Countdown To Year Zero: Shocking Climate Change Doc Premieres at NYC's Upcoming Chelsea Film Festival

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Countdown to Year Zero sounds the alarm about a dangerously downplayed factor in climate change!

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The Chelsea Film Festival showcases films on global issues. Nothing could be more global than climate change.

Malibu palm tree in flames

This shot from the doc shows a palm tree in flames during the recent Malibu wildfires.

Dr Sailesh Rao, climate change expert, is the star of this Amazon Prime Exclusive

Dr Sailesh Rao of is the star of Countdown to Year Zero

Do we really only have 7 years left to fix climate change before we hit an ecological apocalypse? If so, why are we downplaying the biggest problem?

The earth is telling us we must change or we will also die.”

— Dr Sailesh Rao, Star of Countdown to Year Zero

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2019 / — As climate strikers take to the streets and the Amazon burns, COUNTDOWN TO YEAR ZERO poses the most important question. What if one simple lifestyle change could actually reverse climate change? If so, why does the media and society at large consistently downplay and even scoff at this solution? This documentary addresses that specific issue and offers a concrete solution. Hint: it involves taking personal responsibility along with demanding government and corporate accountability.

Countdown to Year Zero will have its theatrical debut at the Chelsea Film Festival on Sunday, October 20th at 1pm at AMC LOEWS at 312 West 34th street, NYC.

Immediately after the screening, Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur will host a panel discussion "The Global Climate Crisis – The Clock is Ticking” featuring the film's leading voice Dr. Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers, director/journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnChained News, John Seager, President of Population Connection, Katie Camosy, Senior Producer at Greenpeace and Marta Stoepker of the Sierra Club!

With public statements from actress Alicia Silverstone, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg, legendary primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, actor/activist James Cromwell, Moby, Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson of Whale Wars fame, The Save Movement's Anita Krajnc, Nonhuman Rights Project's Steven M. Wise, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary's Renee King-Sonnen, social media influencers Earthling Ed and James Aspey and TEDx speaker Genesis Butler – and featuring the visionary systems analyst Dr. Sailesh Rao – this is the most important story of our lifetimes!

While tickets are completely sold out, there are a number of seats reserved for media at:

We are headed for an ecological apocalypse that will spark political and societal chaos. But, we can pull back from the brink if we all make one simple change! And, if you've already shifted, there's even more to do! Countdown to Year Zero explains it all. The clock is ticking!

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