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TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2018 / — Medicare on Video's Founder Keith Armbrecht Provides Thousands of Americans With the Best Medicare Videos


Saint Petersburg, Florida – 15th May 2018 – The nation is facing a prescription drug cost crisis. According to the Government Accountability Office, over the last year for which figures have been made available, 300 popular generic medicines saw their prices increase by 100 percent, and other research shows that brand name medicines have seen their prices soar as well. It's easy for the public to feel powerless in the face of soaring medication costs – but there are things that they can do to fight the increases, including being pro-active about maintaining their medical coverage.

Medicare exists to help with prescription drug costs, hospital stays and other health care, and Medicare on Video aims to provide the public with the best Medicare videos so that they can navigate the care system and make informed choices about which plans to choose, and also enroll at the right time. Medicare on Video is about to reach an important milestone of 500,000 views on their Medicare videos, and 7,000 subscribers – showing the scope of the issue and the sheer number of people who are confused about Medicare.

A Complete Medicare Resource Center

Medicare on Video was set up by Keith Armbrecht, with the intention of being a complete resource center full of the best Medicare videos and guides, with resources explaining every aspect of the system.

Every month, there are 300,000 people who are entering Medicare at the age of 65, and many of those people do not understand the Medicare system or what each Part means. The Medicare coverage parts are broken into letters, but it's not obvious what Part A and Part B cover, or whether it's worth getting Part C or Part D. The system is opaque, and if you rely on the government websites it takes a lot of reading to figure out what it all means. That's why Keith Armbrecht launched the Medicare on Video website. He aims to help those who are moving into the Part A and Part B cover system, and by providing the best Medicare videos on an open and public platform, he hopes that Medicare on Video will become the go-to service for those who are confused by the system, and that it will go a long way towards ensuring that American citizens get the help and advice that they need.

Answering America's Questions About Medicare

Since launch, Medicare on Video has helped half a million viewers to understand the Medicare cover system. The plans are changing constantly, and it isn't always clear what is covered by default and what people would need to pay for, as well as what the difference is between the Original Medicare, Medigap, and the different Parts of the new system. In videos such as "What is Medicare" these issues, and more, are explained.

Armbrecht hopes that his videos will help those who are older or on a low income to ensure that they are correctly enrolled and that they are getting the best cover for their needs. He said "It's encouraging to see that there has been such a strong response to the videos, and that 7,000 people have found enough value in them to subscribe and return to the channel. I offer these free to view videos to help people navigate the Medicare system, and to give people peace of mind that their potential medical expenses will be covered".
Are You Correctly Covered by Medicare?

The complexities that are associated with Medicare Part B are something that millions of Americans face each year. Part B covers the majority of the things that people expect to find in a health plan, indeed more than you would find in other parts of Medicare, but there is the option to delay enrollment, and this issue catches some people out, because if a person does delay enrollment without meeting the specific criteria that allow delayed enrollment, then they may face penalty charges and end up owing thousands of dollars.
Someone who misses the initial enrollment window for Medicare Part B may find that they can only enroll during January to March each year, with a delay after enrollment before the cover is active. This means that if they don't qualify for the special enrollment period they could be without cover for up to a year.

Medicare Part A is free of charge for most people; Medicare Part B carries a premium. It is this monthly fee that deters some, including pensioners, from taking up the cover, although delaying enrollment is not always wise. Every month, thousands and thousands of Americans make mistakes when it comes to picking which Medicare Parts to enroll on and either buys too much cover or delay taking out cover that they should have. These decisions can be costly and leave people unable to access the care that they need, when they need it.
Keith Armbrecht's Medicare on Video channel ( aims to help Americans of all ages to get the cover that they need and can afford. Whether you're employed and already have a health insurance package, are about to retire and be auto-enrolled on Part B, or are considering taking out COBRA or another similar package.

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