Nimbus-Key Identity Mangement & Authentication platform receives USPTO patent approval.

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Your doctor is waiting, provide your medical information securely.

Healthcare identity is under attack and protecting your identity and medical information is paramount. Control your information.

Securing your identity and healthcare information is paramount, your information under your control.”

— Jose Bolanos MD, CEO

ORINDA, CA, USA, March 4, 2019 / — Nimbus-T, Inc a C-corp Delaware announced the issuance of their US Patent, Bolanos et al. Patent number: US 10,152582 B2 on Dec 11, 2018. It is entitled “System and method for securing and providing secured access to encrypted global identities embedded in a QR code”.

The Nimbus-Key System creates a more secure environment for interacting with healthcare systems by creating a New Global Identifier for patients, doctors and healthcare workers. It manages the other identities in the healthcare system by linking those to the Nimbus-Key and provides two-factor authentication. Most healthcare systems including health plans and hospitals deal with a multitude of disparate information systems making it more vulnerable to errors in patient record matching. Getting the right record for each and every patient means improving access to critical information accurately.

“The United States of America has the highest cost of healthcare in the developed world now reaching $3.5 Trillion annually. Several reports from the FBI and ex-US Attorney General Eric Holder give estimates of Medicare/Medicaid fraud at $120-250 Billion annually! The problem is that there is no authentication of the doctor or patient during these transactions”, according to Jose Bolanos, MD and CEO of Nimbus-T. He states that “our Nimbus-Key system aims to improve the security around access and retrieval of important medical information and reducing fraud”.

Nimbus-T is conducting research on how security, authentication, transaction verification using the blockchain may also help improve the efficiency and transparency around the healthcare systems. Many health plans, hospitals, and ACOs are looking to reduce costs, increased efficiency and patient safety, one way is to have a more secure identity and authentication system as a foundation. (secure identity management & authentication) (blockchain solutions in healthcare)

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