Cyber Special Ops, LLC Founder and Managing Director Kurtis Suhs on how they work hand in hand with your insurance

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Kurtis Suhs, Founder and Managing Director, Cyber Special Ops LLC

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In a CEOCFO Magazine interview, Cyber Special Ops, LLC Founder, Managing Dir Kurtis Suhs discusses how they are Providing a new Delivery Model for Cyber Support

Whether you have cyber insurance or not, we help clients maximize a financial recovery from a cyber incident by evaluating their entire property, casualty or personal lines insurance coverage.”

— Kurtis Suhs

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US, April 29, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview ( with Kurtis Suhs, Founder and Managing Director of Cyber Special Ops, LLC who, in explaining their mission, said, “The first question I ask an organization that doesn’t purchase cyber insurance is: when you have a cyber incident, who do you call? Even when they have cyber insurance, insureds still may not know whom to call. Therefore, I wanted to solve that problem, and, in doing so, help clients respond to a cyber incident with guaranteed same-day access and availability, whether you have cyber insurance or not.” Mr. Suhs continues “That is where I looked to concierge medicine and the model of availability, same-day appointments, and personalized care.”

As Mr. Suhs explained in the interview, "For a modest annual fee, an organization has access to a team of credentialed third-party experts, at pre-negotiated discounted rates, to minimize and respond to a cyber incident. Like concierge medicine where patients have health insurance, Concierge Cyber® works hand in hand with your insurance and our allegiance is to you and not your insurance company.” When asked why their service feature makes a difference Mr. Suhs responds, “We work directly with clients and their insurance brokers. We have packaged and bundled services to help the C-Suite manage cyber risk. For example, our bronze package provides 12 information security policy templates, two hours with an On-Call Chief Security Officer for a pre-incident consultation, a ransomware hostage manual and access to My-CERTTM (My Cyber Emergency Response Team).”

In his interview he points to the experience of their team and the value of having them on your side; “This global team is highly experienced and includes law firms, information security, identity/credit monitoring, call center and public relation companies. Whether you have cyber insurance or not, we help clients maximize a financial recovery from a cyber incident by evaluating their entire property, casualty or personal lines insurance coverage. For example, we had one client who lost an unencrypted laptop. The client had cyber insurance; however, the policy had an exclusion for loss from an unencrypted computer. We were able to identity a means of financial recovery in their property insurance.”

When asked what has changed in his approach over time Mr. Suhs responded, “I now communicate to organizations that they should operate with zero trust, an information security framework which states that organizations shouldn’t trust any entity inside or outside their perimeter at any time. While you can’t prevent a cyber incident, you can control the incident response by having the right team in place. Who do you call when you are sick? The answer isn’t your health insurance company. You call a first responder. Cyber Special Ops is your cyber first responder who will triage the cyber event and hand the matter to an experienced law firm who then may engage an information security firm under attorney client privilege. That can make a world of difference.”

Explaining their expansion into the UK Mr. Suhs told CEOCFO's Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, " We have a seasoned cyber risk consultant that I’ve worked with in the past in London and see an opportunity not only for U.S. placed business at Lloyds of London, what we call the reverse flow, but also Concierge Cyber® membership for U.K. organizations. We are unique and look to expand there for that opportunity. We have added two U.K. law firms that are very well-known in the data breach arena who will join our existing My-CERTTM panel of service providers.”

In discussing COVID-19, Mr. Suhs told CEOCFO, “I think the most common discussion with clients and their insurance brokers is business interruption coverage related to the pandemic… With respect to COVID-19, most organizations now understand that their insurance may not provide coverage for business interruption since the insured’s property didn’t sustain physical damage.” Emphasizing the need for Cyber Special Ops products and services in the current environment, “Sadly, cyber threats haven’t diminished, and organizations of all sizes are still getting hit with cyberattacks, particularly from ransomware.”

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