California Lodging Industry Out of Compliance with SB 970, Human Trafficking Prevention Training Mandates

2020 Online Training for Employees

2020 Online Training for Employees

2020 Online Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Training

2020 Online Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Training

SB 970 mandates that ALL lodging employees who are “likely to interact or come into contact with victims of human
trafficking must be trained every 2 years.”

Our goal is to provide businesses with modern tools for compliance training at an affordable rate, saving businesses time and money.”

— Michael Aberle – CEO MindMeld Studios |

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2020 / — New mandatory training for the California lodging and transportation industries has led MindMeld Studios, a national preferred online educational and compliance provider of Sexual Harassment Prevention training for private and public entities, to introduce new “Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Training.”

The video training was created in collaboration with Wilson Elser, a leading national defense firm, and Freedom Light, a nonprofit organization committed to decreasing the prevalence of human trafficking, improving anti-trafficking practices and policies, and advancing the rights of survivors.

With the passage of SB 970, The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), this new awareness and compliance video came at a perfect time for many in the lodging industry. FEHA requires the lodging industry to train on Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention, including proper reporting. This new mandatory training will have a serious impact, as research shows 1 out of 25 people work in the California lodging industry and achieving compliance with new training will be an enormous task with serious impact on businesses’ financial and physical resources.

SB 970 mandates that all lodging employees who are “likely to interact or come into contact with victims of human trafficking must be trained every 2 years.” From the Hotel Manager to the Valet, everyone will be trained or face disciplinary actions from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing of California (DFEH). In light of the new labor laws and the overwhelming resources needed to meet the new 2020 labor laws, MindMeld Studios launched Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Training at The course is approved for state and local public entities to administer.

“MindMeld Studios is proud to have worked on this project with the amazing team at Freedom Light and Wilson Elser. Being on set and working with Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, Executive Director of Freedom Light, each day was a learning experience; her insight and understanding of this underworld we call Human Trafficking was a once-in-a-lifetime, eye-opening experience for me” said Michael Aberle, CEO of MindMeld Studios and “This training video is a groundbreaking first step toward empowering businesses with fact-based interventions to combat sex trafficking. Freedom Light is proud to be a nonprofit partner for this significant endeavor, which will surely help bridge the gap between law and practice” said Mehlman-Orozco.

With the passage of SB 970 in California and similar bills that have recently passed around the country, relevant and modern training is needed. This is what provides! Many states are moving to pass bills that make training mandatory for all employees and industries similar to SB 1343, which is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training law in California. Keeping businesses compliant and workforces safe and trained is MindMeld Studios’ mission. MindMeld developed and their own LMS system to deliver high-quality and relevant training in an easy, quick and affordable way for all businesses. “Our goal is to always provide the same access to training tools whether you are a small business with one employee or a company of thousands,” said Michael.

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Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Preview / Trailer

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