First Process Automation Solution Driven by IoT Has Hit the Market: A "Magic Wand" for Solving Enterprise Business Pains

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Qore Technologies’ IoT driven Digital Process Automation (DPA) solution for enterprises

Today’s consumer culture expects miracles from organizations. Businesses have to comply with customer demands to remain competitive faster and at a lower cost.

The global market needs an affordable yet efficient automation solution that can accelerate digital transformation & integrate with current & future business trends such as the Internet of Things.”

— David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, September 19, 2019 / — Today’s “I want it now” consumer culture expects daily miracles from organizations and enterprises have to comply with customer demands to remain competitive, always faster and at a lower cost. Businesses are realizing that if they want to keep moving upward, they have to offer their customers something they can benefit from right here and now. The “new normal” is real-time customer service with lightning speed business processing backing it up. Those who learn how to wield this “power of now” will be the new leaders. The rest will fall behind.

“ 'What would it take to fix the IT issues you are struggling with now?' I asked an IT manager of a large enterprise,” said David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies. “ 'A magic wand!’ he exclaimed. This was the starting point of Qore Technologies’ efforts to make a solution good enough to resemble one. Our solution today is a testimonial that we have indeed succeeded in this endeavor, as it provides results that appear nothing less than magical when compared to the competition,” he added.

While Digital Process Automation (DPA) has many obvious benefits to achieving operational excellence, it was considered out of reach in the past due to the IT complexity and costs involved, even for the largest of enterprises. However, most organizations and market analysts agree that comprehensive automation is key to digital transformation and that it is a better long-term financial strategy than to constantly throw money on piecemeal additional development.
In fact, the failure of digital transformation projects alone causes an average loss of over $30bn in revenue annually.

“The global market needs an affordable yet efficient automation solution that can integrate with current and future business trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT). We have created a cost and effort-efficient automation solution that can deliver successful digital transformation and quickly solve most business and IT orchestration headaches,” said David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies

The following design aspects of automation solutions are growing in popularity and will undoubtedly become (if not already) any similar solution’s quality norm:
1. Fault tolerant automation
2. Building-block design
3. Distributed architecture
4. Zero-touch operations
5. No-code functionality
6. Efficient IoT/IT Integration

Through these features, enterprises can rapidly connect real-world IoT events to their legacy as well as modern IT systems to deliver unparalleled levels of automation for a seamless, intuitive and high-quality customer experience – and for a far lower investment, in terms of time and money, than ever before.

This is why Qore Technologies is excited to unveil the launch of Qorus Integration Engine® v4.0.3, first IoT-driven Digital Process Automation (DPA) solution as the biggest leap in operational excellence since the invention of programming – a link that ties efficient IT integration to agile business process orchestration as the best path to operational excellence for enterprises.

That’s a big claim, we know. Lend us your ear for a minute and we’ll tell you why it’s more than justified:
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