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Proper Insurance has partnered with industry leading tech companies, NoiseAware and Flo to provide transparency and piece of mind to the vacation rental owner.

We are thrilled to partner with both NoiseAware and Flo, these products represent the consumer-first mentality and ethos that Proper Insurance has championed since it's inception in 2014.”

— Darren Pettyjohn, co-owner of Proper Insurance


Proper Insurance continues to operate on the cutting edge of technological advancement in the Vacation Rental Industry, partnering with companies such as NoiseAware and Flo to provide unparalleled protection and coverage to their clients.

The vacation rental industry is undergoing major changes, with billions of dollars funneled into vacation rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, people are seeing the economic potential and offering their homes as vacation rentals. Competition has never been greater, and neither has the risk involved in short term renting. Together with Proper Insurance, NoiseAware and Flo offer peace of mind for the owner and operator of the vacation rental business. These partnerships offer the customer unparalleled insight into their homes without violating the privacy of the guests or compromising their experience. Together with Proper Insurance, these innovative, reliable technologies offer the safety net you need when you short term your largest asset- your home.
NoiseAware effectively acts as a smoke alarm for noise, passively listening for decibel spikes at your home. Large, repeated decibel spikes often indicate a disturbance, or party, and the Short Term Vacation Rental owner is alerted via their phone and can take action before the neighbors are disturbed or the police called.
Flo helps prevent catastrophic water damage and monitor water usage at your property. This product is an all-in-one security system that can automatically shut off the water, detect leaks as small as a drop per minute, and proactively monitor the home's entire water supply, all with a single device. Flo allows the property manager or home owner to take control and maintain peace of mind by controlling the water to your property directly from your smartphone or web browser.
Proper Insurance offers all-inclusive insurance that replaces your homeowner's policy. It is a commercial package policy that is custom penned for the unique risks of vacation rental and short term rental properties. Along with property and liability coverage, Proper Insurance provides business income coverage with no time limit. Underwritten by Lloyd's of London, Proper Insurance is focused on education and firmly believes in the NoiseAware and Flo products.
With these proactive, reliable technologies, Proper Insurance has given clients the keys to complete security and transparency for their vacation rental. Visit to learn more about the products and coverages that exist for your Short Term Vacation Rental.

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Proper Insurance
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