Disruptive HSA Gaining Traction in the Market

Lane Health offers breakthrough HSA solution. Employers gain key recruitment/retention benefits and save on costs.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

There is an HSA solution disrupting the industry and I think your readers will be interested. The company that introduced this HSA solution is led by former Mercer executives Tom Elliott and Sharon Cunninghis and Scott Beck formerly from MetLife. I will connect you directly to these people for an interview if you would like.

Lane Health offers breakthrough HSA solution. Employers gain key recruitment/retention benefits and save on costs. Lane Health, a company comprised of healthcare, benefits and finance leaders, launched a new Health Savings Account (HSA) solution that is disrupting the market. Unlike other HSAs, Lane Health’s solution provides real-time access to money people need for their healthcare with little-to-no contributions and at zero risk to employers.

“Lane Health’s innovative HSA makes high deductible health plans less scary, allowing them to work for more people – not just the few who can afford to contribute and save,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Brad Gambill. “Employers need to offer viable healthcare benefits to employees while controlling costs. Employees want more affordable healthcare. Our exclusive solution is a win-win all the way around.”

Unlike others, Lane Health’s HSA provides a line of credit for employees whether or not they contribute to their HSA. “There is zero risk to employers,” said Scott Beck, Lane Health’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We provide inclusive, on-demand access to a line of credit within the HSA with no credit checks. Employees then have predictable payments through pre-tax payroll deductions. And employees and employers both benefit from tax savings.”

According to a 2019 Survey from GoBankingRates, the average family high deductible healthcare plan is $4,800 while 69% of Americans have savings of less than $1,000. This $3,800 gap can mean that healthcare needs go unmet, or worse, people plummet into situations that take them off the job and impact their lives. The Lane Health HSA mitigates the gap by helping make funds available to employees for healthcare when needed. Even when employees don’t contribute to the HSA, they can access funds and take up to 12 months to pay the funds back, pre-tax, saving taxes.

“Finally, in a space where there’s been virtually no innovation, this is a breakthrough HSA and it’s catching on,” said Sharon Cunninghis, Chief Development Officer. “Our highly flexible implementation approach allows this benefit to plug right into existing employer processes and systems. Plus, we deploy a proactive, guided approach to engaging employees at every teachable moment. Employees who choose a qualified plan can be automatically enrolled in our HSA, so no one is left behind.”

For more information on the Lane Health HSA solution, see LaneHealth.com or contact us at WeCare@lanehealth.com.


Lane Health offers the disruptive HSA spending account helping employees with High Deductible Health care plans (HDHP) pay their medical bills. The BeWell card with Advance HSA helps employers confidently shift more employees to HDHP health plans, reducing both healthcare premiums and healthcare costs. Employees can access an advance for medical bills any time. Lane Health is lead by Tom Elliott (former President of Health and Benefits at Mercer), Sharon Cunninghis (former U.S. Health Leader at Mercer), Scott Beck (former Global Leader of Broker Relationships at MetLife) Dion Rumsey (former Account Executive at MetLife), Brad Gambill (former Chief Strategy Officer at LG Electronics), Linda Verba (former Head of Service Strategy at TD Bank), Justine Mitsock (Head of U.S. Total Rewards and HR Operations at Chanel), and Crystal Peel (former Client Solutions Manager at Alegeus). Lane Health is located at 1617 John F Kennedy Blvd. #2037 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit LaneHealth.com or contact Sharon Cunninghis, Chief Development Officer, at (203) 903-4726 or SCunninghis@LaneHealth.com.

Anna Flairty for Lane Health
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COVID-19 vaccines boost consumer confidence across the board, IBM study finds

Inside Telecom

Inside Telecom

IBM’s consumer survey adds to the growing amount of data showing optimism as the world slowly emerges from the pandemic.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — IBM’s consumer survey released Thursday adds to the growing amount of data showing optimism as the world slowly emerges from the pandemic. The study shows that global consumer confidence is high, “with more than half of respondents surveyed saying that they expect COVID-19 vaccines to keep them protected,” the company said.

According to IBM’s study findings prepared by the company’s Institute for Business Value (IBV), respondents surveyed are mostly assured in the safety, effectiveness, and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines and indicate a desire to return to ‘normalcy’ after being vaccinated.

But different quarantine and masking rules, personal preferences, and social norms formed during the last year means that key industries like retail, travel and transportation may need to provide more seamless, personalized marketing and client experiences, to help remain competitive and successfully engage customers, the company noted.

“Habits formed during the COVID-19 pandemic have raised consumers’ expectations of digital engagement, especially in service industries like retail, travel & transportation,” said Jesus Mantas, senior managing partner, IBM Global Business Services.

“As we anticipate the ‘post-COVID-19 pandemic normal,’ businesses should accelerate their digital evolution with AI and Cloud-based solutions to help remain competitive. Investing in hybrid physical and digital experiences can help provide a more personalized experience.”

The study of more than 15,000 adults surveyed globally, found most people are confident in the safety, effectiveness, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, and more than half expect the vaccine to keep them protected.

Economic progress can happen gradually, however, as most respondents surveyed indicated that vaccination levels will need to exceed 70 percent for them to feel comfortable returning to life as it was before the pandemic, the study cautioned.

If current vaccine rollout rates continue – which have been highly flawed in some regions – the study purports that most people may not regain pre-pandemic comfort levels until well into 2022. Amidst this uncertainty, consumers are rethinking the way they want to work, socialize, travel, and shop, according to the study.

Most global consumers surveyed are ready to return to in-store shopping once vaccinated
According to the study, the tides may be turning for the ailing retail industry, with global consumers surveyed indicating a strong desire, once they are vaccinated, to return to malls and shopping centers.

While many surveyed consumers may not abandon the online shopping options, they have become accustomed to using during the COVID-19 pandemic – with at least one in five respondents surveyed stating that they plan to continue shopping primarily online – once vaccinated, they expect to buy items in-store much more often.

With convenience indicated as the main reason global consumers surveyed continue to shop online, followed by value and the wide variety of products available online, to lure consumers back to physical stores, retailers can look to in-store promotions and local products.

In-store promotions were the top factor that could drive consumers to shop in a physical store, especially for Gen X (54 percent surveyed) and Boomers (52 percent surveyed). Additionally, local products that are not available online, such as small batch food products and hand-made apparel, may attract nearly 50 percent of surveyed Millennials, Gen X and Boomers, to shop in person.

Potential Recovery of the Travel Industry
While consumer travel has yet to rebound, there are promising signs on the horizon.

The study showed plane travel may see an uptick in demand, with 30 percent of people planning to fly more often—though this is offset by the 23 percent of respondents surveyed that plan to fly less.

The study found that roughly 1.5 times more vaccinated consumers surveyed expect to take an overnight trip in the next six months. Still, a sizeable subset of the population plans to stay home indefinitely, with roughly one in four surveyed consumers saying that they do not plan to travel in 2021, even after they receive the COVID-19 vaccines.

The vaccine may also reinvigorate professional travel, increasing the number of respondents comfortable travelling for business two to four times in most countries.

However, older business travelers surveyed are less confident.

Only eight percent of respondents surveyed over 55 are comfortable traveling for business without a COVID-19 vaccine, and just 25 percent are comfortable after they are vaccinated.

The study showed personal automobile usage continues its prominence, both during the pandemic period and after people receive the vaccination. While 10 percent of respondents surveyed plan to use a personal vehicle less often after getting the shot, 47 percent surveyed say they will use it more.

Generation Z respondents surveyed are exceptions to the findings
Post-COVID-19 vaccine outlook varies widely across surveyed consumers by generation, but in several categories, Generation Z respondents surveyed (people aged 18-24), especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, tended to be outliers.

Most Gen Z respondents surveyed want to spend time with people outside of their households once they get the shot. 27 percent of Gen Z surveyed said they will increase outside interaction, compared to 19 percent of Gen X surveyed and only 16 percent of those surveyed over 55 years of age.

On average, 60 percent of Gen Z respondents surveyed plan to visit venues such as restaurants and bars and salons once vaccinated, compared with 71 percent of Millennials surveyed and 69 percent of Gen X respondents surveyed.

This appears to be the continuation of a trend, as Gen Z surveyed also reported visiting venues less frequently than those in other age groups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Casey Feldman Foundation, EndDD.org and OnMyWay Partner to End Distracted Driving

Casey Anderson Feldman

Casey Anderson Feldman

OnMyWay App

OnMyWay App

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — OnMyWay, the #1 mobile app that pays its users to drive safely, has announced a partnership with the Casey Feldman Foundation and EndDD.org

EndDD.org is a project of the Casey Feldman Foundation a non-profit organization, that shares OnMyWay’s mission to end impaired/distracted driving. The Foundation and EndDD.org were created after the tragic death of 21-year-old Casey Feldman who was killed by a distracted driver in July 2009.

Through their partnership, OnMyWay and the Foundation hope to continue to raise awareness and encourage more people to download OnMyWay in their joint effort to “Save Lives and Prevent Car Crashes.”

Distracted driving is responsible for roughly 9 fatalities every day as well as more than 1,000 injuries. The effects of distracted driving are far-reaching not only to families but to their communities as well. It is estimated that economic losses total approximately 46 billion dollars each year.

At the time of this release, OnMyWay has “Saved 152 Lives and Prevented 23,378 Car Crashes.”

To honor Casey’s memory and to launch their partnership, OnMyWay has featured Casey’s story on the “Real People” section of their website, which you can view at https://onmyway.com/blog/real-people/.

In addition, OnMyWay has Donated $10,000 in free travel rewards for simply referring 1 user to sign up for the OnMyWay mobile app
@ https://r.onmyway.com.

About OnMyWay

OnMyWay Is The #1 Distracted Driving Mobile App In The Nation!

OnMyWay, based in Charleston, SC, The Only Mobile App That Pays its Users Not to Text and Drive. The #1 cause of death among young adults ages 16-27 is Car Accidents, with the majority related to “Distracted Driving”.

OnMyWay’s mission is to reverse this epidemic through positive rewards. Users get paid for every mile they do not text and drive and can refer their friends to get compensated for them as well. The money earned can then be used for Cash Cards, Gift Cards, Travel Deals, and Much, Much More…

The company also makes it a point to let users know that OnMyWay does NOT sell user's data and only tracks them for purposes of providing a better experience while using the app.

The OnMyWay app is free to download and is currently available on both the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android @ OnMyWay; Drive Safe, Get Paid. Sponsors and advertisers can contact the company directly through their website @ www.onmyway.com.

Download the app for free @ https://r.onmyway.com

About the Casey Feldman Foundation

The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation works to raise awareness and educate the public on the dangers of distracted driving through EndDD.org.

EndDD.org is an end distracted driving organization founded in 2009. A project of the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, EndDD.org was founded by Casey’s parents, Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson.

It's their mission to save lives from distracted driving through advocacy, education, and action.


Press Relations
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All In Compliance Launches the Compliance Certification Program for Background Screening Firms

All In Compliance Launches Compliance Program for Background Screening firms

All In Compliance Launches Compliance Program for Background Screening firms

All In Compliance, has announced the rollout of the very first Compliance Certification Program for consumer reporting agencies to include Background Screeners.

It’s more important than ever for CRAs to prove compliance with industry requirements, regulations and data safeguarding. ”

— Jackie Drziak

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — All In Compliance has announced the rollout of the very first Compliance Certification Program for consumer reporting agencies to include Background Screeners.

The screening industry is highly regulated and continues to remain on the radar of regulators, and litigators. FCRA lawsuits surrounding background screening issues have increased each year for the last ten years and compliance is at the center of helping CRAs avoid lawsuits and achieve success in today's marketplace. Every CRA has a story of its commitment to compliance and this brand-new certification offers this market a unique way to demonstrate that commitment. This program is quickly becoming a must have for all background screening firms.

The program utilizes a fully innovative Learner Management System (LMS) that features a self-paced, interactive way for CRA compliance personnel and management to earn a Compliance Certification.

“This type of consistent compliance training is a great way to demonstrate that as an industry, background screeners appreciate their responsibilities to consumers, to integrity, to maximum accuracy and to safeguarding data,” says Jackie Drziak, EVP of All In Compliance, and founder of the program.
The program is comprised of 13 interactive modules with intermittent quizzes designed to measure student progress. Among the modules included are regulatory responsibilities, consumer complaint management, information security, consumer disputes, auditing and more.

Upon conclusion of the course, students are directed to a comprehensive assessment to test their knowledge and are presented with a certification subject to an 80% passing grade. CRAs may choose to pursue certifications for individual employees, or an enterprise compliance certification, which can be obtained through course completion by all compliance and management staff.

Obtaining the highly coveted PBSA Accreditation requires a strong commitment to compliance, and this program serves as a great training resource for CRAs who are focused on achieving this accreditation. “It’s more important than ever for CRAs to prove compliance with industry requirements, regulations, and data safeguarding. The goal of the Compliance Certification Program is to provide them the tools to master these critical functions.” says Drziak.

The Compliance Certification is available now, and organizations can enroll at academyaic.com.

About All In Compliance
All In Compliance provides customized compliance services for consumer reporting agencies, giving them the tools and support they need to navigate industry regulations and requirements. From compliance and data security awareness trainings to fully outsourced compliance services, All In Compliance’s mission is to help CRAs operate safely and efficiently in accordance with essential industry procedures. To learn more, email Jackie Drziak at jdrziak@allincompliance.com, or visit www.allincompliance.com.

Jackie Drziak
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ValueHealth Names New Chief Client Officer

Whitney Courser

ValueHealth, LLC, the national leader in Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™, announces the promotion of Whitney Courser to Chief Client Officer

Whitney Courser is a proven and passionate leader in pioneering revolutionary healthcare strategies and executing market expansion”

— ValueHealth CEO, Don Bisbee

LEAWOOD, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ValueHealth, LLC, the nationally recognized leader in Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™, announces the promotion of Whitney Courser to Chief Client Officer. This newly created role is necessitated by the rapid growth ValueHealth has experienced over the past year, largely as a result of the work of Ms. Courser and her team.

As Chief Client Officer, Ms. Courser will oversee ValueHealth’s field operations and partner relationships with providers, payors, and employers. She will also work closely with ValueHealth’s Business Development team and with each of the general managers of ValueHealth’s business units (NueHealth, Muve Health, Encardia, and NovaCore) to ensure alignment among growth and facility operations, including a recent joint venture with Cleveland-based University Hospitals as well as legacy partners (e.g., Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Midwest Orthopedics at RUSH, Columbia Orthopaedic Group, and Methodist Health System, etc.).

“Whitney Courser is a proven and passionate leader in pioneering revolutionary healthcare strategies and executing market expansion,” says ValueHealth CEO Don Bisbee. “Her exceptional skill set and deep knowledge of the industry elevates our trajectory success as ValueHealth expands our national footprint.”

Over the past 18 years, Courser has developed joint venture business deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She was instrumental in developing ValueHealth’s Philadelphia Value Network of facilities in partnership with Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, including Jefferson Surgery Center at the Navy Yard (Philadelphia), Riddle Surgical Center (Media), and Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital (Bensalem). Now approaching 26 facilities, this network is valued at $1.5 billion.

"There has never been a better moment to help our partners successfully transform to value-based healthcare,” says Ms. Courser. “I am honored to lead a client organization that has been dedicated to our partners and the community we serve as we help accelerate the transition from volume to value-based care."

Ms. Courser joined ValueHealth (formerly NueHealth) in 2003 in finance and accounting. She was quickly promoted to Director of Business Development, moving on to become Regional President of Northeast Operations, President of Marketing & Sales Operations, and Chief Growth Officer.

Ms. Courser supports Kansas City-based charities Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus and the Kansas City Autism Training Center as well as the Tory Burch Foundation, which provides access to capital, mentoring, and networking for women entrepreneurs. She is also a member of the Association for Corporate Growth – Kansas City and serves on several corporate boards.

About ValueHealth
ValueHealth has pioneered the ambulatory surgical space since 1997. Today, the company is leading the country in healthcare's transformation to value-based care, with data-driven protocols that are rapidly positioning its innovative approach as the gold standard for the industry. This data-driven healthcare services company offers a surgical digital platform designed to accelerates the transition from fee-for-service to value-based surgical care model while positioning its provider partners to flourish in an emerging risk environment. Today, ValueHealth operates in over 30 states, and its nationally recognized Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™ are leaders in the transition to value-based care. For more information, visit valuehealth.com.

Teresa Olsen
ValueHealth, LLC
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Cambridge Wilkinson Investment Banking Closes $300MM Specialty Finance Company Transaction

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, MANHATTAN, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cambridge Wilkinson has closed a $300MM Credit Facility for a Specialty Finance client that is growing rapidly in the Asset Management and Alternative Investments worlds. Our client was attracted not only to the competitive rate on this facility, but also the structure which was designed to grow with the company as they grow- with an incredible amount of flexibility embedded; says Rob Bolandian, Partner and Global Head of Investment Banking.

Cambridge Wilkinson is deep in the Specialty Finance industry and in the equity and credit space. We are happy that we are able bring our clients creative facilities that are designed to meet their specific needs, and not just offer rigid, pre-designed, off the shelf "products", says Bolandian. Cambridge Wilkinson specializes in arranging equity, credit facilities, forward flow, warehouse lines and portfolio sales that range from $25MM-$5BLN for clients.

About us:

Cambridge Wilkinson is a leading global investment bank with the speed, connections and confidence to get deals done. With a focus on middle market companies, we arrange debt and equity capital raises from $25 million to $5 billion and advise on mergers and acquisitions. We bring deep experience working with specialty finance institutions and real estate entities, as well as businesses spanning a variety of other industries. We offer unique access to a broad network capital sources including large family offices, credit funds, banks, non-bank credit groups, insurance companies, private equity, sovereigns and endowments.

Representative transactions include prior experience of firm members. All securities assignments are completed through Avalon Securities, Ltd. a FINRA member and SEC registered broker-dealer.

Rob Bolandian, Partner & Global Head of Investment Banking

Howard Chernin, Partner & COO

Rob Bolandian
Cambridge Wilkinson, LLC
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LeTip Congratulates First Franchisee’s One-Year Anniversary in Long Island

We at LeTip want to congratulate him on his success in growing his franchise territory and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and his chapters.”

— Kim Marie Branch-Pettid, CEO & Owner of LeTip

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — LeTip International, Inc (LeTip), the world's largest privately-owned professional business referral network, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the company’s first franchise owner, Clifford Pfleger. As the Regional Director of LeTip of Suffolk County, Long Island, Pfleger opened four chapters and grew his membership base by more than 500 business owners to successfully oversee three of the largest chapters in the country. He plans to continue this success over the next five years and double the membership base in his territory.

“Cliff has been a LeTip member since 2008 in the Security Systems business category, so he knows firsthand how the LeTip model generates business referrals,” said Kim Marie Branch-Pettid, CEO & Owner of LeTip. “As a successful franchisee, he is constantly bringing new tips and customers to business owners in his territory and across the U.S. We at LeTip want to congratulate him on his success in growing his franchise territory and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and his chapters.”

LeTip’s business model allows prospective franchise owners, such as Pfleger, to operate their own turnkey business in their exclusive territory. All invoicing is done within LeTipWired, a proprietary system that processes standard emails with automation, allowing franchisees to focus on networking to grow their business and create successful chapters. With a complete reporting system embedded, franchisees can manage the accounting side of the business easily and accurately with the help of LeTip World Franchise’s back-office team.

“Looking back on this past year, I’m so thankful for all the support from Kim Marie and her team that helped me take that first step to become a franchise owner with LeTip,” said Pfleger. “I learned early on in my career that relationships are at the core of a profitable business, and now I get to help small business owners across Long Island reach their highest level of success through the creation and management of LeTip chapters.”
LeTip is open to those working in virtually every industry, including home services and real estate, banking and finance, health and medicine, insurance, travel, fitness, business services, legal, public relations, event planning, creative services, technology, and more. Only one representative of any given profession is accepted into a chapter, and members are chosen for their occupational expertise.

LeTip is currently offering exclusive franchise territories across the United States. Request more information at www.letipworld.com to follow up on a specific city or state.

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Alcohol Abuse Among Unemployed Rises Sharply During COVID-19 Pandemic

Unemployed Particularly Vulnerable to Mood-Altering Substances

One in five (21%) of the unemployed sample revealed mild, moderate, or high risk to alcohol addiction based on their symptomatic profiles”

— Dr. Richard E. Hunter

CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Authentic Strategic Partners today announced the release of a new alcohol and substance abuse study among unemployed individuals during COVID-19. Rampant unemployment in the United States brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous detrimental effect on the financial well-being of millions of Americans and their families. Personal concerns about these financial disruptions and social isolation as a precaution against the pandemic have heighted stress particularly among vulnerable groups like the unemployed. High stress situations are known triggers for maladaptive coping behaviors like use/overuse of alcohol, prescriptions medications, and street drugs. This study of 600 unemployed individuals found substantial increases in all three categories of mood-altering substances. Using adapted addiction symptom measurement items from the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), the researchers established comparative addiction risk profiles for each substance abuse category.

Richard E. Hunter, Ph.D., the study’s primary author noted, “One in five (21%) of the unemployed sample revealed mild, moderate, or high risk to alcohol addiction based on their symptomatic profiles.”

Further, the results of the study offer preliminary insights into substance abuse patterns across two and even all three of the substance abuse categories.
Authentic Strategic Partners, LLC. is a public relations consultancy with offices in Chesterfield, Missouri and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Its principals are Richard E. Hunter, Ph.D., and Richard A. Nida, Ph.D. www.authenticstrategicpartners.com.
# # #

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biospatial announces contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

biospatial providing the CDC with near real-time syndromic surveillance utilizing EMS data

DURHAM, NC, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — biospatial announced a contract working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Leveraging the sharing of aggregate data analytics made possible through biospatial’s data use agreements with state and local EMS agencies, biospatial is providing the CDC with near real-time EMS syndromic surveillance trend data from EMS responses across the nation. The contract supports the mission of the CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) through access to biospatial’s EMS data and analytics platform.

“We are honored the CDC has selected biospatial to help support their mission,” commented Josh Walters, VP Product. Mr. Walters continued, “The combination of near real-time analysis of EMS data with the CDC’s database of emergency department data will allow them to quickly identify trends and correlations in these data assets.”

biospatial’s platform provides automated analysis of near real-time EMS data, aggregation of syndromic trends, and alerting to anomalies based on syndromes that leverage both categorical elements and natural language processing of free-text elements within EMS data. In collaboration with the CDC, biospatial has integrated new analytical models into biospatial’s platform to support the NCIPC mission related to firearm violence, sexual violence, domestic violence, and child abuse and neglect.

“The CDC was not only looking for an early warning system, but also for a platform that enables rapid query, analysis, and visualization of large volumes of EMS data,” explained Jon Woodworth, CEO. Mr. Woodworth continued, “biospatial’s industry-leading EMS data platform rapidly turns unique data assets into highly actionable outputs to enable faster decisions, inform engagement and outreach, and improve healthcare outcomes.”

About biospatial
Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, biospatial has established unique data use agreements enabling access to electronic patient care reports (ePCR) from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers in over 40 US states. Growing by 90,000 records per day, we combine our database of more than 100M EMS ePCRs and other electronic healthcare data sources in the biospatial platform. The biospatial platform leverages analytics and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to provide web-based tools, automated reporting, and alerting. Our mission is to help organizations make faster and improved decisions, leading to improved healthcare outcomes. For more information about biospatial’s capabilities, please visit the company’s website at www.biospatial.io, email sales@biospatial.io or follow biospatial on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/16157883/ or Twitter @biospatial1

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Openforce introduces three new insurance coverages for independent contractors through partnership with One80

Openforce + One80 Intermediaries

Openforce + One80 Intermediaries

Openforce expands its insurance portfolio to help independent contractors get access to the critical protection they need while on the road.

The unique structure of the program offers breadth of coverage yet the flexibility to engage the specific coverage options that are needed with each contracting position the ICs need to comply with.”

— Wendy Greenland, Openforce CEO

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Openforce, the leading provider of technology-driven solutions offering onboarding, settlement, compliance and risk mitigation for companies with independent contractor workforces, announced today the launch of three new insurance offerings consisting of While Under Dispatch (WUD) Commercial Liability, General Liability (GL), and Cargo. Insurance coverages are offered through ICM Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed broker and wholly owned subsidiary of Openforce.

ICM Insurance Services developed the program with One80 Intermediaries, who is a Program Underwriting Manager specializing in niche transportation insurance programs. The three new offerings are designed specifically for independent contractors (ICs) to help meet their specialized needs in order to provide their services.

“We are very excited to be partnering with One80 Intermediaries to bring these offerings to market,” said Wendy Greenland, CEO, Openforce. “By setting up the WUD, GL, and Cargo insurance as a program offering, we are providing a value to both the ICs and the contracting companies that engage them. The unique structure of the program offers breadth of coverage yet the flexibility to engage the specific coverage options that are needed with each contracting position the ICs need to comply with. Compared to industry standards, I believe our program allows us to provide complete comprehensive coverage at an extremely competitive market price.”

By offering access to all three, WUD, GL, and Cargo insurances, Openforce provides numerous benefits to both contracting companies and the ICs contracted with them.

Companies who contract ICs will enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have these essential coverages in place while the IC is dispatched. The premiums for these policies are deducted directly from the contractor settlements, ensuring that there is never a lapse in coverage, and eliminating the administrative burden of tracking individual DEC pages and expiration dates.

The negotiated rates are also affordable, due to the consolidated buying power of the ICs being part of a larger population enrolled and administered through one program.

ICs gain the benefits of these lower rates, which is money back in their pockets. There are no down payments required, saving the contractors upfront costs. Premiums are not assessed when the IC is not dispatched, making sure that they are protected only when needed and applicable. Having the coverages integrated into the Openforce platform offers convenience and simplicity to enroll, as ICs don’t need to shop around for rates or work with external sources to obtain coverage.

“Although the US economy is becoming increasingly dependent on the independent contractor workforce, it is often very difficult to obtain the insurance coverage ICs require to provide their important services. We at One80 are thrilled to partner with the innovative team at Openforce to launch these three new insurance offerings which are designed to benefit both ICs and the companies they contract with,” said Joy LaFrance, Chief Underwriting Officer, One80 Intermediaries.

While Under Dispatch insurance is a specialized commercial liability policy, and while ICs need to maintain their personal auto policy for vehicle registration, having this coverage is advantageous for both contracting companies and ICs by including additional coverages that personal auto policies typically do not offer. It is a much more cost-effective method to have commercial level coverage.

General Liability insurance extends a coverage position by filling gaps between other essential coverages. This policy provides protection from many forms of third-party claims, such as bodily injury, property damage and advertising or reputational harm should the IC be found liable.

Cargo insurance covers the physical goods ICs are transporting, allowing contracting companies to avoid covering damages out-of-pocket or making claims on their corporate policy. Having a contractual requirement that ICs have their own cargo policies provides protection for the goods being transferred should an accident and/or theft occur during transport and can help avoid the “chargebacks” trap if the IC leaves before reimbursement occurs.

For more information on while under dispatch liability, general liability and cargo insurance policies, or to get started, visit Openforce’s information page.

Openforce supports the enrollment and administration of insurance coverage options that are issued to contracting companies, or Openforce can present insurance options available through our partner programs. All insurance options presented through Openforce are placed through ICM Insurance Services, LLC and are available to enrolled ICs affiliated with Openforce. All coverage is subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

About Openforce
Openforce® is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate compliance risk for companies using independent contractors. Openforce frees contracting companies from the burden of onboarding, contracting, and settlement processing while helping contractors build their business. Our cloud-based applications help businesses achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational and compliance barriers to getting business done. Openforce is a portfolio company of Boston-based private equity firm Riverside Partners. Learn more at www.oforce.com.

About One80 Intermediaries
One80 Intermediaries is a privately held insurance wholesale broker and program manager with offices in both the US and Canada. Offering market leading access to all major insurance markets in the US, UK, and Canada, as well as in-house binding authority for property & casualty, financial lines, personal lines, life insurance, medical stop loss risks, travel/accident and health, and warranty coverage. One80 serves commercial companies, non-profits, public entities, and individuals, with coverage spanning all industry classes. We have offices in more than 33 locations in the US and Canada including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver, San Antonio, Omaha, and San Diego; as well as offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Lachine, QC. Learn more at www.one80intermediaries.com.

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