The Coronavirus Factor Part II: What Are the Best Financial Advisors Doing Now – March 17, 2020

Your Financial Advisor and the Coronavirus – Are They Ready

We share three key questions you should ask your financial advisor right now as the Coronavirus impacts markets across the globe.

The decisions made within portfolios over the next four to six weeks will have a material impact on a clients future. The best advisors know this and are taking advantage right now.”

— Kevin Neal


Kevin M. Neal, Founder and CEO of Moenio, LLC , shares exclusive insights into how you should be evaluating the decisions made by your Financial Advisors, multi-family office or others during the Coronavirus in his latest piece, "The Coronavirus Factor Part II – What Are the Best Advisors Doing Right Now."

"It is more important than ever for investors utilizing others who manage their wealth to have a path, a plan," Kevin explains. "Since the release of our first piece, "The Coronavirus Factor Part I" on March 10th, we continue to see advisors and firms make statements on the direction of the markets to only be proven wrong within one or two days. However, everyone must understand that this was an exogenous event and investment professionals are managing this the best they can as information changes. For our firm, our goal is to establish a clear baseline on thinking from these professionals that provide direction and insight for our clients. We don't mind if they are wrong but their thinking has to be adaptable and flow through for our clients."

In Moenio's latest piece, "The Coronavirus Factor Part II," Kevin shares three questions you should ask your financial advisor right now. These three questions are insight gained by evaluating the business practices of the top financial advisor and multi-family office teams in the United States over the past four weeks.

"We spent the last five years evaluating some of the top advisors who manage assets for our clients. In the past four weeks, the difference between the top advisors and teams compared to everyone else is stark. This is where clients must have good advice as the impact will be long-term."

As one of the only firms in the United States hired by families, charities, and trustees to provide insight and perspective on what the best financial advisors and firms are doing for their clients, now is a critical time to know that those you have entrusted with your wealth are managing your investments correctly.

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