ASA Insurance Discusses the Advantages of Calling for an Insurance Quote in Salt Lake City

While there are more online sites offering online auto insurance quotes, ASA Insurance recommends calling an agent to get a quote for a new policy.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2018 / — While there are more online sites offering online auto insurance quotes, ASA Insurance recommends calling an agent to get a quote for a new policy. Online websites promote the convenience of using their forms for obtaining a quote. However, ASA Insurance states multiple advantages for seeking out quotes over the phone.

To get a car insurance quote in Salt Lake City, customers can call ASA Insurance. An independent agency can provide multiple quotes from different carriers just like the online sites. This step allows the person to compare prices so they know they are getting the best deal. There are a lot of myths surrounding how a person can get auto insurance quotes in Salt Lake City. People often think shopping online is faster, but Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance says that is not always the case. “ASA can give you a quote on car insurance in four minutes or less. Many times, they can provide that quote while on the phone rather than calling the person back.” This is a big advantage if a person cannot always answer the phone because they are at work or if they want to purchase auto insurance right away.
Another benefit to calling ASA Insurance for car insurance quotes is the fact that the insurance agent knows the best insurance policy for that vehicle. It does not always come down to the lowest price. It is also about the amount of risk one has and getting the best value for the dollar. A phone call to a local insurance company ensures the person receives a personal touch. They will often talk to the same insurance person who will have information on hand so they are not starting from square one every time they call in.

A person can get more discounts when they call in for insurance quotes. For instance, the agent may be able to tell them how much it would cost to switch both their car insurance and home insurance to the same company. They can offer advice and tips on how to save money with discounts. The agent may be able to start with the amount the person can afford to pay which will also save time. If they have a limited budget to work with, the agent can adjust the quote to fit their needs instead of just presenting them with the basic policy options.

Anderson recommends customer try it the next time they need to review their car insurance coverage. “Far too many people go online and have lost that personal touch,” he says. “If they call our office, they will see for themselves how much nicer it is to talk to a live person when getting quotes on their auto insurance.”

There is no obligation when a person requests a quote, but it gives them the opportunity to talk to a person and get a feel for the insurance agency. Customer service plays a key role in convincing people to choose an insurance agency for their insurance needs.

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