Daniel Waite, CEO Of Waite Enterprise, Announces Addition to Diversified Roster: American Medical Devices, LLC

Waite Enterprise announces addition of Medical Device Company that is rolling out a Unique New Medical Device that helps treat pain without the use of Opioids

DALLAS, TX, USA, October 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — American Medical Devices is a new medical device company joining the growing ranks of diversified companies that are part of Waite Enterprise. In recent weeks Waite Enterprise has been growing strength in its corporate ranks in the medical sector in particular, while also continuing to build out its financial, automobile, and construction holdings along with its investment portfolio. Now the company has further expanded as AMD is rolling out an innovative FDA approved medical device called the Vagal-Neuro Stimulator, a device that helps treat pain and mobility issues, tissue oxygenation and peripheral artery disease associated with a number of syndromes and ailments, from post amputation pain to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Diabetic Neuropathy.

“We are extremely excited about this device and its potential benefits.” Waite explains. Right now AMD is rolling out a completely unique and innovative proprietary medical device program with the use of a Vagal Nerve Neuro Stimulator. It is a non-drug treatment pain suppression device. This device will help patients reduce the use of opioids while coping with pain and other problematic systems in a natural way. In an era when people are looking for a non-narcotic therapy or procedure that reduces pain, this is an ideal device. Simply put we are on the right path for true health and wellness, not health and drugs or chemicals. The device uses electric stimulation to reduce pain and is small and light, it can be worn right beneath the collar of a shirt in fact.”

“As excited as we are about the roll-out, we’re more excited about the potential that AMD offers the medical community and Waite Enterprise. The company has a great head start and is aggressively rolling out the new proprietary medical device program Nationwide. We have received incredible feedback from the medical community thus far. We are excited for the future.”

About Waite Enterprise:

Waite Enterprise (subsidiary of Waite Capital, Inc.) is a diversified holding company with a vast platform of subsidiaries and investments that leverage resources and growth from various sectors, currencies and assorted commodities, from cryptocurrency to real estate to high end vehicles. The company is being developed by Daniel Waite with the intention of ultimately going public, offering a diversified investment platform designed as a basket that provides revenue streams from digital platforms, currencies, and businesses in the construction, healthcare and financial fields.

About American Medical Devices, LLC:

American Medical Devices is a medical device company located in Dallas, Texas. American Medical Devices is a growing company currently releasing and delivering a proprietary pain treatment device called the Vagal-Neuro Stimulator.

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Source: EIN Presswire