Fort Collins Roofing Company Assists with Thousands of Roofing Insurance Claims After Significant Hail Damage in 2019

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roof repair project in Fort Collins, CO

roof repair project in Fort Collins, CO

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Roofing Contractor in Fort Collins

The contractors from Fort Collins Roofing Company continue their mission to help residents with roof replacements and insurance claims throughout the area.

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / — It's no mystery to anyone that's lived in Fort Collins for any length of time that Colorado is one of the several states in "Hail Alley." It's a region in the United States that is highly-prone to seeing devastating hail several times throughout the season. Hail storms have resulted in billions of dollars of damages around the country each year — many of those losses being in Colorado. The expert roofing contractors from Fort Collins Roofing Company are doing what they can to help and relieve some of the stress that goes along with paying for the problems that Mother Nature causes. Contractors, customer service experts, and insurance claim specialists are working together with thousands of policyholders with their claims in the area following the significant disasters in 2019.

After being hit with teacup-sized hail, around three inches in diameter, in 2018, the northern region of Colorado from Denver to Fort Collins dealt with over $2.3 million in damages. It resulted in the state being listed as the most affected over even much bigger states. Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Texas generally get ranked higher. Fort Collins Roofing Company was put to work back then, and they remember it well. They are dealing with the same situations again this year following massive hail storms damaging the roofs of thousands of homeowners and business operators. Reports show that 17 different hail storms hit within 10 miles of the Fort Collins area in the 2019 hail season. The largest had diameters of 1.75 inches, which is plenty enough to cause severe roof and other structural damages.

Fort Collins Roofing Company is well aware of the fact that when it comes time to file insurance claims for policyholders, it's easy to become overwhelmed. That's why they have trained insurance claim specialists on their staff. They know about the separate roof deductible that is required on many policies in the state of Colorado. Many insurance companies require it because of the likelihood of losses occurring. In some situations, there are only so many times a roof can be repaired or replaced under one policy. The insurance claim specialists at Fort Collins Roofing Company are more than willing to help concerned homeowners navigate through the complicated paperwork required to get their roof repair in Fort Collins paid for.

For home and business owners that have suffered hail damages to roofing as a result fo the 2019 storms, they encourage everyone to contact them right away to get started. The procedure for getting through an insurance claim can take a while, so the sooner it's started, the faster the money comes, and then the work can be completed. It's a good idea first to check existing policies to see what the deductible is and then make sure to have that amount of money available. The next step is to notify the insurance company or agent of the damages.

Many times this is the first place that issues can arise. With insurance companies like State Farm paying out over $600 million to policyholders in one year to just Colorado residents alone, they aren't always so eager to hand over the funds. In one year, there were 142 different complaints filed against insurance companies. All of these disputes were over companies that didn't want to pay customers what they were owed for the repairs needed to their properties following hail damage storms.

Fort Collins Roofing Company can talk to insurance companies for policyholders because they have experience in dealing with the unique circumstances surrounding claims. The roofing contractors will collect all the information that the insurance company is looking for. They want to see pictures of what repairs are required. Agents also want a detailed estimate of what the expected cost is. The HAAG certified roofing inspectors at Fort Collins Roofing Company are aware of the requirements. They only contact insurance companies when they are fully prepared to avoid any unforeseen issues with claims that could slow down the process. Another option is always reaching out to the Colorado Department of Insurance directly, but this can also take some time. Especially if it is unclear what data they want to see from the start.

It's standard that insurance companies will only pay for repairs done by roofing contractors that are licensed and insured. By working with Fort Collins Roofing Company from the beginning, the step of finding the appropriate roofing contractor to complete the roof damage repairs is already taken care of. They are entirely licensed and insured for the protection and safety of themselves as well as their customers.

The trained roofing contractors at Fort Collins Roofing Company want the citizens in "Hail Alley" to know that they are available for emergency hail damage inspections 24/7. They offer quick response times so that insurance claims can be processed fast, and roofs can be repaired sooner rather than later.

The caring professionals from Fort Collins Roofing Company also want to remind residents that seemingly insignificant storms in this area can quickly turn severe. It's essential to stay informed of the current weather conditions at all times to ensure safety. Never go out during a storm to inspect for damages. Wait until after the weather has passed and then contact a professional.

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Fort Collins Roofing Company has several HAAG certified roofing inspectors on staff. They are ready to be dispatched to homes and businesses in the area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These roofing professionals value putting the customer first and guarantee 100% satisfaction on every roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation they do for both residential and commercial customers. Fort Collins Roofing Company was established in 2015 as a local, family-owned and operated company.

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