24/7 Water Damage Charlotte Helps Residents Prepare for the Fast-Approaching Flood Season

Water Damage Cleanup Charlotte

Water Damage Cleanup Charlotte

water mitigation equipment in Charlotte

water mitigation equipment in Charlotte

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Charlotte Storm Damage

With the region of Charlotte being prone to flash flooding, 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte urges local residents to prepare now before it's too late.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, October 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the Coastal region of North Carolina, flooding season is coming quickly. Flash-floods are common in this low-lying area. That's because of the Myakka and Peace Rivers surrounding the city. There are also several other creeks and tributaries nearby that can quickly overflow. With no way to know when it's going to happen, the expert water damage restoration technicians from 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte want local residents to prepare now.

Flooding can occur at any time during the year, but between June and November, homeowners and business operators in this region should be on the lookout for rising water. With the Atlantic Ocean so close, hurricanes are the primary factor for flooding. However, heavy rainfall can lead to homes being covered with an inch of water, or levels can reach rooftops or even higher.

After assisting several customers with flood remediation following the 2018 flooding season, the mitigators at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte urge residents to prepare for the worst ahead of time. By securing properties before disaster strikes, it can prevent costly repairs later on. Several actions can be taken before storms and heavy precipitation reach land to ensure homes and businesses stay safe and dry during this time.

Knowing the region is prone to flooding, it's best to have a flood emergency plan in place. An effective strategy includes knowing how and where to evacuate to if necessary. The NWS River Forecast Centers and the U.S. Geological Survey collaborate during flooding season to provide data about river levels and any new information about flood possibilities in the forecast. Individuals are asked to stay informed by listening to the radio or watching new stories about current conditions.

Flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and cash should be kept in an emergency preparedness kit that's easy to access from anywhere in the building. The restoration specialists from 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte have seen what flood damage can do. That's why they suggest that appliances, sockets, switches, critical utilities, furnaces, water heaters, and any other electrical components be moved up to a level above where base flooding occurs.

A sump pump needs to be installed if there isn't one in place already to move water away from the building. If there is an existing sump pump, then now is the time to have any maintenance or repairs taken care of. It's the only way to be assured that it will work if it's required. A battery-powered back-up sump pump is also a good idea just in case the flooding causes the power to go out.

If the property is built on a basement, seal up any walls to keep water from seeping in. There are water alarms available for purchase at most home improvement stores. One or more installed in the basement is an excellent preventative measure. Property owners can be audibly alerted when rising water is occurring. Standpipes or back-flow valves installed are also suggested for sewer lines. These affordable devices will help with the potential back up of contaminated water into the home or business space.

Finally, people can prepare for the upcoming flood season by clearing away debris from downspouts and gutters. These fixtures assist with pushing water away from the foundation or basement. That's only as long as there aren't any clogs. Fuel tanks on the exterior should be anchored down to keep them from floating away in the case of high levels of water and powerful currents. Valuables like jewelry, any vital documents, furniture, and other household materials should also be moved to a safe place.

The insurance specialists from 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte encourage property owners to review insurance policies at this time too. Basic insurance policies generally don't include flood damage protection. However, through the National Flood Insurance Program, renters, homeowners, and business owners can all get financial security for their property investments. In the event of flood damage, water damage remediation and restoration bills will be paid with the appropriate coverage in place. If there are questions about what is required or how to get it, 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte has knowledgeable customer service agents that can assist customers with the paperwork.

If flood damage has already occurred, the certified mitigators from 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte are ready to be dispatched to locations in Cornelius, Concord, Matthews, Rock Hill, Mooresville, Monroe, Mint Hill, Lake Norman, Kannapolis, Indian Trail, and the rest of the Greater Charlotte area. In most cases, they can reach clients in under an hour. These experts want everyone to know how important it is to start on emergency water damage restoration and water damage repair in Charlotte as soon as possible. The longer the standing water sits, the worse off things will get. Leaving water in a home or commercial building can lead to issues like mold, mildew, wood rot, and other structural concerns. Bacteria can quickly start growing making the living or working space unsafe to occupy without the proper protective equipment for even short times.

At 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, technicians want to remind everyone that the best cure to flood damage is prevention. However, if there is a need for water damage restoration, remediation, or water cleanup, they are available for immediate assistance.

For more information, visit the 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte website at waterdamage247.com or email them at 247waterdamagecharlotte@mail.com.

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