Mindfulness Meditation Coming to the WorkHuman Conference with Mindful Leadership Expert, Pandit Dasa

Mindful Leadership

Leading Mindfulness Expert, Pandit Dasa will speak on Mindful Leadership at the WorkHuman Conference, which will be attended by Michelle Obama.

This year's WorkHuman conference will be attended by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss from hit television show "Seinfeld."”

— Pandit Dasa

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 25, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Human resource professionals are turning towards Mindfulness practices such as being aware of thoughts and emotions and staying in the present moment. These mindful leadership practices are reducing employee stress and anxiety and improving productivity. At all three annual WorkHuman conferences, Pandit Dasa, Mindful Leadership Expert, has introduced and offered Mindfulness workshops to the many HR professionals that have attended. This year's WorkHuman conference will be attended by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss from hit television show "Seinfeld."

Mindfulness training helps us understand the mind. The mind works a lot like a smart device. If too many apps are open, it slows the device down and prevents it from functioning at its optimal capacity. Closing apps on a phone is pretty easy. With a few clicks and swipes, you’re ready to go. If that doesn’t do it, turning the device off and on again will speed things up. Just as we leave open a lot of apps on our phone, we leave a lot of apps open in our mind that end up distracting us and ultimately drain our mental focus and energy. Imagine never closing the apps on your phone for the entire time you own it. We do that with our mind. We leave apps open for years, decades and sometimes our entire lives. In order for us to be able to close our mental apps, we need to become aware of how our mind functions and then we’ll gradually begin to recognize which apps are running in the background. This is where Mindful Leadership Expert, Pandit Dasa, shows the value of mindfulness meditation. There’s no way to fully shut the mind off, but there is a way to focus the energy.

These “mental apps” are the positive and negative memories from our past. It’s the negative apps or memories that drain our energy. They pop up randomly without any effort on our part. It’s sort of like the annoying pop-up window that shows up when you enter a website. If only we could “x” out the negative memories as easily as we close a window on our browser. We don't voluntarily choose to relive difficult situations from the past, but they keep resurfacing and replaying themselves in our mind continuing to cause us stress and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation helps us press pause during negative recollections and allows us to move forward in a positive way.

Feeling that my mind was getting the best of me during a very challenging time in life, I decided to go on an inward journey in meditation.

How Does Mindfulness Benefits the Workplace?

According to the American Institute of stress, 46% of our stress comes from our workload and workplace stress is costing American businesses over $300 billion per year. Most people spend more than half of their waking time at work or doing work related things such as commuting. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that half of our stress comes as a result of our work. There are many ways to deal with stress. Exercise, eating healthy, having positive relationships and the most recent development in terms of dealing with stress is the practice of mindfulness through mindfulness workshops and trainings. Up until recently, meditation and mindfulness were seen as purely spiritual practices engaged in for the purpose of enlightenment or nirvana. However, over the last few decades, research from institutions such as Harvard, MIT, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Wisconsin- Madison are showing that individuals who actively engage in meditation practices, are demonstrating lower levels of stress, anxiety and even depression.

The secular practice of mindfulness does not involve adopting specific faith or submitting to any diety or saint. The practices include certain breathing exercises to release bodily tension, focusing exercises to become aware of and strengthen the mind and visualization techniques to develop positive thinking habits. In general, the idea is to become aware of our thoughts and emotions and try to remain in the present moment. These practices are especially important if we are aspiring to become mindful leaders. We are all aware of how turbulent our mind and thoughts can be. Even while having a conversation with someone, we begin planning other things. While eating one meal, we start thinking about the next one. Just as certain apps cannot be deleted off of our smart device, the food app is one of those that we can’t delete and remains constantly open.

Because of the research, corporations, college campuses, the military, professional sports, high schools and medical institutions are implementing mindfulness meditation to help individuals cope with challenging and stressful situations and to empower people to remain calm and collected. The research is also showing that those who practice mindfulness demonstrate higher levels of emotional intelligence. This is tremendously beneficial when we are called to cooperate and work in harmony with others. It helps us understand other individuals’ perspectives and point of you and gives us the strength to put aside our ego for the greater good of the organization.

Pandit Dasa
Conscious Living, LLC
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Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness Workshops with Pandit Dasa

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PCOS Awareness Association is Teaming With Amino to Help Take the Guesswork Out of Finding Specialists for Patients

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a potentially debilitating disorder that affects the lives of over 10 million women.

SEATTLE, WA, USA, May 24, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a potentially debilitating disorder that affects the lives of over 10 million women. It often goes missed by doctors inexperienced in providing patients with the proper treatment. The leading PCOS nonprofit, PCOS Awareness Association, recently announced they are teaming up with Amino, to help connect people with PCOS to the appropriate medical specialists.

Experts are quick to agree, the longer Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) goes unaddressed, the greater the chances of it becoming difficult to treat. The good news is that PCOS Awareness Association is taking huge steps to solve this problem. Recently, PCOS Awareness Association announced they are working with Amino, a healthcare transparency company that connects everyone to better, more affordable care. With Amino’s embedded search experience now available on PCOS Awareness Association’s website, people can search for physicians with experience treating PCOS, estimate costs, and book appointments, all in a few clicks.

“We are beyond thrilled to be working with Amino to provide women with PCOS a database of medical professionals that specialize in PCOS to help them regain their lives,” commented Megan M Stewart, Founder of PCOS Awareness Association. “This is going to bring a huge amount of value to women suffering from PCOS.”

“Looking for a specialist who treats people like you, with your same condition or health needs, can be incredibly challenging, whether you’re researching across the web or asking family or friends. We are glad to be working with PCOS Awareness Association to leverage our database and unbiased search and booking capabilities to guide women toward doctors who understand PCOS and its treatment pathways,” said David Vivero, CEO of Amino.

According to the organization, PCOS can be treated in many ways including modifying diet, engaging in smart and healthy exercise, and other preventative measures. More advanced programs are available from professionals, based on an individual patient's needs and the results are often remarkable.

Early feedback of PCOS Awareness Association’s work with Amino has been incredibly positive.

A recent client of the nonprofit, said in a five star review, “PCOS Awareness Association is genuinely dedicated to the issues that women with PCOS deal with. I'm not sure where I would be without this kind of and level of help. Fully recommended for anyone trying to live a normal life with PCOS.”

For more information be sure to visit http://www.pcosaa.org.

Megan Stewart
PCOS Awareness Association
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Cyber Liability Insurance 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR Of 11.12% and Forecast To 2023

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Research Report On-“Cyber Liability Insurance 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR Of 11.12% and Forecast To 2023”.

PUNE, INDIA, May 24, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Cyber Liability Insurance Market 2017

Cyber liability insurance is introduced to cover business liability from data breach and other cyber threats. Cyber insurance helps to protect the business in the event of a data breach or other cyber threat. The business environment is changing across the globe on account of rising number of startups and increasing penetration of internet services.

The advancement in web services and improvement in software systems are shifting the business towards digitization. Rapid adoption of web integrated services and introduction of business process automation in large and small enterprises are consecutively increasing the risk of cyber breach and threats. Small companies are providing web services to their customers which have high risk of cyber threat due to absence of security structures in the business. Cyber liability insurance ensures the security of customer’s personal information as well as the confidential details of the company. Small and medium enterprises are adopting these services to minimize the risk of cyber threats.

Request a Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/1023967-cyber-liability-insurance-market-global-demand-analysis-opportunity-outlook-2023

Market size and forecast
The global cyber liability insurance market marked revenue of USD 2.2 Billion in 2015 and the market is expected to reach USD 4.6 Billion by 2023. Further, the market is projected to register a CAGR of 11.12% during the forecast period 2016-2023 globally.

Geographically, the maximum number of cyber-attacks has been seen in North-America in 2014. Total number of 7,501 cyber-attacks has been registered in the U.S. only while 245 cyber-attacks including digital and data breach has been registered in Canada in 2014. Increasing number of cyber-attacks in North-America region and growing awareness towards cyber liability insurance are some of the major factors which are expected to foster the market growth of this region. North-America accounted the largest market share in cyber liability insurance market across the globe in 2015 and is expected to maintain its dominance over the forecast period i.e. 2016-2023.

On the other hand, Europe is expected to be the second largest region present with highest number of cyber-attacks. Rising business activities and adoption of web based services across the Europe region is also increasing the risk of privacy violations and theft of personal information. In order to minimize the cyber-attacks and to prevent the confidential and personal information, enterprises are shifting towards cyber liability insurance services.
Market Segmentation

By Coverage
• Cyber-related business interruption
• Regulatory Defense
• Computer Fraud
• Fund Transfer Fraud
• Contingent Business Interruption
• Cyber Extortion
• Internet Media Liability

By End-User
• Wholesale & Retail
• Manufacturing
• Mining & Construction
• Public Administration
• Baking, financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
• Telecommunications

By Region
• North America (United States /U.S. & Canada)
• Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of Latin America)
• Western and Eastern Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg, Rest of Western Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Rest of Asia)
• Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
• Rest of World

Complete Report Details @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/1023967-cyber-liability-insurance-market-global-demand-analysis-opportunity-outlook-2023

Growth Drivers and challenges
Increasing number of retail and finance services due to ease of doing business policies in various regions across the globe is increasing the risk of cyber breaches and cyber threats. Rising small enterprises with lack of security protection of web services is increasing the number of cases related to cyber breach. Further, due to increasing cyber breach and growing awareness towards the cyber liability insurance are some of the major factors which are driving this industry across the globe. Likewise, rising cyber-attacks in retail, wholesale, healthcare and many more industries has increased the demand in these end-user industries in order to reduce the cyber-attacks. Moreover, increasing computer fraud and cyber extortion due to dearth of security for internet services is further increasing the demand from end-use industries across the globe. However, high cost of cyber liability insurance services and lack of service vendors across the globe are some of the key factors which are hindering the market of cyber liability insurance. Apart from this, presence of complexities in insurance coverage and slow adoption of these services in small and medium enterprises are likely to curb the growth of cyber liability insurance industry in near future.

Key Players
The key players of global cyber liability insurance market as follows:
• Ace Insurance
o Company Overview
o Key Product Offerings
o Business Strategy
o SWOT Analysis
o Financials
• America International Group, Inc.
• Beazley PLC
• CNA Financial Corporation
• Hiscox LTD.
• Zurich Insurance Group Ltd.
• Chubb Limited

Scope and Context
Overview of the Parent Market
Analyst View

The Global Cyber Liability Insurance Market is segmented as follows:
• By Coverage type Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis
• By End-User type Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis

By Regions
• North America (U.S., Canada) Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis
• Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Rest of Latin America) Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis
• Western and Eastern Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, U.K, Benelux, Hungary, Rest Of Western Europe, Russia Poland, Rest of Eastern Europe) Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis
• Asia-Pacific (China, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Rest of Asia) Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis
• Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis
• Rest of World Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis

Market Dynamics
Supply and Demand Risk
Competitive Landscape
Porter’s Five Force Model
Geographical Economic Activity
Key Players (respective SWOT Analysis) and their Strategies and Product Portfolio
Recent Trends and Developments

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Roof Crafters LLC Newest Dealer for Velux Skylights in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge roofing contractor

Roof Crafters

Platinum Preferred roofing contractor Roof Crafters LLC has teamed up with Velux to become the newest dealer for Velux Skylights in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Velux Skylights is a perfect match for us at Roof Crafters. We only install the best roofing products made and Velux fits that mold. ”

— Chuck Magee

BATON ROUGE , LOUISIANA , UNITED STATES , May 24, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Platinum Preferred roofing contractor for Owens Corning, Roof Crafters LLC of Baton Rouge has teamed up with Velux to become the newest dealer for Velux Skylights in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Roof Crafters has served Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond and the North Shore areas for years with residential and commercial roofing needs. Owner Chuck Magee, strives to serve Louisiana residents with the best service and roofing products. 

Roof Crafters is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), one of the nation's most respected trade associations for the roofing industry.

After being named an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, Roof Crafters also received the 2017 Guildmaster Award for their high customer satisfaction rate. In the roofing industry, the average customer satisfaction is 70%, Roof Crafters LLC has over a 93% satisfaction rate.
A Perfect Match for the VELUX Line of Skylights

For more than 60 years, VELUX has led the world in quality skylights and roof windows. VELUX focuses on quality materials and energy-efficient daylighting products, which has placed and kept them in the minds of roofing contractors, homeowners and businesses for all their roofing and lighting needs. Offering an array of skylights, roof windows and treatments, VELUX products are guaranteed to withstand any weather and last for years, adding value to residential and commercial buildings.

In addition to being able to offer consumers high quality fixed skylights from the VELUX line, which are perfect for deck-mounted installations, this new alliance will allow Roof Crafters to offer a variety of VELUX No Leak "Fresh Air" skylights that permit air circulation as well as daylighting options.

Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights fully harness the power of the sun with a concealed battery-powered operator and control system for ease of use.

Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights use the electrical system already in place to open with the touch of a button. Rain sensors automatically close the skylight if it starts to rain while the window is open.

Manual "Fresh Air" Skylights allow any home or office to benefit from the increased air circulation and natural moisture balance afforded by open skylights

About Roof Crafters

Roof Crafters was founded in Baton Rouge Louisiana on the belief that every resident of Louisiana should have access to the very best roofing products and a company offering an unbeatable warranty. Roof Crafters services Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond and the North Shore areas of Louisiana. With nearly three decades in the construction industry, Chuck Magee leads the finest roofing teams in Louisiana.

Chuck Magee
Roof Craftwers LLC
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FinTech Investment 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 54.83% and Forecast to 2022

WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On – “FinTech Investment 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 54.83% and Forecast to 2022”.

PUNE, INDIA, May 23, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —

The analysts forecast the global FinTech investment market to grow at a CAGR of 54.83% during the period 2016-2020.

FinTech is a service based on financial applications. Over the years, the purview of FinTech has extended to include new and innovative front-end consumer products. Many FinTech start-up companies provide convenient solutions that are operable through hand-held portable devices directly to the customer through licensing, or white label them to existing financial service providers.

Get a Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/367353-global-fintech-investment-market-2016-2020

For more information or any query mail at sales@wiseguyreports.com

Covered in this report

The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global FinTech investment market for 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, the report considers the total investments from the FinTech market reported from EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. The report also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top four vendors operating in the market.
The market is divided into the following segments based on technology:
• P2P lending
• Online acquiring and mobile wallets

• Personal finance management or private financial planning
• MSME services
• MobileFirst banking
• Bitcoin
• Crowdfunding
• others

The report, Global FinTech Investment Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key vendors
• Oscar
• Qufenqi
• Wealthfront
• ZhongAn

Other prominent vendors
• Atom Bank
• Avant
• Funding Circle
• Klarna
• Kreditech

Market driver
• Big data and artificial intelligence
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Market challenge
• Privacy and security concerns
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Market trend
• Growing popularity of blockchain
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Key questions answered in this report
• What will the market size be in 2020 and what will the growth rate be?
• What are the key market trends?
• What is driving this market?
• What are the challenges to market growth?
• Who are the key vendors in this market space?
• What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

Ask Query @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/enquiry/367353-global-fintech-investment-market-2016-2020

Table Of Contents – Major Key Points

PART 01: Executive summary
• Highlights

PART 02: Scope of the report
• Market overview
• Top-vendor offerings
• Other prominent vendors

PART 03: Market research methodology
• Research methodology
• Economic indicators

PART 04: Introduction
• Key market highlights

PART 05: Market landscape
• Market size and forecast

PART 06: Five forces analysis

PART 07: Market segmentation by FinTech for technology
• P2P lending
• Online acquiring and mobile wallets
• Personal finance management or private financial planning
• MSME services
• MobileFirst banking
• Bitcoin
• Crowdfunding
• Others

PART 08: Geographical segmentation
• Geographical segmentation
• Americas

PART 09: Market drivers
• Disintermediation of banking services
• Easy access to technology
• Big data and artificial intelligence

PART 10: Impact of drivers

PART 11: Market challenges
• Privacy and security concerns
• Adoption of FinTech solutions is low
• Difficulty in accessing funds

PART 12: Impact of drivers and challenges

PART 13: Market trends
• Innovation and development
• Rise in customer awareness about finance and digitization
• Growing popularity of blockchain


For more information or any query mail at sales@wiseguyreports.com

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Multilingual Hubs – When Two Heads Are Not Better Than One

As businesses increasingly need to communicate with customers in the language and channel of their choice, Webhelp explains how a Bestshoring strategy is key

As more businesses have an international customer base, the ability to offer consistent customer experiences in the language and channel of the customer’s choice is becoming increasingly important”

— Matthieu Bouin, director of strategy and new lines of business at Webhelp

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 23, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The phrase ‘two heads are better than one’ is commonly accepted in the context of collaborative working and idea sharing, but when it comes to maintaining service consistency and reducing costs in a multilingual contact centre environment, the fewer heads the better. And Netflix’s recent announcement that it would be creating 400 multilingual roles in its customer contact centre in the Netherlands is evidence that multilingual ‘heads’ are highly prized.

Leading global customer experience provider, Webhelp, has invested heavily in a robust solution to meet the language, cost and service challenges of its clients. To do this, Webhelp has augmented its portfolio of single language sites by creating multilingual hubs in strategic locations as part of a transformational approach to delivering outstanding customer service it terms ‘Bestshoring’.

Determining the right multilingual strategy – whether that means full service, service consolidation or shifting to digital channels for example – becomes that much easier when established locations and skilled teams are available and ready to speak the customer’s language. Bestshoring leverages Webhelp’s customer management expertise and infrastructure to deliver high quality multilingual, multichannel conversations that maximise cost efficiency and deliver scalability and flexibility.

Matthieu Bouin, director of strategy and new lines of business at Webhelp, said: “As more and more businesses have an international customer base, the ability to offer round the clock consistent customer experiences in the language and channel of the customer’s choice is becoming increasingly important. Much is made of the need to communicate with customers via the channel of their choice. Webhelp takes that one step further and offers the ability to communicate with customers via the channel and in the language of their choice, backed up by the inherent benefits of our robust operational footprint.”

Webhelp employs almost 2,000 multilingual advisors in hubs in Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic and can offer clients a consistent level of service across a range of different languages.

Athens, Enschede, Lisbon, Stuttgart, Bucharest and Prague were chosen by Webhelp because of a sustainable supply of people with exceptional language skills, combined with a strong work ethic and customer service orientation. In addition, these attractive cities offer excellent infrastructure, local and economic support, and strong transportation links.

From each multilingual hub, Webhelp can handle up to 23 languages depending on the location. The languages currently available are: French, English, Dutch, German, Swedish, Arabic, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian, Slovak, Hebrew, and Lebanese. These languages can all be delivered across multiple channels including voice, email, videoconferencing, social, chat, forums, back office and self-service.

The actual Bestshoring ‘fit’ for clients depends on the scale and nature of customer demand. If the customer base is large, but most or all of them speak the same language and are located in the same country, one site where one language is spoken could also be an ideal solution, rather than a multilingual hub. This location can be on-, near-, or offshore, depending on factors such as cost, cultural considerations and interaction complexity. Webhelp has a large number of single language sites to cater for native language speaking requirements and therefore these tend to be based in the country where the language is most widely spoken; for instance, French from Rabat, English from Glasgow or South Africa, and German from Dortmund.

David Turner, CEO of Webhelp UK said: “The quality, scalability, flexibility, resilience and cost benefits of a Bestshoring strategy for our clients are clear and proven. But our people benefit too. Gone are the days when a job as a contact centre advisor wasn’t considered a viable career option. We are proud to offer educated and qualified people rewarding, long-term careers and the ability to use their language skills to deliver great customer experiences. In addition to promotion opportunities, one of the benefits of Webhelp’s global footprint is that our people can make location choices too. We are delivering so many languages from so many different hubs that this opens up possibilities for our people to travel, experience new cultures, and even to relocate.”

It’s time to forget the outdated practices of offshoring as a means of offering cheaper customer experiences – far too often at the expense of customer satisfaction. A well-tailored Bestshoring solution allows organisations to reap cost benefits while increasing levels of customer satisfaction through delivering consistent levels of service and native, or near native, language skills across multiple channels.

To read our white paper on the subject click here http://www.go.webhelp.com/bestshoring-register/



Press information:
For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:
Heather Astbury, head of PR at Webhelp, on +44(0)7825 593242, heather.astbury@uk.webhelp.com

About Webhelp
Webhelp is a global business process outsourcer (BPO), specialising in customer experience and payment management in addition to sales and marketing services across voice, social and digital channels.
From more than 100 sites in more than 25 countries with a 35,000-strong team, our focus is on engineering performance improvements and delivering a real and lasting transformation in our clients’ operating models to generate financial advantage. We partner with some of the world’s most progressive brands including Sky, Shop Direct, Bouygues, Direct Energie, KPN, Vodafone, La Redoute, Michael Kors and Valentino.
Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has grown its revenues by more than 250% in the last 4 years by investing in its people, the environment they work in and developing its analytical and operating capability to deliver a transformational outsourcing proposition that addresses the challenges of an omni-channel world.
Webhelp is owned by its management and KKR, a leading global investment firm, as of March 2016.
More information can be found at www.webhelp.com

Heather Astbury
Webhelp UK
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Abyde Dashboard


We are confident thousands of practices across the country will reap the rewards of this collaboration for many years to come.”

— Matt DiBlasi, Abyde President

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eyefinity®, a leader in practice management software for eye care professionals, today announced a formal partnership with Abyde – a Tampa, Florida based technology start-up that has developed an easy-to-use HIPAA compliance management application. The partnership will provide Eyefinity customers with an intuitive and automated approach to managing ever-changing HIPAA regulations.

“Doctors tell us that they would like their Eyefinity products and services to seamlessly blend into the background of their practices’ operations so that patient care can continue to be at the forefront. That is always our goal,” said Steve Baker, Eyefinity President. “Regulatory compliance is crucial and our new partnership with Abyde furthers our mission so that checking the box here doesn’t take away from any time spent with patients.”

Abyde is a revolutionary, cloud-based software solution that enables eye care professionals to easily attain and sustain internal HIPAA compliance programs by walking them through the Risk Analysis, ongoing compliance, policy, procedure, and HIPAA training requirements. Users will be notified via email when they need to address a compliance item. The program will then require a log in, the answering of a few questions and at the end of the process Abyde then will automatically generate all documentation necessary to meet the Meaningful Use, MACRA, and MIPS Risk Analysis Core Measures and Objectives.

“We are elated to team up with a company of Eyefinity’s magnitude and influence,” stated Abyde President, Matt DiBlasi. “Abyde heaps additional value upon Eyefinity’s well-established brand by providing a simple solution to complex HIPAA challenges. As a result, we are confident thousands of practices across the country will reap the rewards of this collaboration for many years to come.”

About Abyde

Abyde is a technology company comprised of HIPAA compliance experts and was formed in 2016 with the idea that there could exist an easier, more cost-effective way for healthcare practices to comply with government-mandated HIPAA regulations.

About VSP Global

As a doctor-governed company, VSP Global® exists to create value for members and opportunities for VSP network doctors. VSP Global’s complementary businesses include VSP® Vision Care, the only national not-for-profit vision benefits company, which provides access to eye care for its 83 million members through a network of 37,000 member eye doctors; Marchon® Eyewear, Inc., one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and distributors of high quality eyewear and sunwear; VSP Optics Group, industry leaders in ophthalmic technology and lab services, providing custom lens solutions for the vision and lifestyle needs of patients; Eyefinity®, the eye care industry’s largest electronic health records and practice management software company, and VSP Omni-Channel Solutions, which creates connected consumer experiences designed to strengthen the relationship between VSP members and their eye doctors. To date, VSP network doctors have provided eye exams and eyewear at no-cost to over a million people in need through a partnership with VSP Global’s Eyes of Hope®.

Matthew DiBlasi
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Insurance Market: 2017-2021 Global Industry Growth Analysis Research Report

Orbis Research

Orbis Research

Global Insurance Market Research Report provides information on Services, Trends, Top Companies. This report will help the viewer in Better Decision Making

DALLAS, TEXAS, U.S.A., May 23, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Insurance Report by Material, Application, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2021 is a professional and in-depth research report on the world's major regional market conditions, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, united Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China).

The report firstly introduced the Insurance basics: definitions, classifications, applications and market overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials and so on. Then it analyzed the world's main region market conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, supply, demand and market growth rate and forecast etc. In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis.

Request a sample of Global Insurance Market Research Report @ http://www.orbisresearch.com/contacts/request-sample/292579 .

The report includes six parts, dealing with:
• Basic information
• The Asia Insurance Market
• The North American Insurance Market
• The European Insurance Market
• Market entry and investment feasibility
• The report conclusion

Browse the full Global Insurance Industry Research Report @ http://www.orbisresearch.com/reports/index/global-insurance-market-research-report-and-forecast-to-2017-2021 .

Some of the points from table of content:

Part I Insurance Industry Overview
Chapter One Insurance Industry Overview
1.1 Insurance Definition
1.2 Insurance Classification Analysis
1.2.1 Insurance Main Classification Analysis
1.2.2 Insurance Main Classification Share Analysis
1.3 Insurance Application Analysis
1.3.1 Insurance Main Application Analysis
1.3.2 Insurance Main Application Share Analysis
1.4 Insurance Industry Chain Structure Analysis
1.5 Insurance Industry Development Overview
1.5.1 Insurance Product History Development Overview
1.5.1 Insurance Product Market Development Overview
1.6 Insurance Global Market Comparison Analysis
1.6.1 Insurance Global Import Market Analysis
1.6.2 Insurance Global Export Market Analysis
1.6.3 Insurance Global Main Region Market Analysis
1.6.4 Insurance Global Market Comparison Analysis
1.6.5 Insurance Global Market Development Trend Analysis

Chapter Two Insurance Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis
2.1 Upstream Raw Materials Analysis
2.1.1 Upstream Raw Materials Price Analysis
2.1.2 Upstream Raw Materials Market Analysis
2.1.3 Upstream Raw Materials Market Trend
2.2 Down Stream Market Analysis
2.1.1 Down Stream Market Analysis
2.2.2 Down Stream Demand Analysis
2.2.3 Down Stream Market Trend Analysis

Part II Asia Insurance Industry (The Report Company Including the Below Listed But Not All)
Chapter Three Asia Insurance Market Analysis
3.1 Asia Insurance Product Development History
3.2 Asia Insurance Competitive Landscape Analysis
3.3 Asia Insurance Market Development Trend

Chapter Four 2012-2017 Asia Insurance Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast
4.1 2012-2017 Insurance Capacity Production Overview
4.2 2012-2017 Insurance Production Market Share Analysis
4.3 2012-2017 Insurance Demand Overview
4.4 2012-2017 Insurance Supply Demand and Shortage
4.5 2012-2017 Insurance Import Export Consumption
4.6 2012-2017 Insurance Cost Price Production Value Gross Margin

The Report Contains: 163 Pages.

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UK Commercial Insurance Distribution Market Forecast 2021 By Top Players (AXA, Direct Line, Hiscox, etc.)

Orbis Research

Orbis Research

orbisresearch.com added latest 51 pages report “UK Commercial Insurance Distribution 2017” in its store.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — "UK Commercial Insurance Distribution 2017", report provides an in-depth study into the trends of commercial insurance distribution. The report discusses the influence of the differing purchasing behaviors of SMEs compared to larger corporate businesses, and pays particular attention to the role and strategies of brokers within product distribution. It also addresses the challenges in the market and the impact of technology on consumer channel preferences, before concluding with a distribution forecast for the coming years.

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Commercial insurance remains a highly competitive market, and the distribution of its products continues to evolve and vary. Brokers hold the highest share of the commercial market despite incremental growth in the other channels. The SME market has been driving this change, with more of these types of businesses opting to purchase insurance directly from their provider. These SMEs require less comprehensive insurance coverage, meaning a more simplistic and efficient offering is adequate.

– Brokers dominate the distribution of commercial insurance with a 77.1% share of the market.
– Brokers of all capacities are keen to improve their online propositions to provide an enhanced level of customer service.
– Underinsurance is a problem within the SME space, with significant proportions citing price and a general lack of knowledge or product awareness as the reasons for forgoing adequate insurance cover.

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Reasons to buy
– Adapt your distribution strategy to ensure it still meets the needs of clients and intermediaries.
– Ensure you remain competitive as new innovations revolutionize the purchasing journey for clients and brokers.
– Benchmark yourself against other players in the market.
– Be prepared for how technology is set to impact the commercial insurance market.

Companies Mentioned:
Direct Line
NFU Mutual
Simply Business
Lloyds Bank
Arthur J. Gallagher
Thistle Insurance Services
Tower Watson
Insurance Times
Willis Tower Watson

List of Tables
Table 1: The top five direct insurers (percentage of SME respondents), 2016 18
Table 2: Broker business growth strategies, 2017 32
Table 3: Broker business growth strategies, percentage point movement, 2016-17 35
Table 4: Share of commercial insurance distribution by channel (%), 2015-21f 45

List of Figures
Figure 1: Brokers retain their dominance but continue to lose market share 11
Figure 2: The internet is the most popular method used by SMEs to purchase insurance cover 13
Figure 3: The direct channel is catching up to brokers in the micro enterprise space 14
Figure 4: The direct channel has recovered from a decline in 2014 16
Figure 5: The direct channel is estimated to have reached £1.67bn in GWP in 2016 17
Figure 6: Retailers and affinity groups are slowly growing their share of the commercial insurance market 21
Figure 7: 2015 saw the retailer and affinity channel surpass £0.5bn in commercial insurance GWP 22
Figure 8: The banking channel accounts for a tiny proportion of commercial insurance distribution 24
Figure 9: 2016 saw commercial insurance GWP marginally decline in the banking channel 25
Figure 10: JLT retained its place as the UK’s largest broker in 2016 27

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Bruce Celebrezze Elected President of American College of Coverage and Extracontractual Counsel

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 22, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Sedgwick LLP is pleased to announce that San Francisco partner Bruce D. Celebrezze has been elected president of the prestigious American College of Coverage and Extracontractual Counsel.

The American College of Coverage and Extracontractual Counsel is comprised of preeminent coverage and extracontractual counsel in the United States and Canada, representing the interests of both insurers and policyholders. The College is focused on the creative, ethical and efficient adjudication of insurance coverage and extracontractual disputes, peer-provided scholarship, professional coordination, and the improvement of the relationship between and among its members and their constituents. Through its Board of Regents and its working committees, the College engages in a wide variety of activities designed to promote those goals, in addition to improving the civility and the quality of the practice of insurance law.

Celebrezze has been practicing in the field of insurance law for virtually his entire legal career. As one of the country’s leading insurance industry litigators, he has represented a wide variety of international, national and regional insurers. In addition, he frequently lectures and is widely published as a legal expert in the field.

Celebrezze has an international law practice that focuses on complex general liability, including personal and advertising injury, property, and specialty lines. He also spends a substantial portion of his practice handling commercial disputes for insurers.

He has received many honors and recognitions for his work, including annual recognition by legal directory Chambers USA as a leader in insurance law and as a “National Insurance Litigator Star” by Benchmark Litigation.

About Sedgwick LLP
Sedgwick LLP provides trial, appellate, litigation management, counseling, risk management and transactional legal services to the world’s leading companies. With offices in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Orange County (Calif.), San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., and an affiliated office in Bermuda, Sedgwick’s collective experience spans the globe and virtually every industry. For more information about Sedgwick, its lawyers and the services it provides, visit www.sedgwicklaw.com.

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