APF Technologies LLC, a data protection company, announces the release of the Unstructured Data Shield

APF Technologies LLC, a data protection company

APF Technologies LLC, a data protection company, announces the release of Unstructured Data Shield, the first available solution to protect unstructured data

Don't just pick and choose which data and documents to protect: secure unstructured data, too.”

— Jeff Capone

CHICAGO, IL, US, May 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — APF Technologies LLC, a data protection company (https://www.apftechnology.com), is proud to announce the release of the industry’s first-ever enterprise solution to manage and protect unstructured data: the Unstructured Data Shield (UDS). With UDS, protecting unstructured data is no longer “too big to handle.” Aimed at reducing and preventing data loss, which threatens to shatter the fundamental right to privacy and the political system of this country, the UDS is designed to secure unstructured data from not only outside invasions by hackers but also from inside misuse.

Although unstructured data makes up 80% of enterprise data, the majority of that data, and nearly all the live data that are being actively used and which contain the most relevant information, are not being managed and protected. This security blind spot has become the source of huge data loss – not just the information it contains, but also the information that leads to the unauthorized access of other data, such as structured data. Unlike any other solutions, UDS protects live data, where and when it is being used and throughout its entire life cycle, as well as backup copies of the data. Its centralized policy-based access control platform gives businesses full jurisdiction of who can access what information and when, regardless of where the information is stored, even for IT personnel who can still access the data but not the information it contains. Besides the protection, UDS provides a powerful platform to manage the unstructured data, giving businesses the unprecedented visibility of that data across the entire organization, allowing them to further optimize the data access and security infrastructure and policies. It boosts the compliance with HIPPA, GDPR and NY DFS cyber security regulations. While protecting the data at rest, in transit, and at run time, UDS does not burden the employees for daily work or slow down the information flow; instead, it shifts the decision making to the centralized management platform. UDS’s protection and access control does not require the protected data to be stored in designated locations or the cloud, and UDS doesn’t move your data out of your infrastructure or access the data it protects.

The Unstructured Data Shield is a cloud-based SaaS solution available for subscription. It is available on AWS or Google Cloud and utilizes the top notch security measures that are built into the cloud infrastructure. Please contact us for an exclusive preview or sample to test to see the UDS difference first hand.

APF Technologies LLC is a data protection company whose sole focus is to manage and secure unstructured data, and we strive to be the unbreakable last line of defense of the data, when all other security measures have failed and the data has fallen into the wrong hands.

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