and wood floors.

This was a unique scenario as ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was the second company called after the first mitigation company did an unsatisfactory job. This is where documentation can get tricky and where the Matterport technology became a huge asset for everyone involved. Before beginning any work, ServiceMaster by Glenn’s took a 3D scan of the whole house, even the unaffected areas, which was provided to the owners, insurance company, and insurance adjuster so that everyone was on the same page.

ServiceMaster by Glenn’s then began remediation – salvaging cabinets, ripping up floors, removing ruined drywall and drying out all of the water damaged structure within the residence. Then came another scan with the Matterport camera to document that remediation was finished and successful.
The owners were happy, the adjuster could see all of the work done from his own desk in his office, and ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was only liable for the work completed after being substituted in.

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Source: EIN Presswire