Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda opens its Premium Ayurvedic Hospital at Gurugram, NCR Delhi, India

All rooms are air conditioned and with all amenities

Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital

Santhigram manufactures all classical ayurveda products

Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital

with the Chief Guest and the guests of honour

Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital

Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda opens its Premium Ayurvedic Hospital at Gurugram, NCR Delhi, India

Health is not valued till sickness comes”

— Thomas Fuller

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, April 19, 2019 / — Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda opens its Premium Ayurvedic Hospital at Gurugram, NCR Delhi, India
Leading provider of Kerala-specific Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatments for alleviating several chronic ailments, Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Company Limited, announces the opening of its Premium Ayurvedic Hospital with all facilities at Gurugram, NCR (National Capital Region), Delhi, India.

Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Company Limited has proudly announced the opening of its Premium Ayurvedic Hospital at Gurugram, NCR (National Capital Region), Delhi, India in line with its goal of making Kerala-specific Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Treatments easily accessible to patients in different parts of India and through its subsidiary in the United States. The hospital has premium facilities for the comfortable stay for the outstation patients and those who need in-patient care and treatments. The facility is in the heart of Gurgaon, near Medicity and has easy accessibility.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments have become increasingly popular and accepted by patients across the globe as people started realizing the immense benefits of such holistic methods of treatments free of side-effects. It has gained significance in this modern world due to its holistic approach to the well-being of the individuals. Holistic health is one of the trends of the modern world and complementary medicines are viewed by many as a solution to the spiraling health and medical care costs.” Unfortunately, such treatments are not easily accessible due to inadequate providers of quality ayurvedic and panchakarma treatments. This is where Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda has been able to make a huge difference over the years by having several locations in the US and in India, including the recently opened ayurveda hospital with premium facility at Gurugram, NCR Delhi, India.

The grand opening of Santhigram Ayurveda Hospital at 1095-P, Sector 46, Gurugram, Haryana – 122 003 took place on the 24th March, 2019. Some of the dignitaries that graced the event include the Chief Guest, Ms. Madhu Azad, Mayor of Gurugram, the guests of honour Dr. Prasanna Kumar, IAS, Director General, Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Mr. R.S.Rathee, Municipal Counsellor of M.C.G., Mr. Veer Sagar, former CEO of DCM Data Systems and the renowned Architect of Delhi Mr. John Philipose.

During the event Dr. Gopinathan Nair, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Santhigram Group has welcomed all the guests and unveiled Santhigram’s various plans including getting NABH Accreditation and facilitating Health Insurance coverage for the patients availing Santhigram’s hospital services. He has also introduced all the team members including Dr. Ambika Nair – Chief Consultant Physician, Dr. Vasanthy.P.R.-Senior Resident Doctor, Dr. Anurag Nair, Director & CEO Santhigram Herbals, Ms. Sunitha Puttaninghatt, Director handling India operations, Mr. Mohan Nair, Vice President managing the Gurgaon Hospital and Mr. Saiju Menon, Manager- Administration. All the guests have extended their felicitations and best wishes for Santhigram’s new venture.

More information about Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda and the products and services offered can be found on their website. Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda

Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Company was established in 1998 to offer genuine “Kerala specific Ayurvedic Treatments” to treat several chronic ailments and also to help clients maintain a healthy body and mind. The specialized therapies, that Santhigram offer, consist of several exceptional methods for total body rejuvenation with several locations throughout the US and in India. Developed thousands of years ago, Ayurvedic and Panchakarma therapies are time-proven treatments for increasing energy levels and brain function, strengthening the immune system and increasing longevity. Santhigram’s specialized Ayurvedic & Panchakarma treatments and proprietary health management packages have helped hundreds of people to alleviate specific health problems like Back Pain, Neck Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Sinusitis, Migraine, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Insomnia, Depression. Psoriasis etc. Santhigram’s unique health rejuvenation programs also help to reduce obesity and mental tension, enhances body complexion and skin luster, corrects metabolism and deficiency and recharges the body and mind. As part of its comprehensive menu of services, specifically designed to improve quality of life for busy professionals and their families, the facility also provides the highly sought-after Ayurvedic rejuvenation program which incorporates a series of customized detoxifying, balancing, and nourishing therapies.

Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Company also has established Ayurveda Wellness Centers in 10 locations in the US spread over New Jersey, New York, Texas and Illinois delivering a wide range of solutions including treatments for the management of many health issues, wellness therapies and beauty therapies.

Media Contact

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USA: +1-8885372987

Mohan Nair
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Grand Opening Ceremony of Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital, at at 1095-P, Sector 46, Gurgaon, NCR Delhi, India

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Ad Victoriam Solutions Named Top CRM Consultant

Ad Victoriam Named Leader in CRM Consulting

B2B research and reviews agency Clutch recognizes Ad Victoriam Solutions as a leader for their exceptional strategy and consulting services that they provide.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2019 / — B2B research and reviews agency Clutch recently recognized Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic) as a leader in their field based on the exceptional strategy and consulting services that they provide. After analyzing their market presence, industry experience, customer feedback, and other data-driven metrics, Clutch awarded AdVic the number 5 spot in a ranking of all CRM consultants in Atlanta, which is an honor.

Clutch selects award recipients based on a set of factors, including work portfolio and market presence. Above all, feedback from the clients is central to the evaluation. Clutch analysts speak directly to the clients to receive in-depth feedback.

Read two of AdVic’s reviews:

"Everything they’ve ever done for me came in under budget and within the original time estimates. They do a great job managing scope and cost,” praised one client. “Ad Victoriam Solutions was much more involved than other agencies, and they were very attentive throughout the process.”

“Ad Victoriam is diligent in training us and making sure that everyone understands how to execute processes … By walking us through the process and documenting everything, they’ve made us more self-reliant,” shared another customer. “The revamped Salesforce CRM has worked reliably since and is now a critical instrument in sales. Well-structured project management and diligent documentation are key to their success.”

Ad Victoriam brings dedication and innovation to every challenge they tackle, making sure that the AdVic team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest tech trends while remaining dedicated to every client and their unique goals, story, and skillsets.

The scale of the Ad Victoriam team, collaboration, and successes will continue to grow. If you’d like to learn about what Ad Victoriam Solutions can do for you and your business, please reach out to a member of their team.

Ad Victoriam is an innovative and experienced Salesforce Platinum Partner, ready to empower your growth!

Lynda Lewis
Ad Victoriam Solutions
+1 770-691-1642
email us here

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Innovative Blockchain Development Solutions by TechAhead

Los Angeles based TechAhead sees tremendous potential for Blockchain as a new technology and has been working with organizations to develop solutions.

AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2019 / — Blockchain is a trending technology that is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. At the heart of the new technology’s success lies its ability to create an environment of trust by improving transparency without compromising on the confidentiality of information. Los Angeles based app development company, TechAhead has been working with clients and developers across multiple industries, including banking and finance, supply chain, logistics, travel, healthcare, media and entertainment and utility to explore how blockchain technology can be leveraged to transform business processes and to make them more reliable and efficient.

In the fintech sector, there is a rising demand from clients who are looking to adopt blockchain to facilitate faster payments, verify digital identities, enable quicker settlements and reconciliations, among other uses. TechAhead has been helping clients in diverse sectors to adopt blockchain technology to build and strengthen their existing capabilities. The development process includes developing a blockchain strategy based on current capabilities and building proof of concepts and prototypes of ready to integrate solutions that meet regulatory requirements of the sector.

“There’s a reason why many organizations are adopting Blockchain. As a blockchain development company, we have witnessed the dramatic change it can bring to business operations for our clients. We are convinced of the immense potential that Blockchain presents as it is already revolutionizing the way businesses currently operate, moving from a centralized market to a more decentralized and transparent one that gives customers better control over how data is shared and used,” says Vikas Kaushik, CEO, TechAhead. “Additionally, the technology is versatile and can be customized to suit the requirements of transparency and confidentiality across diverse industry sectors.”

About TechAhead

TechAhead is an award-winning mobile app development company in the USA with a global clientele. The company is reputed for exploring new technologies in the market and using them to provide the best services to worldwide clients. TechAhead sees strong potential in Blockchain technology and has been exploring ways to create digital ecosystems for enterprises, growing businesses, and ambitious start-ups that are looking to adopt this new technology to transform the way they operate.

Jitin Narang
+1 818-318-0727
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Researchers Find Eight New Unique Gene Mutations in Patients with Hereditable Heart Muscle Disease

Anderson Graphic

Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute researchers have identified eight new gene mutations that may cause or contribute to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.

If it’s passed on in families, we’ll be able to identify those who might be at risk for developing heart disease and work to prevent it, diagnose it, and begin treatment earlier.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute

SALT LAKE CITY , UT, USA , April 17, 2019 / — In a new study from the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, researchers have identified eight new gene mutations that may cause or contribute to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease not caused by known external influences, such as high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, or diseased coronary arteries.

For at least 40 percent of these patients, the disease has an underlying genetic cause that leads to the muscle in the major pumping chamber of the heart (left ventricle) being too weak and thin to function properly, causing heart failure.

“Although many mutations contributing to non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy have been identified, there remains a large gap in our knowledge of its heritability. The more we can learn about what’s causing the condition, the better we can identify and treat it,” said Jeffrey L. Anderson, MD, principal investigator of the study, and a researcher at the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute. “If it’s passed on in families, we’ll be able to identify those who might be at risk for developing heart disease and work to prevent it, diagnose it, and begin treatment earlier.”

Findings from the study were presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session in New Orleans last month.

A quarter to one-third of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy patients will need a mechanical support device, a heart transplant, or will die within five years, Dr. Anderson noted, so this is a very serious condition.

In the study, researchers looked at genetic samples of 231 patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, evaluated in an Intermountain Medical Center Specialty Clinic who volunteered to enter blood samples into the Intermountain Healthcare INSPIRE Registry and DNA Bank, which is the system’s collection of biological samples, clinical information, and laboratory data from consenting patients who are diagnosed with any of a number of healthcare-related conditions.

In collaboration with Intermountain’s Precision Genomics laboratory, researchers sequenced patients’ DNA, focusing on the TITIN (TNN) gene, which codes the body’s largest protein.

“That protein acts as a spring in your heart muscle,” said Dr. Anderson. “It enhances the passive elasticity of the muscle and also limits how much you can stretch it.”

Previous research has already found variants of TTN in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, but the story has been incomplete.

Now, in this new study, Intermountain researchers identified 24 patients with TTN variants, and eight of those variants hadn’t been seen or documented before. They also confirmed the presence of seven variants that had been discovered and reported previously. The new variants all are of the “truncating” variety, that is, they lead to a shortening of the protein and in doing so are predicted to cause the protein to malfunction in its role of maintaining the integrity of heart muscle function.

These new variants, Dr. Anderson said, still will require functional testing and clinical validation, but they likely will lead to further expansion of the known spectrum of genes that predispose to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.

The addition of these variants to the current list of known pathological heart muscle protein mutations will help to close the still large gap in our knowledge of the heritability of heart muscle disease and in doing so can lead to earlier diagnosis and more effective prevention and treatment.

The study was funded by the Intermountain Foundation and an in-kind grant from Intermountain Precision Genomics.

Jess C. Gomez
Intermountain Healthcare
+1 801-718-8495
email us here

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Mortgage Expert Witness Joffrey Long to Co-Moderate Legal and Regulatory Review

Legal and Regulatory Review for Private Money Lenders Presented by California Mortgage Association

The California Mortgage Association is recognized as the leading provider of education in the field of private money lending.”

— Joffrey Long

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — The California Mortgage Association’s Legal and Regulatory Review will be presented April 25 and 26 in San Francisco. CMA’s Legal and Regulatory Review is highly regarded as a primary source of updates in the area of hard money. Expert witness and lender Joffrey Long will co-moderate the review, which features prominent attorneys in private money lending, as well as legal and regulatory changes that impact the industry.

Joffrey Long
Southwest Bancorp
email us here

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7 Tips On Filing A Defense Base Act Claim That You Need To Know






Doolittle & Tucker should be your go-to Defense Base Act attorneys. Call for a free case review with one of our

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — You might recall the old joke, where a tourist in New York City stops a pedestrian on the street and asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The pedestrian ruefully replies, “Practice, practice, practice.”

The joke is still a good one after all these years, and it brings to mind a similar sentiment with regard to the Defense Base Act. Namely, how do you make a claim under the Defense Base Act? Process, process, process.

Overseas Contractors for the U.S. Military – The Defense Base Act Is Your Workers’ Compensation Plan

Private contractors and other non-military workers employed overseas by the United States government should be aware of the Defense Base Act, which is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Non-military personnel who do contract work for the military (most often in overseas military bases) have their workers’ compensation benefits administered by the Defense Base Act.

Therefore, if you are a civilian working for the U.S. military overseas and have been injured or a loved one has been killed, in a work-related incident, you need to turn to the Defense Base Act for compensation. To get that compensation you need to know a little about the claims process.

This article will give you 7 important tips to keep in mind whenever filing a Defense Base Act claim. However, it is highly recommended that you get the help of an experienced Defense Base Act lawyer to assist you. The “process, process, process” of a Defense Base Act claim could be tricky, and there are many potential pitfalls.

At Doolittle & Tucker, we are dedicated to helping people understand and avoid the pitfalls that come with any Defense Base Act claim. Our experienced Defense Base Act attorneys will make sure that you receive the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled after a workplace accident.

Our attorneys are truly the best in Florida when it comes to Defense Base Act representation. We can do the work while you focus on the most important thing – healing. To learn more about our expertise on filing Defense Base Act claims after reading this article, call us at 904.396.1734. We will worry about your Defense Base Act claim, so you don’t have to.

Process, Process, Process

Before getting to the helpful tips, there are some basics you need to know about filing a Defense Base Act Claim. First, after an injury, or after a loved one is killed in a workplace incident, you need to inform the relevant supervisor of the accident as soon as possible.

Second, the injured person must provide notice to the employer, in writing, within 30 days of the accident. That written report will trigger the employer to provide medical treatment.

Finally, the injured person, or the family of a person killed in an incident, must file a so-called LS-203 form. This form is the Department of Labor’s claim form for compensation. On that form, you are able to give the details of your injury. The form should be filed with the Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, and it should be filed within one year of the accident.

7 Tips For Filing a Defense Base Act Claim

In the “zone of danger,” you can still receive Defense Base Act compensation even if you were not actually working at the time you were injured. Unlike other workers’ compensation plans, the Defense Base Act does not necessarily require that a person is working at the time of the injury in order to receive benefits. The Act acknowledges that civilians on military bases, particularly in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, are in constant danger. Accordingly, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if you were injured during off-duty hours.

Inform your supervisor immediately, and get it in writing. Immediately after an injury, you should notify your supervisor. Yet, also be sure to send an email to your supervisor. That is helpful because, later on, you will likely need proof as to whether, and when, you notified your employer.

Keep track of all of your income, including bonuses. The compensation you receive through the Defense Base Act is calculated based upon your pre-injury wages. If you fail to report all of the income you earned on the job, then you are short-changing yourself of the compensation you deserve. Accordingly, keep track of all income, from any source, like bonuses.

Go to the doctor you choose, not the insurance company’s doctor. Upon filing a claim, the insurance company will likely recommend a physician. While that is helpful on the insurance company’s part, the Defense Base Act allows you to use your own physician. So, go to the best doctor you can find close to where you live.

Be diligent in gathering evidence to support your claim. The better you can support what happened in the incident, and the extent of your injuries, the better your compensation will be. With that in mind, do not forget to make a list of witnesses to the accident, with their contact information. Be sure to keep a diary of all the medical treatment you receive overseas. Also, try to get all medical records (including x-rays, MRI images, etc.) from all overseas medical providers.

Be honest about your injury. Do not take the risk that your claim will be denied by exaggerating your injury to your doctor or to the insurance company. Having a pre-existing condition prior to the injury does not mean that you will not get compensation. Under the Defense Base Act, insurance will still cover injuries that worsen a previous injury.
Finally, get a lawyer. The best thing you can do to file an effective Defense Base Act claim is to contact a seasoned Defense Base Act attorney.

Doolittle & Tucker should be your go-to Defense Base Act attorneys. In Florida, we are the Defense Base Act experts, and our representation is no cost to you unless we obtain compensation for you. So, call for a free case review with one of our attorneys who specialize in Defense Base Act cases. You can contact us today by calling 904.396.1734.

We have certainly become Defense Base Act specialists because we “practice, practice, practice” every day. Accordingly, we will be in your corner to cut through the challenging Defense Base Act “process, process, process.”

Mr. Zachary G. Tucker
Doolittle & Tucker, P.A.
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Why Should I Hire You For My Defense Base Act (DBA) Claim?

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Middleton Advisory Group Continues to Expand – Adds Pacific Northwest Regional Manager

Middleton Advisory Group

William Tuning, Pacific Northwest Regional Manager

Middleton Advisory Group, LLC is proud to announce the addition of William Tuning to their national recruiting team.

Tuning's prior experience in the finance industry, combined with his passion for … relationship building and excellent service will be a great add to our culture and values.”

— Brian Boyles, National Sales Manager

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, April 17, 2019 / — Middleton Advisory Group, LLC is proud to announce the addition of William Tuning to their national recruiting team. Tuning has accepted the position of Regional Business Development Manager and will be responsible for the company’s Pacific Northwest region.

Tuning brings over 25 years of experience in sales management to Middleton Advisory Group. Prior to joining the company, Tuning spent the majority of his career in the credit union, banking, and mortgage lending industries, where he gained extensive experience in operations and process improvement, as well as recruiting, training, mentoring, and coaching staff for productivity, efficiency, and quality.

“We are happy to have William join our ever-growing team,” said Brian Boyles, National Sales Manager. “His prior experience in the finance industry, combined with his passion for working closely with people through relationship building and excellent service will be a great add to our culture and values.”

In previous roles, Tuning oversaw recruiting efforts as Pacific NW Regional Area Manager for Amcap Mortgage, and as Area Vice President for Geneva. In his new position with Middleton Advisory Group, Tuning will manage and oversee the company’s recruiting and business development efforts in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Tuning can be found on LinkedIn at or at 360-539-8984.

About Middleton Advisory Group, LLC
Middleton Advisory Group, LLC is a national talent acquisition and strategic consulting firm providing collaborative and specialized advisory services which are tailored to each client's specific needs. Whether recruiting top A-level talent, developing leadership and staff, or seeking new business development strategies, MAG is equipped to assist organizations reach their specific goals in a myriad of ways. For more information, visit

Kristina Pool
Middleton Advisory Group
+1 480-699-2405
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Hurst TX Real Estate Agent Outshines Hurst Texas Real Estate Agents Near Me – Odom Hurst TX Real Estate Agents Near Me

Chad Odom Certificate of Excellence Hurst TX

Chad Odom Certificate of Excellence Hurst TX

Chad Odom Local Real Estate Agent Hurst TX

Chad Odom Local Real Estate Agent Hurst TX

Hurst Texas Local Real Estate Agent

Hurst Texas Local Real Estate Agent

Best Real Estate Agents Hurst Texas

Best Real Estate Agents Hurst Texas

Top Local Real Estate Agent Hurst TX

Top Local Real Estate Agent Hurst TX

Local Hurst Texas Real Estate Agent Outshines Hurst TX Realtors Near Me Texas -Odom Hurst TX Realtors Near Me Helping Hurst TX Homeowners Sell My Home Quickly.

Being a top real estate agent in Hurst Texas, my career is helping homeowners curious about how to find a local real estate agent near me in Hurst TX to efficiently offer their Hurst TX homes.”

— Real Estate Agents Hurst TX – Chad Odom Real Estate Agency

HURST, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Best 5-Star Real Estate Agents in America has conferred upon Chad Odom, a real estate agent in Hurst Texas, its important Certificate of Excellence for highest attainment in the real estate homeowner service field in America.

When you are ready to acquire a residence, getting assistance from a real estate agent will speed up your search. Your purchaser agent represents your concerns during the entire property transaction and also will work hard to make sure you obtain the best bang for your home mortgage dollar.

To hire a real estate agent who can handle your requirements and makes your buying experience a good one, follow these simple suggestions.

Your local real estate agent is an absolute requirement when it comes to looking into offered homes to buy. Your realtor ought to have geographical knowledge and also area familiarity, together with university details and various other expert details. Your real estate agent will certainly additionally have a network of relevant professionals to assist you in finishing your real estate deal, consisting of home mortgage lending institutions, title firms and inspectors. When you are ready to write up an offer on a house, your local realtor will certainly create the documents to offer to the homeowner and also will negotiate on your behalf up until you are either pleased with the terms of the sale or decide to pass and look elsewhere.

When you are ready to sell your house, locating a listing agent is the primary step toward success. Your listing representative will evaluate the market and also assist you to price your property accordingly. Your local real estate agent will also have tips for enhancing the outside as well as interior of your house to make it much more attractive as well as ready to sale.

Just how can a real estate broker potentially enhance my bottom line on residence sales, when I'm conserving on commission? On every listing most have actually marketed, a real estate broker has obtained for the homeowners thousands over just what they believed their residential property would market for after they had paid all the fees including commission. A bulk of available for sale by owner’s houses were marketed for much less than what a real estate agent would have acquired. Most real estate agents would certainly like to repeat the relevance of the homeowner selecting a realtor that understands the importance of legal contracts and also has some experience.

Chad Odom has become recognized as a listing agent in a profession among top local real estate agents in Hurst TX and should be able to contribute valuable knowledge and tips about this subject.

While advertising and also selling your property, your realtor will certainly accentuate the favorable elements of your property as well as downplay its imperfections. A top realtor will ceaselessly show your home and also remain in continuous interaction with you. And when a deal is made on your residence, your local realtor will provide knowledgeable recommendations on whether to take the offer, submit a counter-offer or deny the deal completely.

Although some home owners do put their houses on the market for sale by homeowner, paying the associated commissions to have a specialist real estate agent to manage your sale makes a great deal of sense in today's competitive market.

Provide a realtor the opportunity to inform you. An excellent realtor must outline the purchasing or offering process prior to showing residential or commercial properties or going over a certain transaction. It is best to have a great grasp of what you expect from a broker and also communicate those expectations.

As you can see, the function of a buyer representative and also a property representative are distinctly varied, yet their courses intersect with each realty purchase. Whether you are buying or offering, a top realtor will certainly be your helper from start to finish.

As a leading listing agent in the career of the best Hurst TX real estate agents, Chad Odom is active in the town too and keeps perceptive about local trends which are valuable in evaluating the market.

Discover an agent who matches your style. If your recommended technique of communication is e-mail, don't pick an agent whose most advanced innovation is a postage stamp.

In a way to conserve money and make best use of a return, lots of individuals decide to opt for available by home owner. It appears simple until you begin to check out the substantial amount of work and the unpredictability entailed. Contribute to that, national statistics reveal that 80% to 90% of these owner direct homes eventually list with a top local realtor.

How do real estate brokers offer houses swiftly? An incredible 80% of house sales are done via a multiple listing service. Real estate agents have accessibility to this service. With a listing on MLS, homeowners have the entire membership of the MLS working and helping them. Sellers might have as much as thousands of members, depending on the location or home, as a result helping them. An MLS listing is one of the most efficient methods to bring in competent possible purchasers.

Advertising your home is much more than placing a sign in the backyard and an advertisement in the classifieds. A local real estate agent ought to supply a range of marketing tools consisting of a yard sign, ad in neighborhood real estate magazines, inclusion in the neighborhood multiple listing service, inclusion on their website and also published flyers or brochures. This diverse advertising and marketing strategy guarantees that your residential or commercial property is seen by hundreds of prospective customers.

Acquiring exclusive real estate leads are a new convenience because exclusive internet leads can help experienced real estate agents list new clients, both luxury home owners and luxury home buyers. The referral fee may be “pay at closing,” thereby requiring little or no initial cost for the agent. This unique program is now determined as the most highly preferred way to get the best real estate leads so long as the (1) referral fee is “pay at closing,” also called “paid at closing” or “paid after closing,” such as is the case with, and, the real estate leads are (2) exclusive, not sent to several agents, (3) centered on listing referral leads primarily, or (4) focused on seller listing referrals, but not centered on buyer leads, and (5) promotes the real estate agent business rather than the referring service business for the purpose to (6) build the brand name of the real estate agent which (7) provides long term value and notoriety for the real estate agent. The “real estate agent” can then become the household name rather than the “referring service” becoming the well-known name. These exclusive real estate agent leads are considered to be the best exclusive real estate leads “pay at closing” by top real estate agents.

Why utilize a top seller realtor to offer your home? Due to the fact that it pays! It restricts your anxiety, supplies great advertising and marketing, provides quality customers, offers invaluable aid in finalizing the sale as well as provides peace of mind and assurance.

Keep in mind that the realtor is not paid unless the residence sells. The compensation relies on the real estate agent carrying out an effective marketing method. Time is restricted so agents take care to bring top quality buyers to your house. Many real estate agents prequalify clients with a home loan business prior to showing to them a property. This is doubly beneficial. The customers are qualified.

Search for a real estate broker company that will certainly be your companion. Discover a person you can depend on, who will provide you the truths, and help you to make smart, well-informed decisions and collaborate with you during the entire process.

Why does a house seller even require a real estate agent? If there is no agent to bargain between the buyer and also seller, you can become deadlocked on terms, have your property tied up, or finish up in lawsuits. If your residential or commercial property is tied up for months you may have missed the ideal purchaser who is prepared and able to pay the price you want. Additionally a real estate agent will certainly not have the emotional connections to the purchase that a homeowner will. The broker’s purposes are likewise separate from the purchaser’s goals.

The best real estate agents in Hurst Texas are fortunate to host an accomplished local real estate agent like Chad Odom in their community who clearly brings an elevated grade of professionalism to the real estate business in Hurst TX.

Just say you decided to offer your home on your very own and you did find somebody who is interested and also is now prepared to get your home. You are possibly not knowledgeable about all your legal rights when it involves discussing and also finalizing the offer. A top local real estate agent knows all the needed documents that you will require to guarantee your sale goes smoothly. For example, do not forget all the disclosures that are needed to be signed and also all the lawfully binding agreements that the parties must complete for an agreement.

Contemplating selling your home by yourself, without the assistance and also expert guidance of a qualified real estate agent? You might wish to re-consider your decision to do this, since chances are great that you will certainly not enhance your gain by marketing your home. Do you by chance think your financial savings on commission will be your incentive after you go to a seminar on selling your house?

A house transaction is a complicated series of deals with several participants. Not only is it time-consuming, assessment and coordination with experts at every level is needed. Participation at a seminar does not make you an expert on residence marketing. Average individuals will certainly buy only a couple of residences in a lifetime, unless they are home capitalists. A top successful real estate agent will average 5-10 purchases each month. A real estate agent with expertise and experience in the profession will be able to improve your profit on a house sale.

When making a deal on a house you want to buy, there are certain requirements you wish to contribute to the initial deal. It would be dreadful to find that during the time before closing on the house the back yard has actually been ruined, or your house has actually been trashed. Add criteria such as functioning home appliances, a non-leaking roof, un-cracked home windows, plumbing without leakages, a maintained lawn and any garbage or debris has been eliminated from the building. A top real estate agent can see to it that you are secured from these problems in the contract.

If a property owner in Hurst Texas is contemplating the concept of “sell my home fast,” one should phone a recognized local realtor professional like Chad Odom Real Estate Agent Hurst TX, (817) 203-2817. Why should a person take chances when wanting to achieve the highest price for a property in Hurst Texas in the shortest period of time?

Real Estate Agents Hurst TX – Chad Odom
Chad Odom Real Estate Agency Hurst TX
+1 817-203-2817
email us here

Best Real Estate Agent in Hurst TX

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TORONTO, ON, CANADA, April 16, 2019 / — Toronto, ON, April 15 2019// – Trust Caregivers announces the launch of their home care platform connecting seniors with carefully vetted, experienced and highly qualified caregivers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Seniors and their families living within the regions of Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough and Pickering now have access to this platform.

Easier, Faster and More Affordable
Trust Caregivers is changing the Canadian home care industry by offering families a faster and more affordable solution to find, book and manage vetted in-home senior care.

Trust Caregivers offers clients access to a pool of carefully vetted, experienced and highly qualified caregivers, which includes video profiles. Services also include easy scheduling and online payment tools. Trust Caregivers is also the only online marketplace in the GTA that offers insurance coverage to caregivers adding that extra level of protection.

“We improve the ease and access to book quality vetted senior caregivers online.” Says Ashley Ebner, CEO of Trust Caregivers.

By 2026, over 2.4 million Canadians will require elderly care, up 71 % from 2011*. Waiting lists for senior homes are growing, and many seniors want to continue living independent lives in the comfort of their own home. Although there is some government support for home care, this is limited, and seniors still need to find other solutions to book additional home care hours.

The current options in the Canadian market for booking home care, include the traditional home care model, which is an archaic, lengthy process for the client generally including a survey, phone consultation and in-person meeting. Alternatively, there are a few online solutions that leave the client inundated with options of uninsured and unvetted caregivers.

Canada’s leading network of vetted 5 Star senior caregivers
Trust Caregivers bridges this gap and offers a simple online solution matching clients with caregivers that have undergone a thoroughly vetted onboarding process. Each caregiver also has insurance protection, giving clients peace of mind. “Clients come to us because we simplify the searching and booking process. It should be easy and safe to find caregivers online.” Says Ebner

Trust Caregivers offers services ranging from personal care, companionship, meal preparation to light housekeeping, assisted travel, shopping and specialized care.

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Florida Health Care Coalition Announces 2019-2020 Executive Committee at Annual Meeting

The Florida Health Care Coalition (FLHCC) announced and installed the 2019-2020 Executive Committee during yesterday’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors.

ORLANDO, FLA., UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — The Florida Health Care Coalition (FLHCC) announced and installed the 2019-2020 Executive Committee during yesterday’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors at Rosen Centre, Orlando Florida.

The following Board Members are now appointed to the FLHCC 2019-2020 Executive Committee:

• Board Chair – Mary Beth Clifton, Valencia College, Officer
• Vice Chair – Heather Russo, The Walt Disney Company, Officer
• Treasurer/Secretary – Jon Stolp, Florida Retail Federation, Officer
• At-Large Director – Patrick Peters, Orange County Government
• At-Large Director – Ann Marie Sharp, City of Miami

"We are pleased to welcome our new FLHCC Executive Committee," said FLHCC President and CEO Karen van Caulil. "Each member of this high-profile group brings a wealth of knowledge from the health care industry and will be a significant asset for achieving the FLHCC mission."

About Florida Health Care Coalition: The Florida Health Care Coalition (FLHCC) represents major employers across the state, addressing one common goal: to improve the quality of health care for all Floridians. Through educational programs and quality improvement initiatives developed by the member organizations, Coalition staff, board members, partners, affiliates, and sponsors, FLHCC organizes events that inform and contribute to health care quality improvement across Florida. For more information, please visit, or find the organization on Facebook, Twitter (@FLHCC) or LinkedIn.

Ashley Tait-Dinger
Florida Health Care Coalition
+1 407-425-9500
email us here
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