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Its been a journey and long road but Keith Armbrecht of continues to show seniors everything there is to know about Medicare in 49 states.

As always thanks for providing great information to the folks. Medicare is far more complex than most working people think.”

— Lysander

TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 15, 2018 / — Saint Petersburg, Florida – June 15 2018 — Rising insurance costs are a huge concern for many seniors. As the population lives longer, more and more people are living with medical conditions and need the kind of support that Medicare supplemental health insurance can offer. Finding the right policy and navigating the confusing field of Medicare can be a huge challenge.

However, aims to change that. They are the #1 resource center for Medicare videos on Youtube. They provide Medicare supplement plan quotes for seniors aged 65 and aim to help people to get the insurance that they need the most.

MedicareonVideo Now in 49 States

After starting life as a small channel, it is a matter of pride for founder Keith Armbrecht to be able to say that with MedicareonVideo now in 49 states, it is able to help seniors all over the United States. The insurance broker works in all states but Massachusetts and is looking to continue their work to ensure that people get the care that they need with medicare supplemental insurance.

Armbrecht said "Medication costs are increasing steadily, and that affects privately insured individuals and those without healthcare coverage indiscriminately. With MedicareonVideo supplemental insurance quote now in 49 states, more people can get access to the cover they need. Many feel that the cost of healthcare is out of control, but there is little that individuals can do to stop the ever increasing charges. We want to do our bit to help people cope and access the care they need."

Skyrocketing medication costs are something that is discussed in detail in Prescription Drug Prices: A Political Football. This work delves into the costs of prescription drugs, the reasons that they are increasing, and what has been tried in the past – unsuccessfully – to bring costs under control.

The cost of medical treatment is a controversial issue, and there are passionate opinions on both sides. Some feel that the system in the United States, where individuals cover their own treatment costs with help from insurance – offers better, patient centric care and also encourages people to take better care of themselves and to think twice before using medical resources. They cite the waiting lists in countries with social health care as a reason why to avoid such options. Whatever side of the fence you are on, Medicare is undeniably a lifeline for many seniors, and Medicare on Video aims to ensure that everyone is able to access the care they need, when they need it, even if they are not financially well off.

With videos explaining Plan G, Medicare supplement and Medigap, as well as the enrollment procedures, there is something for everyone. Medicare on Video has helped tens of thousands of seniors all over the country, and plans to help many more throughout 2018 and beyond, as they age into the Medicare system, and need to choose the plan that is best for them.

Medicare on Video's resource center has information and advice to help seniors save money. As an insurance broker they offer quotes for people from all walks of life. Simply enter your ZIP code and you will be on your way to saving money and getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the best quote for your medical needs.

There are guides and forms on the Medicare on Video Site covering everything from federal employee health program benefits, to Medicare and social security, discount cards for prescriptions, consumer reports, and dual eligible beneficiaries.

Understanding the different offers, programs and advice that are available for people depending on their age, location, income, family size and past profession is tricky at times, but Keith and the team aim to ensure that everyone gets the treatment that they need at a price they can afford.

To date, Medicare on Video has users from Michigan, California, Florida and Beyond. With the program now able to offer quotes and insurance for people from 49 states, there is a high chance that readers will be able to take advantage of it. Those who have used it say that the resources are amazingly helpful.

Sarah from Florida notes "My experience with Keith has been outstanding." she goes on to explain that Keith "took all the stress and worry out of this new milestone in her life".

Getting older comes with a lot of challenges and yes, stress, but when it comes to medical insurance, seniors have no reason to be stressed. Instead of having to handle all of the legwork and challenges themselves they can let someone else take it on. The Medicare on Video insurance broker service takes a lot of the work out of finding the best price and the most appropriate plan, and helps seniors to avoid the pitfalls that come with being under- or over-covered for their situation. With so many plans to choose from and so many different providers it is easy to get confused. Having a reliable central point of contact that can offer advice and clear up the differences between each policy is a huge boon, and allows seniors to find what they need, while not having to worry about wasting money, or discovering that their cover has holes at an inopportune moment, leaving them.

For more information about Medicare On Video and the work that they do, visit, or call 877-88KEITH.

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