Intermountain Medical Group Turns 25

Today the Intermountain Medical Group includes 1,372 physicians and 479 advanced practitioners

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, February 15, 2019 / — If you were around in 1994, you may remember "Schindler's List" won the Academy Award for best picture, the Sony Playstation was launched, "The Lion King" and "Forrest Gump" were popular movies, a TV show named "Friends" was first aired, and the commercial potential of something called the "World Wide Web" was discussed at a conference in San Francisco.

It was also the year 16 Intermountain Healthcare physicians signed an agreement that created what's become the Intermountain Medical Group.

Almost from its founding in 1975, Intermountain Healthcare leaders recognized the need to partner more closely with physicians. Intermountain took steps in the 1980s to engage physicians more meaningfully in the organization's operations and governance. Then in 1994, the Intermountain Medical Group (originally called the IHC Physician Division) was created based on recommendations of a joint Intermountain-physician task force.

The members of the task force signed their names to a "Statement of Principles and Philosophy" drafted by urologist Charles Sorenson, MD, who later became Intermountain's CEO.

"It's interesting to go back and read through the original document that was put together," says Chris Thornock, the Medical Group's vice president and chief operating officer. "All of the reasons the Medical Group was established — to improve quality, implement an electronic medical record, engage physicians in clinical program work, and manage population health — are still very relevant today."

When it began, the Medical Group was a cutting-edge concept; there weren't many similar physician groups in the healthcare industry. Not knowing what to expect, leaders had a conservative vision of the future. It started with just 17 physicians, two advanced practitioners, and 53 employees, which totaled 71 team members.

"When the Medical Group was founded, I don't think there was ever a goal in terms of the number of physicians who'd be part of the group," says Chris. "The vision was much smaller. There were some who said, 'Well, we might get to 500.' Today the Medical Group includes 1,372 physicians and 479 advanced practitioners."

As it's grown, the Medical Group has implemented significant changes over the years, such as:

• Mental health integration is provided in all primary care and some specialty care clinics.
• Personalized primary care helped all Intermountain primary care clinics earn National Committee for Quality Assurance's Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition.
• Intermountain's Zero Harm initiative in ambulatory settings leads the nation in ambulatory patient safety.
• The former Primary Care Clinical Program — which included family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics — developed best practice and care process models that have led to better patient health.

"For 25 years the Medical Group has served wherever our clinics, providers, and caregivers are found and our growth over the years has broadened our ability do good," says Tim Johnson MD, the Medical Group's senior medical director. "The Medical Group is vital to helping Intermountain achieve its mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible."

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 23 hospitals, 170 clinics, medical group, a health insurance company called SelectHealth, and other health services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through evidence-based best practices, high quality and sustainable costs. For more information about Intermountain, visit

Daron Cowley
Intermountain Healthcare
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American Fidelity Named One of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine & Great Place to Work

American Fidelity Colleagues Collaborating

American Fidelity Colleagues Collaborating

Colleagues and Family Volunteer at Food Drive

Colleagues and Family Volunteer at Food Drive

American Fidelity Headquarters

American Fidelity Headquarters

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, US, February 14, 2019 / — American Fidelity has once again been named one of the 100 “Best Companies to Work For” as recognized by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine. At No. 55, American Fidelity is the highest ranked Oklahoma City-based company on the 2019 list and this is the 13th time that American Fidelity has been awarded this honor.

“To be a different opinion to our Customers, we first have to be a different opinion to our Colleagues. We’re dedicated to being a great place to work for all and to creating an environment where our Colleagues have a career they enjoy and are passionate about our mission to serve our Customers,” said American Fidelity President Jeanette Rice. “Our Colleagues are then able to provide outstanding Customer service and are empowered to do what is best for our Customers.”

American Fidelity currently has 70 positions open, primarily at the Company’s headquarters in OKC. Many of these positions are in the IT, finance, Customer service and claims areas. Positions outside of OKC include sales positions around the U.S. and claims support internships in Boston. Learn more about careers at American Fidelity.

A few of the highlights from the results are the transparency and accessibility of senior leaders; the on-site amenities such as a 10,000 square-foot fitness center, a bank and ATM, a medical clinic, discounted movie ticket and theme park passes for purchase, massages and a grill with subsidized healthy options; and 20 hours of paid volunteer time. In addition, 89 percent of Colleagues work a flexible schedule and 86 percent work from home at least 20 percent of the time.

The list is based on survey responses from more than 4.3 million employees rating their workplace culture on 60-plus elements of the workplace. These include trust in managers, compensation, fairness, camaraderie and workplace traits linked to innovation. Great Place to Work research shows that list winners keep outperforming the stock market, beating industry rivals when it comes to talent retention and demonstrating higher levels of productivity than peers.


About American Fidelity
American Fidelity Assurance Company is a supplemental benefits provider serving more than 1 million Customers across 49 states with a focus on offering a different opinion for Customers in the education, public sector, auto retail and healthcare industries. More information can be found at

American Fidelity has earned an “A+” (Superior) from the A.M. Best Company since 1982. One of the nation’s leading insurance company rating services, A.M. Best conducts a strict review process for financial stability every year.

The Company was also selected for several other lists by Fortune, including: Best Workplaces for Millennials, Best Workplaces in Finance and Insurance, Best Companies for Giving Back, Best Workplaces for Women, Best Workplaces for Diversity and the Human Capital 30: Companies that Put Employees Front and Center.

Lindsey Sparks
Corporate Communications Team Leader

Melody Wortmann
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications, Creative Services and Culture

Lindsey Sparks
American Fidelity
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Kenneth Saffren, Attorney, Explains What Property Damage Claim Time Limits Are

Ken Saffren, Attorney, explains property damage time limits.

Ken Saffren, Attorney, explains property damage time limits.

Ken Saffren Attorney

Ken Saffren Attorney

Saffren and Weinberg - Personal Injury Attorneys

Kenneth Saffren, attorney at the firm Saffren & Weinberg, explains how property damage claims have time limits.

One of the most important elements to understand in a civil lawsuit is the statute of limitations and how your state applies it to your case.”

— Kenneth Saffren, Esq.

JENKINTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2019 / — +

At Saffren and Weinberg, Kenneth Saffren, Attorney and Kenneth Scott Saffren, Attorney are partners. The firm’s tagline is “The People’s Voice In Court.” They make themselves available via phone at (215) 309-9577 or by email on the Saffren and Weinberg website. Saffren and Weinberg provide a no-charge, complimentary case review and answers questions for prospective clients.

What are Property Damage Claim Time Limits in NJ and PA?

Whether you are in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, if you have suffered property damage at the hands of someone else’s intentional action, you may be considering filing a civil lawsuit. One of the most important elements to understand in a civil lawsuit is the statute of limitations and how your state applies it to your case.

The “Statute of Limitations” is a state law that sets a strictly-enforced deadline for initiating a case in civil court. If the deadline is missed, you lose your legal right to bring a case before the court. Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have passed the statute of limitations for various types of civil cases.

What is Pennsylvania’s Property Damage Lawsuit Filing Deadline?

Property damage claims involving “real” property (houses, buildings, or physical land) and personal property (including vehicle damage) carry the same statute of limitations for filing deadlines. The Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes sets a two-year filing deadline for: 1) an action for “taking, detaining, or injuring personal property” or 2) an action for injury or trespass to real property.

So, any vehicle damage claim following a car accident must be made within two years to meet the property damage claim time limit. This same deadline applies to all homeowners’ insurance lawsuits filed by homeowner’s seeking recovery for physical damage to the exterior of their home that was caused by someone else, such as a neighbor.

The clock begins to run on the day of the accident that caused the damage. An attorney at law can help you potentially push the filing deadline back by showing that you, the property owner, had no way to have reasonably known of the damage or discovered it right away.

What Happens if You Miss the Filing Deadline in Pennsylvania?

There are certain situations in which a property damage attorney will be able to help you extend the lawsuit filing deadline. For example, in Pennsylvania, if a property owner is under the age of 18 when the damage occurs to the property, the property owner will have two full years to file a lawsuit after their eighteenth birthday.

Another situation in which the statute of limitations to file can be extended involves actions of the defendant. If the defendant leaves the state in which the damage occurred, before a lawsuit is filed against them, the time in which they are missing will typically not be counted against the two-year limitation. This rule is provided in Title 42 Section 5532.

What is New Jersey’s Filing Deadline?

The filing deadlines in New Jersey apply to property damage lawsuits where the plaintiff is seeking repair or replacement of damaged real property (houses, buildings, or physical land) or personal property (including vehicle damage). New Jersey Revised Statutes provides a six-year window for claims to be brought for any negligent conduct that results in injury to real or personal property. It is important to remember that this filing deadline will apply to any claim that is brought in an effort to recover monetary damages for damaged property. This includes both standalone suits or single parts of larger legal actions.

What Happens if You Miss the Filing Deadline in New Jersey?

New Jersey allows the time limit to be extended if the defendant leaves the state after damaging your property. If he or she cannot be served with legal papers, the clock may be suspended for the length of time in which the defendant cannot be located. New Jersey also provides the same exception and extension of time for property owners who are under the age of 18 at the time that property damage occurs as Pennsylvania.

If for some reason you are unable to fill out your property damage claim form, there may be other exceptions in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey to extend your statute of limitations and offer you a legal remedy for the property damage you have suffered.

If you have a deadline that is rapidly approaching or if the filing deadline has passed, contact Saffren & Weinberg at 215-576-0100 for the best in legal counsel.

Kenneth Scott Saffren / About the author

Attorney Kenneth Saffren, Esq, is a partner of Saffren & Weinberg located in Jenkintown, PA, practicing in workers’ compensation, social security, and personal injury litigation. He is a member of both the United States District Court of New Jersey and Eastern District of Pennsylvania Supreme Court, as well as PHN Epsilon Roe.

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

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Ken Saffren – Attorney in Jenkintown

PA Workers’ Compensation Attorney Kenneth Saffren

PA Back Injury Attorney Kenneth Saffren

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Cyber Security Insurance: Protecting Your Business

Smarter Business, James Hallam

Smarter Business, James Hallam

Smarter Business partners with James Hallam to offer business cyber security insurance.

HAYWARDS HEATH, WEST SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, February 14, 2019 / — With businesses of all sizes relying on computers and digitalisation for their operations, the emergence of cybercrime is currently the single greatest threat to businesses. From protecting customer information to critical business resources, breaches to cybersecurity can be costly – and potentially fatal – to SMEs and large corporates alike.

With this in mind, insurance policies covering the damage caused by cybercrime are becoming increasingly popular. This has become a pivotal new offering of the corporate risk insurance specialists at James Hallam, whose recent partnership with energy broker Smarter Business stands to see this cover form a common part of business insurance portfolios.

With a history spanning 30 years in the insurance industry, James Hallam specialises in assessing the needs of their customers and building custom portfolios based on their requirements, risk, and foreseeable changes – and this applies to their cyber insurance offering too.

“Pricing insurance is a specialist business. One needs a thorough understanding of a customer’s business before creating a quote to ensure that all necessary bases are covered,” says group head of SME at James Hallam, Graham Whyatt.

It is the shared ethos on customer service, savings, and the provision of meaningful business solutions that makes the partnership between James Hallam and Smarter Business a valuable one for businesses in Britain.

"In offering this service, we recognise the need to provide 21st-century cover that reflects our customers’ sophisticated business needs," said Smarter Business CEO, Bradley Wingrave. “It is precisely this culture of innovative, holistic service that stands to meet the demands and challenges faced by business owners in the modern commercial landscape.”

About Smarter Business

Smarter Business is one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies, helping businesses secure the most comprehensive savings solutions from utilities contract management and procurement to business loans and facilities maintenance.

About James Hallam

James Hallam is one of the UK’s leading independent brokers. The company makes it a priority to understand every detail of their clients’ businesses and work in partnership to provide a complete service.

For more information, contact Matthew Margetts, Director of Communication at Smarter Business on
For more information on James Hallam, contact Graham Whyatt, Head of Affinity & SME on

Shea Karssing
Smarter Business
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How Hosting Meetings or Incentives on Barge or River Cruises Can Save Time and Money

Hosting a meeting on a river cruise or barge cruise can be a great option.

SPRING, TX, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2019 / — Benefits include:
Control Your Budget Up Front – Receive all cost with included meals, beverages and excursions.

Choice of a short or long cruise itinerary – featuring the opportunity of visiting several cities without packing and unpacking.

Security and Privacy guaranteed on board – being on a smaller vessel offers better security than on a land based venue. Privacy is easier to control on a water based venue.

Variety of Excursions – in addition to the many excursions offered by the river cruise and luxury barges, private excursions can be set up for your group.

Better Group Participation – as everyone is on these smaller vessels, it is easier to locate everyone for get togethers.

1. Business Meetings / Seminars
A cruise ship is surprisingly a good venue for seminars. Hotels and resorts usually offer limited views. Using a cruise ship for your business seminar will allow your attendees to see different places during their downtime. A ship has a controlled environment, so it is easier for you to get the attendees involved in your business activities and planning sessions.
2. Incentive Travel
If you are looking for new ways to reward high-performing employees, you might try a European river cruise or a barge cruise. These trips are fun and memorable. There are many cruise packages that you can choose from. You can choose a Rhine cruise, a Grand Danube cruise, a Christmas cruise or a French barge cruise, Holland Tulip cruise or a cruise in Italy or in Great Britain. As an incentive, a barge or river cruises represent an expensive looking reward that makes the recipient feel that he is valued.
So, if you are trying to increase your sales, try an incentive river or barge cruise as a reward.


European river cruises are cost effective. These cruises can make each business activity fun, exciting, and memorable.

AmaWaterways offer a wide variety of cruise packages that’s perfect for your budget. They have different types of cruise ships so it does not matter if you have a small group or a large group. Most of their vessels hold 146 passengers.
AmaWaterways also provides a superior dining experience for its clients. They are the only river cruise that was awarded membership in the prestigious La Chaine des Rotisseurs.


The intimate French barges are great for groups, the atmosphere of the barge brings people together. The experiences are so unique and the enjoyment of sharing these with fellow guests is something you will always remember.
The barges are great for special small meetings from 4 – 30 passengers. For larger numbers, there are river cruise vessels available.
Our luxury hotel barges provide the perfect venue for a small group of executives to have a convivial meeting away from the stress and interruptions of the everyday office environment

Our hotel barges provide the perfect environment for management off-site meetings, small conferences, sales presentations or uninterrupted brainstorming sessions. It's the perfect place to be creative…

EUROPEANBARGING can do everything to make a ship charter (or a group) a successful event for a company meeting or an incentive group to award winners with a cruise be they employees or clients.

European Barging was founded in 1998 and specializes in European barge and river cruise products. They represent the majority of European companies which sell these products. They have products which include premium river and barge cruises, casual bicycle and barge cruises, as well as small ship cruising.

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Credit Counsel Inc Helps Companies Focus on the Big Picture

Finding the right debt recovery firm is challenging. Credit Counsel Inc educates companies on debt recovery.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2019 / — Credit Counsel Inc is an international debt recovery firm that provides relief to companies on a national and international level. We assist companies in collecting funds that are owed to them from domestic as well as international debtors, through best in class account managers, Credit Counsel Inc achieves above standard recovery results.

Through excellent customer service and constant technological innovation, Credit Counsel Inc is fully dedicated to increasing the rate of recovery for our clients in a professional manner, preserving our clients’ image and reputation within their industry.

"Credit Counsel Inc believes that companies should be focused on growing their business, not collecting debts, and our success is ultimately that of our clients,” explained Christopher Mihoulides, CEO of Credit Counsel Inc. “We look to surpass our clients’ expectations while always bearing in mind the sensitivity of client relationships.”

With over two decades of operating experience, the management team at Credit Counsel Inc has established a truly unique philosophy regarding the successful collection of debt.

The greatest asset that Credit Counsel Inc has is our excellent, world-class account management staff. Unlike many debt collection agencies, we believe that people have the greatest impact in positively influencing payment. The team at Credit Counsel Inc has years of experience that translate into above normal recovery results while typically maintaining our clients’ relationships with the debtors.

As Credit Counsel Inc looks to the future and continues to grow, we will continue to invest in our customer service and account management teams to grow our company now and into the future. These efforts include state of the art technology used for skip tracing, asset searching, and credit reporting. Our mission and philosophy have helped our debt recovery firm advance into one of the fastest growing debt collection agencies in the USA.

We view every client relationship as part of the Credit Counsel Inc family and work to conduct ourselves as if we are an extension of your organization. By working within this kind of mission, we are able to work harder, produce better results and make sure that your company is up and running efficiently.

Credit Counsel Inc has one goal in mind, to make sure that your business can thrive and that you can focus on what’s most important. Credit Counsel Inc is here to walk you through all of your debt recovery needs along the way.

To learn more about Credit Counsel Inc, click here.

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The global Cato network extends to more than 40 PoPs, many of whom share the same physical datacenter with RingCentral

Configuring a network rule for cloud communications is simply a matter of selecting “RingCentral” on the Cato management console

Configuring a network rule for cloud communications is simply a matter of selecting “RingCentral” on the Cato management console


We found that Cato was able to accommodate more than 15 percent packet loss and still maintain a high-level of voice quality, a significant achievement in providing superior customer experience.”

— Curtis Peterson, senior vice president, cloud operations, RingCentral

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, February 13, 2019 / — Cato Networks, the leading provider of cloud-based SD-WAN, today announced that it has been certified as a connectivity partner by RingCentral, a leading provider of enterprise cloud communications, collaboration and contact center solutions. The certification was provided as a result of call quality and resiliency testing performed by RingCentral that demonstrated the ability to maintain enterprise call quality even with sub-standard network performance using SD-WAN from Cato Networks.

For far too long, supporting on-premises voice and video services has chained global enterprises to their Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. With Cato Networks, enterprises can accelerate cloud communications migration using affordable, optimized, and predictable, global cloud connectivity.

“Cloud communications requires predictable, low-latency connections,” said Nick Fan, vice president of sales, Americas, at Cato Networks. “The Cato Cloud provides affordable premium cloud connectivity with the intelligence and performance needed to deliver a high-quality cloud communications experience across the globe.”

Through RingCentral’s testing, Cato Networks was able to guarantee high quality voice calls even with more than 15 percent network packet loss. The RingCentral testing required calls to maintain MOS scores of 3.8 or higher, which is considered high quality.

“Many enterprises are deploying SD-WAN, as a leading technology to assure highest-levels of quality of service and availability,” said Curtis Peterson, senior vice president, cloud operations, RingCentral. “As part of our partner certification process, we tested Cato’s ability to deliver high-quality voice even under extremely poor network conditions. We found that Cato was able to accommodate more than 15 percent packet loss and still maintain a high-level of voice quality, which is a significant achievement in providing superior customer experience.”

Cato Networks connects all branch locations and the mobile workforce into RingCentral datacenters with a global, secure, and optimized cloud-native network. RingCentral access is optimized by:

● MINIMIZING LATENCY by carrying cloud communications traffic across Cato’s optimized and managed global network, not the public Internet, directly into the same physical datacenters shared with RingCentral.

● PREVENTING CONGESTION AND LAST-MILE PACKET LOSS that undermines voice quality with sophisticated upstream and downstream Quality of Service (QoS), traffic prioritization, and Policy-based Routing (PBR).

● COMPENSATING FOR BROWNOUTS AND AVOIDING BLACKOUTS in the last mile with Active/Active Protection and Packet Loss Mitigation techniques.

● SECURING USERS and the corporate network against network-based attacks without the need for additional appliances or security services.

To learn more about the Cato Networks and RingCentral partnership and experience first-hand Cato Network’s ability to deliver high-quality voice with even 15 percent packet loss, watch this brief webinar and demonstration or visit

About Cato Networks

Cato Networks, the cloud-native carrier, connects enterprise locations, users and cloud resources into a global, secure, and optimized cloud-based network with built-in SD-WAN, network security, and WAN optimization. Unlike legacy telcos, Cato is agile, affordable, simple to deploy, and quick to adapt to changing business needs. Using Cato, customers can cut MPLS costs, improve performance between global locations and to cloud applications, eliminate branch appliances, provide secure Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrate mobile users and cloud datacenters into the WAN. Visit and Twitter: @CatoNetworks.

Dave Greenfield
Cato Networks
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Source: EIN Presswire adds API Security Encyclopedia and a free API Contract Security Audit service

API Security Audit Report

API Security Encyclopaedia

Get a free online security audit of OpenAPI / Swagger API contracts. Find information on API vulnerabilities and ways to fix them in API Security Encyclopedia.

LONDON, UK, February 13, 2019 / — API Contract Security Audit is a free online tool that lets developers and security professionals upload their OpenAPI definition files and get a detailed security assessment on the potential risks that their APIs might have. Each issue in the report shows the specific place in the API contract that may cause trouble, provides details on the potential exploit scenario, and shows recommendations on how to improve the API definition to mitigate the risk.

"There is much talk recently about “shifting left” in security – to start vulnerability testing at an earlier stage of the development lifecycle. With the OpenAPI Contract Audit tool from 42Crunch, you can test your API even before it’s been created, quickly investigating potential security issues and getting actionable recommendations for fixing them. Can you go more left than that?" says Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts AG.

API Security Encyclopedia is a free online resource with almost 200 articles on potential API security risks, possible exploit scenarios, and recommendations on how to mitigate the risks.

Alexei Balaganski adds: "Perhaps the biggest obstacle for companies towards adopting API security best practices is not knowing they are doing something wrong at all. What they need is a clear and concise guide outlining typical API-related anti-patterns, demonstrating their security risks and offering proven methods of mitigating them. 42crunch’s recently launched API Security Encyclopedia is exactly that and already shows great potential for all API developers".

“42Crunch launched in October 2018,” says Dmitry Sotnikov, VP of Cloud Platform at 42Crunch. “It has become a popular source of API security news and information, with more than a thousand subscribers to its weekly newsletter. Now, we are extending the usefulness of this community site by putting some of the most valuable know-how and technology of 42Crunch on this site for the community to use. Our mission is to share knowledge with the community and help everyone make their APIs secure.”

About 42Crunch
Founded in London, UK, with offices in Dublin (Ireland), Montpellier (France) and Irvine (California), 42Crunch is known for launching the first API Firewall on the market, and provides a security platform that automatically generates and enforces risk-based security policies on enterprises’ APIs. The cloud solution addresses the most demanding API security requirements for enterprises around the world. 42Crunch API Platform also fosters the collaboration of security, development, and operations teams, and enables a DevSecOps approach to API lifecycle. Visit to learn more.

Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Isabelle Mauny

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Georgia Jury Verdict Comes Back 16 Times Greater than Insurance Company Offer for Car Accident

Macon, Georgia Attorney Kathy McArthur

Attorney Kathy McArthur

Kathy McArthur was the lead attorney at trial. She said that this verdict spoke to the power of having an experienced trial attorney represent your case.

You would be shocked at the amount of lawyers who don’t go to trial. The insurance companies want you to accept a small settlement, and they will go to great lengths to pay out as little as possible.”

— Attorney Kathy McArthur

MACON, GEORGIA, USA, February 13, 2019 / — A Georgia man received a jury verdict over 16 times what the insurance company initially offered.

Curtis McGhee, 54, was critically injured in a car accident when a mini-van merged into his lane. He was later diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease in his neck and back, and osteoarthritis in his left hip.

He sought surgery four years after the accident. In the meantime, he was struggling with his business and trying to avoid surgery. He was self-employed as a cleaner, and due to his injuries, he could not complete the full scope of his work, and if he had hired help, he would have lost money. He was completely out of work for a total of 20 months.

After a hip replacement surgery, he had medical bills totaling $121,000. It was recommended that he have an additional lower back surgery that would have cost $86,000. A second car accident in 2017 made his conditions even worse.

The defense argued that the crash had nothing to do with his injuries. They said that $125,000 to $175,000 would be fair compensation, and they had originally offered him $50,000 to settle the case.

The jury ruled in favor of the victim, returning a verdict of $817,500. The award compensated for past and future medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Kathy McArthur of the McArthur Law Firm in Macon, Georgia was the lead attorney representing McGhee. She said that this verdict spoke to the power of having an experienced trial attorney represent your case.

“You would be shocked at the amount of lawyers who don’t go to trial,” she said. “The insurance companies want you to accept a small settlement, and they will go to great lengths to pay out as little as possible. After any kind of serious accident, you need to have an experienced trial lawyer on your side. You’re not protected if you don’t have an experienced trial lawyer.”

Kathy McArthur was recently recognized by Best Lawyers as Lawyer of the Year 2018 in the area of medical malpractice in Macon, Georgia. McArthur Law Firm handles car accident and personal injury cases throughout Georgia and the nation.

To learn more about her practice, watch her video interview about car accidents. To contact her, call 888-511-3130.

Kimberly Busch™
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Georgia Jury Verdict Comes Back 16 Times Greater than Insurance Company Offer for Car Accident

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“Celebrity Entrepreneur,” Film Chronicling Financial Advisor Marketing Strategist Clint Arthur, Accepted Into AMDOCS

Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur sharing the stage with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the campus of West Point Military Academy

Clint Arthur sharing the stage with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the campus of West Point Military Academy

Clint Arthur on Fox Business Network

Clint Arthur has made more than 100 TV appearances to date, including on The Today Show and Fox Business Network

Clint Arthur on Fox 11 Good Day LA "Money Monday"

Clint Arthur on Good Day LA’s “Money Monday”, one of more than 100 local and national TV appearances

AMDOCS 2019 Official Selection “Celebrity Entrepreneur” documents the life, stories & business endeavors of world-famous celebrity branding expert Clint Arthur

Entrepreneurship is a growing trend in America … this film explores the cutting edge methods we use to help gifted Experts stand out and succeed in a brutally competitive marketplace.”

— Clint Arthur

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2019 / — "Celebrity Entrepreneur" has been formally recognized as an Early Invitee and will have its World Premiere at prestigious American Documentary Film Festival (AMDOCS).

Produced by Alison Savitch, and Directed by Spencer Thornton, the 52 minute documentary is a behind the scenes look at Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur and the Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Advisors, and other Experts who come to him for mentorship and transformation into Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

The film was shot on location in New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Las Vegas, and on the West Point Military Academy campus, with cameos by Apollo XI astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who portrayed the infamous Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World."

Alison Savitch, former Chair of Producers Guild of America (PGA) New Media Council, Founding Board Member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and the 3D Stereoscopic Society, whose previous Producing credits include "Last Action Hero," "The Shadow," "Dogma," "Poseidon Adventure," "Green Lantern," "Conan The Barbarian," "Mortal Kombat," "Mortal Kombat Annihilation," "Beowulf," "El Dr. Mario Show," and "The Dr. Mario Show," has not produced a documentary since "Mortal Kombat: Behind the Dragon" in 1994.

"Celebrity Entrepreneurship is so current and fresh as a topic, I HAD to make this movie," says Savitch. "This is the cutting edge of small business in America today, and the goal of this film is to help more Entrepreneurs to not just survive, but to thrive."

Clint Arthur, a graduate of Wharton Business School's entrepreneurial management program, Award-Winning entrepreneur, and author of the new book "Celebrity Entrepreneurship" says: "It is an honor to be recognized by such a prestigious festival for the hard work and vulnerability we all put into this movie. Entrepreneurship is a growing trend in America, and for the first time ever, this film explores the cutting edge methods we use to help gifted Experts stand out and succeed in a brutally competitive marketplace."

Because of his Wharton background, Clint Arthur’s favorite clients are Financial Advisors: “I understand them so well, and know how to give them tools which accelerate their business, practice, and career immediately and powerfully.”

Clint specializes in working with Financial Advisors to create marketing strategies that raise their Status and create Celebrity in the eyes of their customers & prospects. “Celebrity Entrepreneur” documents his renowned transformational events & experiences, which give Advisors & Entrepreneurial Experts priceless lifelong marketing assets that create instant credibility, and maximize their ability to close High-Ticket deals and eliminate resistance to their offers.

One of these celebrity-making events, “Speak At NASDAQ,” allows Financial Service Experts to share their message at NASDAQ in New York City, position themselves as The Experts in their industry, and spread awareness of their expertise to more people.

AMDOCS 2019 is set for March 29-April 4, 2019 in beautiful Palm Springs, California, and is sure to be one of the best events yet.

Financial Advisors interested in Clint Arthur’s transformational experiences can apply for his mentorship at

Clint Arthur
Celebrity Entrepreneur
+1 212-888-2999
email us here
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Clint Arthur at Nasdaq introducing Celebrity Entrepreneurship to a group of financial experts, entrepreneurs & thought-leaders

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