Mark Nicola Brings Global Training, Police Experience to Red Ball Drills®

New VP at Red Ball Drills Mark Nicola

Red Ball Drills welcomes Mark Nicola

Mr. Nicola joins the organization to serve as its new Vice President of Operations & Training.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 30, 2019 / — Mark Nicola, a former Navy SEAL and Houston Police Officer with decades of operational security and management experience, has joined Red Ball Drills® and parent company Experior Group, Inc. Mr. Nicola joins the organization to serve as its new Vice President of Operations & Training.

Nicola, who will manage domestic and global training for Red Ball Drills®, has previously served the U.S. Department of State as a consultant for global training programs in over thirty U.S. Embassies and Consulates throughout Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. He trained and directed security teams tasked with protecting DoD students who were attending international schools across Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Nicola has spent most of his adult life in public service, first as a Navy SEAL, then as a police officer, and most recently as a mentor and trainer of candidates enlisting in the Navy’s Special Operations and Special Warfare ratings.

He has led training teams providing instruction to security units, comprised of foreign nationals, with surveillance detection, route and facility analysis, attack recognition, surveillance photography, intelligence gathering and reporting, and discreet street operations.

Aric Mutchnick, CEO and developer of the popular Red Ball Drills®, says Nicola brings a known and trusted background to both the operational and training aspects of the firm.

“Mark Nicola has unparalleled experience and the right approach to continue on the expansion and growth we’re experiencing right now”, Mutchnick says, “and Mark’s reputation within the industry is something we have long admired.”

As Vice President of Operations & Training, Nicola will lead the operational management of the Red Ball Drills® program including training logistics, regional training teams and program expansion, while also managing the quality assurance and quality control elements of the company’s program.

Mark resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Emily and their three sons. They enjoy wilderness camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking and exploring national parks.

Aric Mutchnick
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Darcy Bergen’s Financial Group Teaches Retirement Classes to Help Individuals Map Out a Plan of Action at Any Age

Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen

PEORIA, ARIZONA, USA, April 30, 2019 / — PEORIA, AZ—Financial advisor Darcy Bergen holds more than two decades of experience in financial planning. On the heels of founding Clear Solutions for Seniors, LLC, he started Bergen Financial Group in 2003, and was recognized as one of the top 20 advisors in sales with Midland National life annuity division year after year. In 2015, after many years of successful investment and financial development for his clients, Darcy Bergen became a fiduciary (licenses 65), offering even further reliance between trustees and beneficiaries.

Bergen Financial Group offers conservative retirement planning strategies and products designed to provide guaranteed income for life while protecting their client’s principal from the fluctuations of the stock market with fixed annuity options.

Saving For Retirement & Living The Life You Deserve
Darcy Bergen founded Bergen Financial Group based on a simple philosophy; to teach their clients how to employ strategies to help protect them from incurring losses on their savings. Losing money in the stock market is not the way to save or live in retirement. His group aims to provide education, advice, and consulting to retirees and those planning for retirement.

Bergen Financial Group shows clients that there is a way to save and live with guaranteed income for the rest of their lives with annuity-based products. Darcy Bergen’s team of advisors has over 100 years of experience assisting clients. There is no longer a need to guess; they will set up a customized plan and help you implement a personalized strategy depending on your specific needs.

Personalized Retirement Planning is Critical
At Bergen Financial Group, they build long-term client relationships that span generations. They understand that financial products are often complicated and confusing, and that’s why Darcy Bergen’s team only implement strategies that their clients fully understand. Since they are an independent firm, they can present several different strategies, and not merely a one-size-fits-all approach. Bergen Financial Group can customize your plan based on your needs, not the needs of one company.

With headquarters located in Peoria, Arizona, as well as offices in Tucson, Phoenix, Glendale, Arizona, and Spokane Washington, their expertise is on a wide-ranging level. They offer educational seminars throughout the valley to help guide individuals through their financial journey and into a vibrant retirement.

To find out more about their educational retirement classes, please contact them today. them today.

Darcy Bergen, CRFA
AZ License #: 7714485
The Bergen Financial Group Headquarters
20542 N. Lake Pleasant Rd. Suite 111
Peoria, AZ 85382

Darcy Bergen, CRFA
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Personal injury lawyer Michael Avery comments on the Norfolk Southern Railway Co. case involving FELA

Michael Avery, attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

Michael Avery, attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

Logo of The Avery Law Firm, Michael Avery, Virginia

Logo of The Avery Law Firm, Michael Avery, Virginia

Michael L Avery Sr, lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

Michael L Avery Sr, lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

Office of lawyer Michael Avery in Virginia

Office of lawyer Michael Avery in Virginia

Michael L Avery, attorney Fairfax, Virginia

Michael L Avery, attorney Fairfax, Virginia

A recent Virginia Supreme Court case addressed the standard of proof in a Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) matter. Michael Avery, Esq. reviews.

The Avery Law Firm (N/A:N/A)

The central issue on appeal was whether there was sufficient proof of causation. The Court explained that in FELA cases, causation may be proved by circumstantial evidence alone”

— Michael L. Avery, personal injury attorney, Fairfax, Virginia

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 / — Personal Injury Attorney Michael Avery, in his most recent article, comments on the Virginia Supreme Court case Norfolk Southern Railway Co. v. Sumner, available on his blog at The central issue on appeal was "sufficient proof of causation."

“On February 26, 2013, the plaintiff was working as the conductor of a northbound Norfolk Southern freight train running from Greensboro, North Carolina through Danville, Virginia and points north. The temperature was in the 30’s and it was cloudy with light mist or rain. The yardmaster at Greensboro warned the train’s engineer, Teddy Lester, that some ice might be encountered farther north.” Plaintiff’s duties as a conductor “required him to dismount the last car in the ‘cut’ and walk south, away from the locomotive, turning off an electric timing device on the switch, and continue walking south nearly 200 feet to release the ‘derail,’ a protective device to prevent movement of cars on the side track. He would then return north to throw the switch and call the engineer to back the ‘cut’ onto the side track.” When the engineer did not hear back from the Plaintiff as expected, he went to investigate and found the Plaintiff at the bottom of a steep embankment, very disoriented with injury and no memory as to how he got there. Plaintiff had a fractured collarbone and three fractured ribs. Plaintiff’s expert testified at trial that the walkway near the fall was too narrow and covered with inappropriate large crushed rock and it contributed to the injury. After a three-day jury trial in circuit court, the Plaintiff was awarded $336,293.

Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) “was enacted by Congress in 1908, and has since been amended to serve the humanitarian purpose of imposing on railroads engaged in interstate commerce as common carriers the duty to provide their employees a safe place to work. Railroad employees who suffer injuries or death, to which a breach of that duty contributed, even to the slightest degree, were granted a remedy by way of a civil action for damages against the employer. The federal and state courts were given concurrent jurisdiction to adjudicate such actions.” The Court noted that “[u]nder the FELA, a railroad has a non-delegable and continuing duty to use reasonable care to furnish its employees a safe place to work. The employer must perform inspections to discover dangers in the place where employees are required to work and after discovering the existence of dangers the employer must take precautions for the employees’ safety.” The Court went on to explain that standard of proof and proximate cause in a FELA case is more lenient than a traditional tort case.

The central issue on appeal was whether there was sufficient proof of causation. The Court explained that “[i]n FELA cases, causation may be proved by circumstantial evidence alone and does not require direct evidence.” Therefore, the Court concluded that “[t]here was evidence to support the inference that the defendant’s negligence played a part, however small, in causing the fall which was the source of the plaintiff’s injury. The evidence may also have been sufficient to support an inference that the plaintiff’s fall resulted from causes unrelated to the defendant’s negligence. Under the settled principles governing FELA cases, that juxtaposition created a jury issue as to which inference should be drawn.” Thus, there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s verdict and judgment was affirmed.

The case is Norfolk Southern Railway Co. v. Sumner, Record No. 180121.

About Michael L. Avery, Sr.

Michael Leon Avery, Sr., is a personal injury attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. Michael Avery has over 20 years of experience in advocating for clients who have been injured in a wide array of accidents—from car and truck accidents to bicycle crashes to accidents caused by drunk drivers. He became a lawyer after a distinguished career in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Practice Areas include:
* Auto Crashes
* Vehicle Rollovers
* Motor Vehicle Fatal Injuries
* Commercial Vehicle Accidents
* Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist
* Claims
* Distracted Driver Accidents
* Road Rage
* Truck Accidents
* Hit-and-Run Accidents
* DUI Accidents
* Passenger Injuries
* Motorcycle Accidents
* Bicycle Accidents
* Pedestrian Accidents
* Slip and Fall
* Personal Injury


Law Firm Website:
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Michael Leon Avery, Sr.
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Fox 31 News: Driver of semi that caused deadly, fiery I-70 crash arrested

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First Performance Expands Digital Engagement Platform with Geolocation, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Cleansing

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 / — First Performance, a global provider of digital-first payments technology, today announced its latest platform advancements to enhance cardholders and card issuers digital capabilities. In recent news, Apple introduced their new “Apple Card.” One of their features is using geolocation and merchant data cleansing that provides cardholders with more details–who, where, and when for their purchases.

First Performance has continued to advance its patent-pending product that launched in 2018 and allows card issuers to offer similar capabilities now seen in Apple Card. The product combines geolocation services, artificial intelligence (AI), and crowdsourced data to provide merchant data cleansing. These capabilities enable card issuers to reduce costs associated with “do not recognize transaction” calls into their call center, disputed charges, and chargebacks on all types of payments cards and brands in their portfolio. In a 2017 Javelin report, chargebacks cost issuers $12 billion and merchants assumed $19 billion of unauthorized transactions. This excludes the operating costs of supporting questionable transactions and actual chargeback processing, as well as the cost of customer goodwill and trust.

One of First Performance’s digital solutions for issuers addresses a big part of this problem by providing cardholders with enhanced details regarding card transactions including merchant name and address, delivered at the time of purchase to their mobile phone. Empowering cardholders with this accurate, complete, and real-time information on their mobile devices enables them to report legitimate issues that will ultimately improve transaction related information from issuers and merchants. It also avoids costly, time-consuming, and frustrating calls from their cardholders related to incomplete, confusing or inaccurate merchant payment transaction information.

“Card issuers and merchants clearly recognize that an exceptional customer experience is critical in today’s competitive payments industry,” stated Bill Hernandez, First Performance Chief Executive Officer. “Giving cardholders accurate and enhanced real-time information regarding their card payment transactions is paramount for delivering an outstanding mobile experience. Leveraging the latest technologies, First Performance is committed to delivering new ways for card issuers to increase engagement, attract and retain more profitable customers, and significantly improve their customers’ experience and preference for our card issuer partners.”

About First Performance
First Performance provides financial institutions and their customers with a digital engagement platform that enables individuals to digitally use, manage, and control their payment transactions and finances. Our platform integrates with institutions’ existing digital channels through a suite of APIs and works across all card portfolios. Deployment options include on-site, cloud or hybrid models. For more information, please visit First Performance.

Mary Brandon
First Performance
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Source: EIN Presswire Provides State-of-the-Art Hosted VoIP Phone System to Progress Printing Plus of Lynchburg, VA - Hosted Business Telephone Solutions – Hosted Business Telephone Solutions

 Progress Printing Plus - Lynchburg, VA

Progress Printing Plus – Lynchburg, VA is proud to announce that it has provided a flexible and feature-rich hosted VoIP phone system to Progress Printing Plus of Lynchburg, VA.

Whenever we have a question, the rapid response that we receive from’s support team is saving us a significant amount of time, which is highly appreciated.”

— Thomas Thornton, III, Progress Printing Plus

GREENSBORO, NC, US, April 29, 2019 / —, a leading hosted VoIP and telecommunications firm that serves businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions nationwide, is proud to announce that it has provided a flexible and feature-rich hosted VoIP phone system to Progress Printing Plus of Lynchburg, VA.

The implementation included approximately 50 telephone locations, with four departments that utilize faxing. Each user (i.e. “seat”) has the option to access’s solution through a mobile device app, web-based online portal, desk phone, and softphone. In addition, two conference phones were installed to support dual meeting room locations.

Commented Thomas Thornton, III, Director of Information Services at Progress Printing Plus: "We had been running an on-site PBX since 2003, which was beginning to show signs of failure. After doing some research, we determined that a cloud-based phone system would be a good fit for us. We felt that it was important to explore various options, and so we spoke to several providers both large and small. At the end of our assessment process, we made the decision to go with With the guidance of sales engineers at, we purchased a hosted VoIP system that delivers significant savings, and offers extensive features that enhance our business".

Continues Mr. Thornton: "The implementation was painless. We have the internal technical knowledge to allow additional savings on some installation expenses. The phones arrived, we placed them, and we were up and running quickly. We have been very pleased with the sound quality, and the features of the online portal. Whenever we have a question, the rapid response that we receive from’s support team is saving us a significant amount of time, which is highly appreciated. All in all, this has been a very simple transition."

Commented Nicky Smith,’s CEO: “Tom Thornton and the staff at Progress Printing Plus have been a joy to work with. From the beginning, Tom had a deep understanding and appreciation for the role telecommunications plays in his company’s long and continued success. He definitely did his homework, and quickly identified the quality, features, and benefits that our system offers, including leaving day-to-day requests to our support staff, and having more time for internal operations. By having direct access to his administration portal, Tom can access our call analysis and reporting features, which offers information vital to his company’s sales efforts. We are delighted to have been able to assist Tom and his team with a smooth transition to their new platform.”

About (formerly Carolina Digital Phone) is a pioneer of hosted phone services, and provides products that improve the capabilities of business, education and government telephony, while reducing their overall cost. The company’s offerings stand out for their excellent value, including very competitive pricing, the industry’s deepest feature set, ease of deployment, and many user-friendly packages – from a full turnkey set-up including dial tone and VoIP phones, to automated call answering and routing solutions that work with existing land lines, cell phones or VoIP phones. Learn more at

Nicky Smith
+1 336-544-4000
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VoIP Services from

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8 Teachers Selected for 2019 American Fidelity Teacher Fellowship

AF Teacher Fellows

AF Teacher Fellows

I’m thrilled to offer this program for a second year and help more teachers gain experience to take back to their classrooms.”

— Diana Bittle, chief technology officer

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, USA, April 29, 2019 / — Eight local STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) teachers have the opportunity to gain real-life experience in IT at American Fidelity while earning a corporate IT salary this summer by being selected for the AF Teacher Fellowship.

The 2019 AF Teacher Fellowship recipients are:
• Amanda Flesher, Western Oaks Middle School
• Elizabeth Ellis, Del Crest Middle School (Mid-Del)
• James Gibbs, Deer Creek Elementary
• Kayla Mullally, Will Rogers Elementary School (Edmond)
• Katy Powers, Putnam City North High School
• Kinsey Moser, Roosevelt Middle School
• Miranda Hannon, Westmoore High School
• Traci Taylor, Rolla High School (Kansas)

“I’m thrilled to offer this program for a second year and help more teachers gain experience to take back to their classrooms,” said Diana Bittle, chief technology officer at American Fidelity. “Seeing how a corporate IT environment works and assisting with real projects gives these teachers tools to inspire our future workforce.”

Last year’s AF Teacher Fellows gained valuable experience during their summer at American Fidelity.

“This has been the experience of a lifetime. In two months I was exposed to more knowledge in technology than I feel a collegiate level course would provide in a year,” said Casey Denton, teacher from Rockwood Elementary.

In Februrary, American Fidelity began the search for STEM teachers to participate in the program. These teacher fellows will work in American Fidelity’s software development, enterprise information management or technical infrastructure areas for the summer. They can then take this experience back to the classroom to help students learn about and prepare for careers in technology. Plus, they’ll receive a $2,000 stipend to use for their classrooms upon completion of the program.


About American Fidelity
American Fidelity Assurance Company is a supplemental benefits provider serving more than 1 million Customers across 49 states with a focus on offering a different opinion for Customers in the education, public sector, auto retail and healthcare industries. More information can be found at

American Fidelity has been recognized as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine 13 times.

The Company was also selected for several other lists by Fortune, including: Best Workplaces for Millennials, Best Workplaces in Finance and Insurance, Best Companies for Giving Back, Best Workplaces for Women, Best Workplaces for Diversity and the Human Capital 30: Companies that Put Employees Front and Center.


Lindsey Sparks
American Fidelity
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MENTIS celebrates 15 years of ground-breaking data security

How pioneering a fledgling market grew into a culture of innovation.

Innovation is never unilateral, but it involves listening to your customers & help solve their problems today, without blocking them into an inflexible approach when the future brings new challenges.”

— Rajesh Parthasarathy, Founder and CEO of MENTIS Inc

NEW YORK, NY, April 29, 2019 / — MENTIS Inc, the pioneer in data and application security software; celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a look back at a history of innovation.

In 2004, when MENTIS was launched, data breaches were not a fact of life. It wasn’t until 2005 that the first breach of more than a million records occurred at the retailer DSW. That same year, a credit card processing company had 40 million credit card accounts hacked. And the first data breach affecting a university also occurred in 2005.

MENTIS in 2004 foresaw the risk of data loss because of the ways that data was collected, stored, and accessed or shared. MENTIS approached the problem with two key understandings: first, that enterprise data systems were more like a sieve than a secure repository; and second, that enterprise systems were much more complex, and stored data in many more unexpected and undocumented places, than administrators were aware.

MENTIS’ first innovation was to reject the patchwork, point solution approach and instead take on the challenge of creating a unified, comprehensive platform that could enable enterprises to protect data as it is collected and deployed across the enterprise. The architecture allowed for the sharing of intelligence so that modules could work together without repetition and without creating security gaps.

In its foundational modules, MENTIS advocated for masking nonproduction databases, and brought iScramble to market- the first static data masking product. Today, static data masking is considered an essential tool.

MENTIS was also one of the first company to address the complexity of data migration throughout enterprise systems by building the most comprehensive automated sensitive data discovery. MENTIS built on its early discovery and static data masking architecture by adding dynamic data masking, sensitive data-centric monitoring and retirement, and solutions to enable to its clients to comply with privacy and security laws around the world.

Rajesh Parthasarathy, MENTIS’ founder and CEO, noted, “Years before ‘Right to Deletion’ was included as a European regulatory requirement, MENTIS had developed iRetireTM – a product we designed to tackle the risk we found with companies retaining too much old data. iRetire not only helps in compliance by providing a way to retire defunct — but still highly sensitive — data, thus reducing risk, but also fits the EU directives on personal rights as well. This is just one example of ways in which MENTIS has always been ahead of the market needs. We have built a culture as an innovator with a visionary approach.”

Parthasarathy continued, “The MENTIS platform is a business application and not an IT solution. It is intended to work with various complex applications while giving the flexibility to choose from multiple approaches; for instance, customers can choose the right masking approach to fit the complexity of their needs.”

Parthasarathy concluded, “Our philosophy is that innovation is never unilateral, but it involves listening to your customers and helping solve their problems today, while not blocking them into an inflexible approach when the future brings new challenges.”

Paula Capps, Chief Operations Officer of MENTIS, said, “Among the security companies started in the 2000s, MENTIS is the only company with a singular focus on data security that has thrived. Data security has evolved over the years, but MENTIS has always been the first to introduce ground-breaking products to meet our customer’s data security needs. MENTIS is all about data security that works in the real world.”

Suresh Sundaram, Executive Director at MENTIS, added, “There are few journeys as remarkable as that of MENTIS, a journey made possible by application of innovation, commitment to vision, and emphasis on value and successful relationships with stakeholders. Now more than ever, MENTIS is hugely relevant to global businesses and will continue to provide leading-edge data security solutions for compliance enforcement, cross-border data access, test data management, security for sensitive data in cloud applications and data warehouses – solutions that deliver business value.”

With 56 product releases in the last 15 years, MENTIS has built an integrated platform that not only addresses today’s risks but responds to new uses and trends. The MENTIS platform learns and adapts to meet new challenges to the security of sensitive data.

The platform supports structured databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, and MySQL, and unstructured data in files, mainframe databases (IMS and DB2) and Big data environments. On the applications front, MENTIS has successfully been deployed in complex applications such as Actimize, Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft; and Cloud environments such as Amazon and Azure.

MENTIS has proven itself with a global customer roster of organizations that lead in their market: from a top Swiss bank, a Fortune 15 conglomerate, and Ivy League universities to a global staffing services provider, a global credit rating company, and a Fortune 500 medical technology company, to name a few.

Analyst groups including Gartner and Bloor have recognized the MENTIS platform consistently as an innovator and challenger in data security.

Founded in 2004, MENTIS was one of the first companies in a new data security market. Guided by a visionary founder with a deep grounding in both business and technology, MENTIS immediately began to innovate and has never since stopped. Known for its responsiveness to the moving target that is risk and compliance, MENTIS continues to bring powerful products to the market, the result of the company’s deep analysis of new trends in risk, and collaboration with its customers to assess and weigh their current challenges.

The MENTIS platform comprises a comprehensive solution that protects sensitive data along its lifecycle in the customer’s systems. Products provide capabilities from discovery, masking, and monitoring to data retirement. Engineered with a unique, scalable architecture and built-in separation of duties, MENTIS is the solution of choice to deliver comprehensive, consistent, and reliable data and application security across data sources (relational databases, hierarchical databases, unstructured data, file servers, big data, on-premise, and cloud environments such as SaaS and IaaS).

MENTIS helps protects the data of some of the most iconic industries and institutions in the world. Its customer roster includes internet commerce pioneers and national airlines; higher education institutions ranging from the Ivy League to Land Grant schools; international industrial behemoths and retail giants; and global enterprises in the highly regulated financial services and healthcare industries.

Nupura Ughade
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Auto Defect Attorney Brian Chase Details Specifics on Liability of Faulty Seat Belts and Airbags

Newton Beach California Attorney Brian Chase

Attorney Brian Chase

Chase recently spoke with™ in an interview to address a specific type of products liability case: auto defects.

I can’t tell you how many times over the last 20+ years, I’ve had clients come to me, and one or more lawyers told them they had no case.”

— Attorney Brian Chase

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 29, 2019 / — Brian Chase, auto defect attorney, urged anyone involved in a car accident to ask an attorney if a defective auto component is to blame in a recent video interview.

Chase recently spoke with™ in an interview to address a specific type of products liability case: auto defects. He explained that in most car accident lawsuits, you’re filing suit against another driver’s insurance company. However, in auto defect case, you’re exploring other options against makers and suppliers of defective auto parts. Some common examples include: The roof collapsing in rollover accident; seatbelts that fail to stay closed; airbags that fail to deploy, or deploy improperly (i.e. the recalled Takata airbags); brakes failing to work; seats that break and collapse when the car is rear-ended; and exploding gas tanks.

He said that in these cases, both the manufacturer of the vehicle and the suppliers of the components could be liable for injuries. He also explained that a recall does not need to be in effect to pursue an auto defects case.

Chase said that it is essential to hire a truly qualified attorney with auto defect litigation experience to find out if this is an auto defects case.

“You need to hire an attorney that specializes in auto defect cases,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many times over the last 20+ years, I’ve had clients come to me, and one or more lawyers told them they had no case.”

He said that 9 times out of 10, he can tell within 15 to 20 minutes of analyzing a case whether or not a defective auto part played a role. He also recommends contacting an attorney who has experience with trying cases with successful trial verdicts.

“When the insurance industry knows you don’t try cases, you’re not going to maximize the value of that case for client,” Chase said.

Brian Chase is an injury attorney who focuses his practice on defective product cases. Chase is a managing partner and senior trial attorney with Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP. He recently handled an auto defect case that resulted in a $24.7 million verdict. He can be reached at 888-333-2350.

Kimberly Busch™, LLC
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Did a Defective Auto Part Cause Your Car Accident?

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Scrambler Therapy® – 3432 건의 만성 신경 병적 및 종양학 통증 분석을 포함한 과학 기사.

ROME, ITALY, April 29, 2019 / — 과학 저널 "Integrative Cancer Therapies (통합적 종양 치료 요법)" 는 최근에 "게이트 제어 이론 (Gate control theory) 에서 정보의 유효 원리에 이르기까지 Scrambler Therapy, 만성 신경 병적 및 암 통증의 비 침습적 치료법" 이라는 과학 논문을 발표했습니다.

이 색인 된 기사는 Scrambler Therapy® 가총 3432 가지 사례에 이르는 만성 신경 병적 및 종양 통증의 미치는 영향을 연구합니다. 이 기사에서는 Scrambler Therapy® 이론, 방법, 기술 및 임상 시험에서의 편향된 효과와 이를 최소화하는 방법을 검토합니다.

이 기사는 특히 다음과 같은 경우에 유용합니다.
– 장치의 특수하고 고유한 특성을 평가해야 하는 보건 당국.
– 건강 보험 회사는 환자를위한 비용 면제 프로그램에 추가할 치료를 고려하는 건강 보험 회사.
– 최소한의 편견으로 방법론적의 정확한 연구를 수행하고자 하는 독립적인 임상 연구자.
– Scrambler Therapy®를 최대한 활용하고자하는 의사

이 기사는 다음 주소에서 자유롭게 다운로드 할 수 있습니다.

통합 암 치료법에 대하여
Integrative Cancer Therapies (ICT) 는 과학 표집 색인 (Science Citation Index) SCOPUS, MEDLINE 에서 받아들여진 기사의 공개 검토 저널이며 COPE의 회원입니다.

델타 국제 서비스 및 물류 (DIS&L) 정보
DIS&L은 Scrambler Therapy® Technology (국제 특허) 의 세계적 개발 및 전 세계적 의료 기기 유통 업체 선정을 위해 창설 된 기관입니다. DIS & L은 자사의 법률 회사를 통해 국제적 독점 계약을 체결하고 사용 방법 교육 및 기타 물류 요구 사항에 대한 유지 보수 및 배급자 지원을 제공할 수있는 유일한 회사입니다.
추가 정보를 얻으려면:

Scrambler Therapy® (스크램블러 테라피) 기술 정보
Scrambler Therapy® 과학 연구 및 개발 기술은 지적 재산권의 유일한 소유자인 Giuseppe Marineo 교수가 이탈리아에서 개발했습니다. 공식 "Scrambler Therapy®" 과학 및 임상 정보 웹 사이트는
에 있습니다.

Mariella Giorgieri
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Inmedix introduces immuno-autonomics to the 2019 Life Science Innovation Northwest Conference

A novel approach to management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune diseases.

NORMANDY PARK, WA, USA, April 28, 2019 / — Seattle-based medtech/biotech Inmedix, Inc. was selected to present at the 2019 Life Science Innovation Northwest conference (LSINW) held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. LSINW is the largest annual life science event in the Pacific Northwest and is sponsored by Life Science Washington, an independent, non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association serving the life sciences industry in the state of Washington. The conference “brings together investors, public and private life science organizations, research institutions, scientists, entrepreneurs, and the global health community to discuss and feature some of the most compelling technology breakthroughs of our time.”

Inmedix is defining the emerging medical field of immuno-autonomics: the interface between immune function and stress, controlled within the brain by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Stress response can beneficially impact immune function in the short term. However, chronic activation of the immune system by stress, mediated by the ANS, has been implicated in adversely affecting the onset and severity of autoimmune disease.

With its ANS Neuroscan™ diagnostic in development, Inmedix seeks to eventually quantify ANS stress as a factor affecting immune function, disease severity and treatment outcome in patients with autoimmune diseases.

“As a hometown supporter of Seattle life science innovation, Inmedix was honored to be provided an opportunity to explain the concept of immuno-autonomics,” said Andrew J. Holman, MD, clinical rheumatologist and Inmedix CEO & Co-founder. “We believe ANS stress profile may be an overlooked, cost-effective and immediately actionable element of personalized, precision medicine able to significantly improve clinical outcomes for patients with autoimmune diseases.”

About Inmedix, Inc. and its subsidiary, Inmedix UK, Ltd.

Seattle-based biotech/medtech Inmedix, Inc. and its subsidiary Inmedix UK, Ltd. are committed to engaging in world class research to discover innovative solutions for pressing healthcare needs related to the impact of stress, modulated within the brain by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The Inmedix ANS Neuroscan™ is leading the development of applications of next-generation heart rate variability (HRV) as a potentially informative diagnostic, therapeutic, digital health and health economic tool in autoimmune disease. ANS profile may be the most overlooked element of personalized, precision medicine. Beginning with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and multiple sclerosis (MS) in adults, the company hopes to enhance current therapeutic outcomes through complimentary optimization of individual ANS profile.


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Source: EIN Presswire