The World’s First COVID-19 ‘Immunity Passport’ Has Been Issued

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ImmuniPass may be the Savior of the Airline and Cruise Industries

Our ImmuniPass service provides the solution and works in real time to confirm anyone’s compliance with and adherence to any required health standard”

— Martin Bayerle, ImmuniPass Project Manager

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2020 / — To stop the spread of a pandemic disease you must stop the ability of the disease to cross borders, to confine the disease to its point of origin as soon as possible, identify Patient Zero and contact-trace and quarantine anyone who has come into contact with Patient Zero – to stop travel and to isolate.

The airline industry, and travel industry in general, cruise lines, hotels, motels, have been greatly affected by the requirements to limit the spread of this highly contagious Corona Virus disease.

Imagine everyone on your flight is wearing a hazmat suit. This would prevent disease-transmission during the flight and permit capacity for the airlines; there would be no need for “social distancing,” having every second or third seat empty. But, then, are these passengers ‘safe’ for entry into their respective geographic destinations. Upon arrival, do they need to be quarantined?

As for the cruise industry, having everyone in hazmat suits while on vacation doesn’t seem viable. The waterslides simply wouldn’t work. And, are these vacationers to remain in their hazmat suits while visiting portside destinations? Hardly the attractive vacations people are seeking.

The Solution? Simple: those who are NOT at risk, who can neither transmit the disease nor acquire it, those who are “immune” – should be allowed to travel freely, to and from any geographic location they would like, worldwide.

Immunity – Do you qualify?

Generally, immunity to any specific disease can be acquired either though vaccination, which, by most estimates, a vaccine for COVID-19 is at least several months away, or, as the current general scientific consensus appears to suggest, by having acquired the disease itself and having survived. It is presumed that, because they have survived, the survivor’s body has developed antibodies to fight the virus; the disease is no longer detectable, and the survivor cannot transmit it to others. As a result, survivors are currently presumed immune (for at least a certain amount of time) to either transmit the disease to others or to reacquire the disease themselves.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, believes a recovered person will have immunity at least for a few months.”

While it is true that specific data on COVIOD-19 immunity is currently not definitive, that there are no current standards set, there are many studies underway around the world to answer these specific questions. However, based on the current “presumption” of immunity, survivors are being released hourly to their families, and certain countries are permitting the free movement of survivors. Antibody tests are being currently developed and, no doubt at some point, such tests will be used to establish immunity, to set a standard of safety for citizens and their travel.

Alternatively, a “risk assessment” can be made on any traveler based on pre-existing health conditions and any other demographic, and a risk assessment assigned. Can that person travel?

Ultimately, immunity and/or a risk-assessment – however that will be established and defined to an acceptable scientific and public safety standard, will have to be proven.

Are you immune? Do you meet the health standard? How can you prove it?

The concept is breathtakingly brilliant in its simplicity. Avers is using the very same procedures and technology which its sister company Touchstone Research Group LLC has developed and used over a dozen years to verify the military credentials of well over 100,000 US veterans in their applications for DoD contractor employment. Avers acts in the capacity of a trusted independent verifier; ImmuniPass verifies a member’s medical test record. To maintain the integrity of our system, our client authorizes the release of their COVID-19 test record(s) directly from their physician or lab to Avers – to substantiate their COVID-19 status.

“Our ImmuniPass service provides the solution and works in real time to confirm anyone’s compliance with and adherence to any local standard, permitting those who satisfy CDC and/or local medical criteria to remain quarantined or to return to their lives, depending on their status” said Martin Bayerle, ImmuniPass Project Manager.

Try the technology wit the ImmuniPass provided with this Press Release. Simply shoot Ms. Ching Shih’s QR code with your smartphone's camera (most smartphone cameras will recognize a QR Code. QR code reader apps, too, are freely availability), enter her Personal Identification Code (PIC): Covid19 and the ImmuniPass enrollee then can substantiate his or her COVID-19 status. ImmuniPass uses the ubiquity of the smartphone to verify status. Information is only released upon the patient’s consent, when they release their PIC to an end user. Photo ID provides proof of identity.

New pandemic diseases can be added as they develop.

Existing Diseases

An enrollee can add any immunization requirements for travel to their ImmuniPass, for not-uncommon regulatory-required immunizations for Anthrax, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, Polio, Rabies (pre- and post-exposure), Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B Combination Vaccine, Yellow Fever and others. Vaccinations needed for specific employment and school attendance can also be added onto the same ImmuniPass. As an added benefit, Avers notifies patients to update their immunization status, to keep current, to meet current standards as they apply demographically and/or geographically; ImmuniPass is instantaneously responsive to meet real-time regulatory compliance in an ever-changing health environment.

That’s the first part of the equation, instant and ubiquitous verification. The next integral part of why the system works is ImmuniPass’ rating system.

Currently for COVID-19, ImmuniPass holders are issued color coded ratings, an immediate indication of their immunity status: White, awaiting testing results; Red, positive; Yellow, presumed immune; Green, immune. “We can of course set any standard or use any other rating system as required to meet any regulatory compliance,” said Bayerle.

Coming from the technology and military industries, the ImmuniPass team is intimately familiar with issues surrounding confidentiality and sensitive information. Of the close to 100,000 veterans Touchstone has verified over a dozen years, they have processed all safely and securely. “Our technology is tried, tested, and solves the mobility issue created by COVID-19 and other contagious diseases,” Bayerle said.


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ImmuniPass Uses US Military Veteran’s ID Technology

Source: EIN Presswire