Credit Counsel, Inc. explains professional debt recovery strategy

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2019 / — Professional debt recovery organization founder and boss Christopher Mihoulides shares his strategy for ongoing success following two decades at the helm of Credit Counsel, Inc.

Based in South Florida, professional debt recovery organization Credit Counsel, Inc. has served clients both nationally and internationally for over 20 years. Thanks to a combination of competitive rates, a commitment to quality service, and a courteous approach to doing business, Credit Counsel prides itself on offering a standard of care which is second to none.

"We offer services which most of our competitors simply can't provide," suggests the firm's president and founder, Christopher Mihoulides. "Our debt recovery team are all highly qualified individuals and adhere to the very highest standards of excellence and professionalism," he continues, "focused on consistent communication and continuity in approach."

In fact, according to Mihoulides, Credit Counsel's debt recovery team members each handle specific claims from start to finish. "From the very first collection call to final coordination in a lawsuit, our goal at Credit Counsel, Inc. is to preserve clients' images within their respective industries, while simultaneously achieving the highest possible rates of return," adds the founder.

Credit Counsel's strategy involves leveraging consumer behavioral records and other account attributes in order to assemble what the company calls 'ongoing collection activity' data. "This data allows us to extract factual intelligence capable of exposing hidden risks and provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors," explains Mihoulides.

Focused predominantly on commercial, medical, occupational health, and international debt recovery since 1997, the firm believes that more than two decades of experience today translates directly into higher recovery rates for its clients. "For example, an agency with experience in healthcare makes a huge difference within this particular sector," says Mihoulides, "and we routinely and effectively collect on past due statements in this industry while simultaneously maintaining positive relationships with both patients and payors."

Fully accredited, Credit Counsel, Inc. is HIPAA compliant, part of debt collection industry services trade group ACA International, formerly the American Collectors Association, and is recognized by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

"Further to both our strategy and our expertise, perhaps our greatest strength lies in our people," reveals Mihoulides. Credit Counsel's team, he says, is dedicated to building lasting relationships with clients throughout the numerous industries in which the South Florida professional debt recovery organization operates.

"Accordingly," Mihoulides adds, wrapping up, "a keen focus on training and ongoing development ensures that each Credit Counsel, Inc. team member serves to uphold the reputation we've worked tirelessly to build since the 1990s."

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