Intermountain Healthcare and Stanford University Use Precision Medicine Advances to Understand and Treat Cancer Cases

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, July 17, 2017 / — Intermountain Precision Genomics announces two publications from Intermountain Healthcare’s clinicians and researchers that demonstrate the successful application of genomics approaches to studying individual cancer cases. Lincoln Nadauld, M.D., Ph.D., and Derrick Haslem, M.D., are medical oncologists at the Southwest Cancer Center in St. George, Utah. In addition to treating patients, these physicians conduct research to advance cutting edge cancer care and precision medicine on a broad continuum. Their recent research has been published in two national peer-reviewed journals: Genome Medicine and Journal of Clinical Oncology-Precision Oncology, in collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare doctors and researchers from Stanford School of Medicine.

The first study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology-Precision Oncology, a research publication outlet from the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, “outlines the impressive clinical course and positive outcome of a patient with metastatic colon cancer treated with a precision oncology approach.” The second publication, from Genome Medicine, on which Nadauld is a co-author, “demonstrates that linked read sequencing is useful in characterizing oncogenic rearrangements in cancer metastasis.” Both studies were carried out in collaboration with Hanlee P. Ji, M.D., Senior Associate Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center and Associate Professor at Stanford’s School of Medicine.

Linked read sequencing is a process that allows scientists and doctors to look at the molecular structure of tumor DNA in “longer reads of 50,000 base pairs, versus the typical 200-300, revealing the genomic complexity of patient tumors.” In reference to the Genome Medicine study, Nadauld points out, “In this patient, we were able to identify an amplification of a gene called FGFR2, which is critical because there are drugs that target that mutation.” Nadauld adds, “This case indicates there are broader applications for linked read technology, including diagnostic purposes and defining additional treatment options for patients along with new genes to target. With further study, pharmaceutical and biotech technologies can start to develop new drugs that target different molecular phenomena.”

Intermountain Precision Genomics is a service of Intermountain Healthcare. For more information about Intermountain Precision Genomics, please visit:, join the dialog on Facebook (Intermountain Precision Genomics) or follow @precisioncancer on Twitter.

Daron Cowley
Intermountain Healthcare
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FICO and Vantage Models Score Similarly, Credit Industrialist Howe Says

SubscriberWise myFICO Credit Karma FICO Vantage

David Howe FICO GOAT SubscriberWise

David Howe, global Credit Czar and FICO worldwide all-star greatest all-time highest achieving champion MVP

Howe obtains perfect FICO scores at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion

FICO and Vantage highest achiever in human history, SubscriberWise founder and credit savant David Howe discuses model consistency while offering advice

And prior to applying for a credit product involving significant financial obligations with longer repayment terms, it’s recommended to obtain a genuine FICO score”

— David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and the world's highest FICO achiever

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, July 17, 2017 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today consumer credit insight from David E. Howe, SubscriberWise founder and the world’s most successful credit scoring since genius Alan Turing invented the computer age.

“Today I want to offer straightforward credit information and advice for the nation’s adult credit consuming population,” said David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and America’s credit captain. “The topic involves two competing scoring models – FICO and Vantage – that yield relatively similar scores with nearly identical credit ratings. The models are used by the nation’s largest banks and lending institutions with Vantage competing to gain market share (

“The primary advice I want to share includes what models consumers should access and when.

“FICO, for the record, remains the dominant scoring model among the world’s largest banks and lending institutions,” Howe noted. “In fact, SubscriberWise uses FICO Score 9 in its nationally-recognized-award-winning decision management technology and was the world’s first business-to-business organization to implement the technology.

“In the context of consumers access to accurate scoring models, I’m thinking about the FICO and Vantage models in terms of the distinction with the little-used informational or educational scores that are available but also have the possibility of misleading ( consumers because these scores have been declared inconsistent with the actual scores creditors use for banking, lending, and underwriting decisions.

“From the standpoint of consumer credit empowerment, the FICO and Vantage scores that are accessible from sites such as myFICO and Credit Karama, as well as FICO scores provided with the ‘FICO Score Open Access’ program (, these scores are reliable consumer benchmarks that can be used prior to applying for credit and banking products.

“And from the standpoint of consumer access to these reliable scores, FICO and Vantage scores are the two models that generate consistently – and comparatively – similar scores when data are also consistent.

“Again, true for the majority of the adult credit consuming population,” added Howe. “And let’s not ignore that access to this information is both easy and convenient which is an added bonus since these are the best predictive models for consumers currently.

“Moreover, in terms of the general credit ratings communicated to consumers by the two models (i.e. bad, fair, good, very good, exceptional), FICO Score 8 and Vantage 3.0 are strikingly consistent when the same repository is scored simultaneously. For example, if a consumer scores an ‘Exceptional’ rating with FICO Score 8 at TransUnion, then the TransUnion Vantage 3.0 will yield the same ‘Exceptional’ in virtually every single instance.

“The same can be said for FICO vs. Vantage comparisons among the competing repositories. Of course, this assumes that the data on the file at each repository are consistent at the moment of scoring.

“Very often data are not consistent at the moment scores are generated,” stated Howe. “However, consumers could possibly benefit by controlling for consistency as much as possible (i.e. comparing file information at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and pursuing accuracy and consistency; disputing inconsistent and inaccurate data). One way to gain control is to access the reports at the one source that provides free annual access as authorized by federal law: .

“Ultimately, knowing when each repository receives updated monthly information that’s consistent – and waiting to apply until such time – may prove particularly useful for consumers who are seeking loans involving, for example, tri-merged credit reports with home lending. The same is true for consumers seeking other types of products that involve ‘rate shopping’ with different banks and different repositories. For example, shopping for a new car over the course of a few days or few weeks.

“As a point of fact, this same insight is part of the reason I was able to obtain simultaneous perfect FICO and Vantage scores at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – as well as rankings in the 99th and 100th percentile across virtually every single scoring model ever created,” acknowledged Howe. “Among other ‘Fair Isaac Leaves (, I learned when payments to various (active) accounts would update at each bureau. I also determined a point of time in any given month when I knew each repository would contain the same recent updates.

“By the way, regarding the FICO Score 9 – provided with myFICO but not currently as widely adopted as FICO Score 8 – this latest model, with its more nuanced treatment of medical and paid collections, will yield the most consistent score compared to Vantage 3.0 offered by Credit Karma (TransUnion and Equifax reports available today at Credit Karam).

“From my perspective, the overall takeaway here is for consumers to regularly access Credit Karma (Vantage 3.0 scores are updated weekly) to obtain a FREE and reliable benchmark with the general-purpose FICO model. And prior to applying for a credit product involving significant financial obligations with longer repayment terms, it’s recommended to obtain a genuine FICO score from myFICO, or from the ‘FICO Score Open Access’ program,” concluded Howe.

Related: SubscriberWise Chief and U.S. Credit Czar Howe Recommends Credit Karma (

About SubscriberWise and Credit Captain David E. Howe

SubscriberWise® launched as the first U.S. issuing consumer reporting agency exclusively for the cable industry in 2006. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America's independent cable operators. Today, SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

SubscriberWise's contributions to the communications industry are quantified in the billions of dollars annually.

David Howe is founder, president, and majority share-holder of SubscriberWise. His interest in credit began in 1986 as a 17-year-old student in high school.

Having directly prevented multitudes more child identity thefts than any single individual including law enforcement professionals nationwide, Howe is recognized as one of the most productive and engaged child identity theft experts of the 21st century. Howe’s expertise on the subject of identity theft has been shared with virtually all levels of state and federal law enforcement agencies including field agents from the FBI. In 2014, Howe was contacted by IBM’s RedCell Counter Fraud and Financial Crimes Intelligence organization for training and information concerning child identity fraud. Today, Howe is using the resources of SubscriberWise to help protect children from identity theft and exploitation across the nation.

David Howe is the highest FICO Achiever in worldwide banking and financial history since earth tilted on its axis. Howe is the only known individual – living or deceased – to have obtained simultaneous perfect FICO 850 Scores across every national credit bureau (since William Fair and Earl Isaac formed Fair & Isaac Corporation (FICO) 60 years ago). In 2014, Howe achieved simultaneous perfect Vantage Scores at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, a credit-scoring feat never before demonstrated.

Howe has obtained FICO Professional Certification and is also the first and only citizen of the world to describe and report the details of the perfect FICO and Vantage scores to U.S. reporters.

Howe produced and published two videos on the subject of perfect credit: FICO 850 Credit Report Facts and FICO Scores: The Facts. The first general-purpose FICO scores debuted a quarter century ago.

Over the past decade, Howe has been consulted by every leading communications operator in the country. Howe’s passion with credit and risk management can be found everywhere in the industry today. Today, SubscriberWise touches a U.S. consumer every minute of every hour of every day. In 2014, SubscriberWise was named winner in the CableFAX Tech Awards in the category of commercial software, among an incredibly competitive environment that was open to every MSO and tech vendor in North America.

Despite being a dedicated and hard worker, Howe is a vagabond and minimalist who prefers to travel from city to city – on a whim – and at his sole discretion; rarely an agenda and often no place in particular. Howe is most contented with a simple existence, an eye on health and wellness, friends and family, warm and sunny climates, and – most especially – a morning coffee and an afternoon imbibe of red wine.

Howe holds an Associate and Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University with an academic focus in human behavior at the macro level, political science, and public administration. He is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, the country's oldest and preeminent honor society in the social sciences and Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society.

SubscriberWise is a U.S.A. federally registered trademark of the SubscriberWise Limited Liability Co.

Media Relations
330-880-4848 x137
email us here

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New Study Finds That Lymph Node Removal Isn’t Necessary For All Melanoma Patients

Many patients with melanoma need a sentinel-lymph-node biopsy to determine if cancer cells have spread there, but a positive finding doesn’t mean all the lymph nodes in the area must be removed, according to new international study.

We’re looking forward to continued insights and more advancements in the standard of care for melanoma patients.”

— Tawnya L. Bowles, MD, Intermountain Medical Center

SALT LAKE CITY , UT, USA , July 17, 2017 / — Many patients with melanoma need a sentinel-lymph-node biopsy to determine if cancer cells have spread there, but a positive finding doesn’t mean all the lymph nodes in the area must be removed, according to a new international study conducted in part by researchers in Utah that may change standard treatment for melanoma patients whose cancer has spread.

The international study involving 63 centers, including Intermountain Healthcare's Intermountain Medical Center and the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, involving more than 3,500 patients, suggests any survival advantage associated with removing all the lymph nodes in the area closest to the melanoma is too small to justify the complications patients may suffer from having them removed.

Approximately one-fourth of the patients in the randomized phase-three trial were treated for melanoma at Intermountain Medical Center or the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Findings from the study were published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Melanoma is a comparatively rare but potentially deadly form of skin cancer. Although it makes up fewer than one percent of all skins cancers, melanoma is responsible for most skin cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society. Roughly 87,000 new cases of invasive melanoma are diagnosed in the United States each year.

Lymph nodes are small glands that carry fluids, nutrients, and waste between tissue and the bloodstream. The lymphatic system plays a key role in the body’s immune response to infection and disease.

Because melanoma can spread to the lymph nodes, a routine step in treatment often involves removing the closest draining lymph node, called the sentinel node, and checking it for melanoma cells. For melanoma on an arm, for example, that nearest lymph node would be in the armpit, while the nearest lymph node for melanoma on the foot would be in the groin.

When a biopsy detects melanoma in a sentinel node, standard treatment has been to remove all the nearby nodes, which sometimes triggers complications, said Tawnya L. Bowles, MD, one of the study authors, and principal site investigator at Intermountain Medical Center.

“It can be a very big deal for patients,” said Dr. Bowles. “They can have repeat hospitalizations for infections in their extremities. They can have life-limiting, painful swelling where they can’t do the activities they like to do or wear their usual clothing. It’s a significant, real problem for patients who are affected.”

The new study, called the Multicenter Selective Lymphadenectomy Trial II, enrolled 3,531 patients who had melanoma. Of those, 1,939 patients had an abnormal sentinel-node biopsy and were randomly assigned to one of two groups for further study and treatment.

One group received the standard of care and had all the lymph nodes in the area removed. The other group had ultrasounds of the remaining lymph nodes instead of more surgery. For the first two years, they had ultrasounds every four months, followed by ultrasounds every six months out to five years. Two years and five years are significant time points for recurrence, Dr. Bowles said.

In the ultrasound group, if the lymph node got bigger or other abnormalities were detected, a needle biopsy was done to look for melanoma. If it was detected, the other lymph nodes were removed. If the ultrasound was normal over the study period, patients kept all but their sentinel lymph nodes and didn’t have more surgery.

The survival rates of the two groups were compared to see if patients who had multiple lymph nodes removed were more likely to be alive three years later compared to those who kept them.

The study found no significant difference in melanoma-specific survival at three years. But for patients who had those lymph nodes removed, the risk of swelling in the affected arm or leg was four times greater compared to whose lymph nodes were intact.

Some in the group whose lymph nodes were left in place had a recurrence in their lymph nodes. When melanoma recurred in a lymph node, the patients were treated and mortality didn’t significantly increase during the study.

Removing the sentinel lymph node for biopsy is of major importance, according to the study authors.

“If the sentinel-node biopsy hadn’t been done, the tumor present in the lymph node would have grown and progressed,” said Dr. Bowles. “Checking that lymph node is really important, but many patients can be spared taking out the others.”

The study raises another question that’s yet to be sorted out. With melanoma, immune therapy is often given as an added, or adjuvant, treatment. But most studies of adjuvant therapy have been done in patients who had all their lymph nodes removed after an abnormal sentinel-lymph-node biopsy. That means researchers know how well the therapies work in those patients, but not whether immune therapy results would change if the nodes remain in place. The treatment could be just as effective, but isn’t yet proven in clinical studies.

“The question of immune therapy is important, because while removing lymph nodes eliminates the risk that melanoma will spread there, it doesn’t stop melanoma from spreading to organs, bones, and distant lymph nodes,” Dr. Bowles said. “Patients who die typically die of those distant metastases.”

This isn’t the first time that spread of cancer through lymph nodes has been studied. Similar findings regarding treatment when breast cancer spreads to lymph nodes have already changed the standard of care for those patients. A positive sentinel node biopsy no longer automatically means all lymph nodes in the area will be removed.

Dr. Bowles hopes that will be the case with melanoma.

“I hope dermatologists and other healthcare professionals who treat melanoma will understand the sentinel node biopsy is still important, but not all patients need to have follow-up surgery to remove all the other nodes if that sentinel node is positive for melanoma,” she said.

Intermountain Healthcare researchers plan to follow the study-enrolled patients in their clinic, looking for 10-year survival and recurrence rates.

“Because we have a large group of patients who were in the ultrasound group, we hope to learn more about their outcomes. Did they have immune treatment? How did they do over time?” Dr. Bowles said. “We’re looking forward to continued insights and more advancements in the standard of care for melanoma patients.”


Jess Gomez
Intermountain Medical Center
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, July 14, 2017 / — Agena Bioscience and Intermountain Healthcare have announced a strategic collaboration that focuses on expanding the use of Agena’s MassARRAY® System in oncology applications. The collaboration concentrates on expansion of Agena’s technology with the goal of focused panels for liquid and tissue biopsy. The molecular tests augment laboratory services available worldwide from Intermountain Precision Genomics to advance precision medicine in cancer.

Following last month’s successful launch of the ICG100™ Onco Focus Panel, which Intermountain developed on the MassARRAY System, the company is exploring other applications where the lower sample requirements, cost and faster turnaround time can benefit their service offering.

“We found the assays to be relatively simple to design, with intuitive, scalable laboratory workflows. The flexibility of the platform opens up possibilities for new clinically validated diagnostic panels.” said Tom Neuwerth, Quality Assurance coordinator at Intermountain Precision Genomics Core Laboratory.” Neuwerth adds, “We are exploring methods for further improving sensitivity using a focused approach for somatic mutation detection in Formalin-Fixed-Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissues and liquid biopsies.”

“Intermountain Healthcare is a recognized leader in clinical excellence, and we are proud to be chosen by them.” said Peter Dansky, chief executive officer at Agena Bioscience. “We believe this collaboration will provide many benefits to Intermountain’s oncology development program, and will further add to Agena’s leadership in providing affordable multiplex molecular systems to laboratories worldwide.”

About Agena Bioscience

Agena Bioscience develops, manufactures, and supplies genetic analysis systems and reagents, including the MassARRAY® System. The system is a highly sensitive, cost-effective, mass spectrometry-based platform for high-throughput genetic analysis, and is used globally in diverse research fields such as cancer profiling for solid tumors and liquid biopsies, inherited genetic disease testing, pharmacogenetics, agricultural genomics, and clinical research. For more information about Agena, visit

About Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit system of 22 hospitals, 185 clinics, a Medical Group with about 1,500 employed physicians and advanced practitioners, a health plan group called SelectHealth, and other medical services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs. For more information about Intermountain Healthcare, visit Intermountain Precision Genomics (IPG) is a service of Intermountain Healthcare. For more information about Intermountain Precision Genomics, please visit:, join the dialog on Facebook (Intermountain Precision Genomics) or follow @precisioncancer on Twitter.

Daron Cowley
Intermountain Healthcare
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How Does Workers Compensation Work in Westeros?


Sixteen attorneys gathered to discuss the workers’ comp ramifications of the Game of Thrones characters, in honor of the Season 7 Premiere.

I would love to fight and defend those cases in a trial of combat!”

— Jason Krasno, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2017 / — 16 Attorneys Discuss Fictional Workers’ Comp Ramifications Ahead of Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

Winter is here! The Season 7 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin, airs this Sunday, July, 16th.

In Westeros, Summer can span decades and Winters can last a lifetime. This Sunday the struggle for the Iron Throne continues. Reaching an average of 23 million viewers per episode worldwide, the upcoming premiere of this pop culture phenomenon known as “GOT,” has everyone in the office talking.

HBO has been releasing teasers of the new season, giving viewers a preview of what they can expect to see, as well as titles and descriptions of the first three episodes. Episode 1: “Dragonstone,” Episode 2: “Stormborn,” and Episode 3: “The Queen’s Justice,” tell us that we can expect to see our favorite surviving characters fight for the Iron Throne and hopefully give us answers to our remaining questions regarding the fate of Westeros.

While discussing the anticipated premiere, the attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo began thinking about the possibilities of workers' compensation cases for work-related injuries in Westeros, the fictional land in Game of Thrones.

While many of our favorite characters face unfortunate deaths, some of the surviving characters suffer from different types of on the job injuries while working, or while in the service of a Lord or Lady. After analyzing the misfortunes of these characters, we came to the conclusion that most of these work-related injuries would make these characters eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Jamie Lannister, of House Lannister, suffered the loss of a limb, affecting not only his ability to work but also his way of life. Jaime Lannister was known to be the most skilled swordsman in all of Westeros. Suffering the loss of his sword-hand was detrimental to his line of work. Whether he was an employee of the Kingsguard, acting at the behest of the crown, or employed by House Lannister at the time of his injury is still undetermined, but he would have a strong case qualifying him to receive benefits to compensate for his injury. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, Jaime Lannister would receive two-thirds of his average wage for 335 weeks and potentially, additional compensation benefits for his loss of limb.

Arya Stark, of House Stark, incurred the loss of her eye sight during her service for the House of Black and White. Her loss of sight directly affected her ability to generate income and significantly decreased her quality of life. Injured workers who have suffered a permanent or temporary loss of sight, partial or total, or the loss of an eye, may be entitled to receive compensation. Arya Stark poses a strong case against her employer, the House of Black and White, for an on the job injury. Meeting the specific criteria of loss of income would make her eligible to receive compensation benefits.

Lord Eddard Stark, of House Stark, sustained a head injury while on the job as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon. While many workers do not suffer head injuries due to treason, head injuries are very common in the workplace. Head injuries are measured in magnitude from mild concussions to more severe head trauma. Any sort of head injury can affect your ability to work and result in a loss of income, making you eligible for compensation benefits.

While acting as the Hand of the King and leading the defense of the city during the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister sustained a Facial Disfigurement injury. By law, to be qualified for compensation, a Facial Disfigurement injury must be both “permanent” and “unsightly” making this type of on the job injury more difficult to measure than other types of injuries. Tyrion Lannister’s injury resulting in a long-term scar would make him eligible to receive benefits at the discretion of the court room judge, or in the case of Westeros, the King or Queen.

Injuries resulting from workplace violence can be classified as verbal threats, harassment, intimidation, or physical violence like getting stabbed in the abdomen like Jon Snow. Following the Battle of Castle Black, the fellow men of the Night’s Watch turned on Lord Commander Jon Snow for being a traitor. This act of workplace violence would qualify Jon Snow for compensation benefits.

Although this may just be a “watercooler conversation” topic at the office, it possesses an interesting thought. How would workers compensation work in Westeros?

Game of Thrones may be fictional, but workplace injuries don’t just happen in Westeros. The attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo provide representations to help injured workers obtain the full workers' compensation benefits they need and deserve.

If you need to speak with an attorney contact KK&O for a free consultation, 877-299-0779.

Jason Krasno
Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo
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Steno SR Pro Series: The best speech recognition accuracy even in noisy environments

Industry best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone

Industry best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone

A verbatim court reporter uses a Stenomask to document testimony from James Comey during the Senate Intelligence committee hearing on Trump and the Russia probe.

Product Innovation: The Steno Sr Pro Series with brand-new Smartmic technology and unique noise cancellation sets standards for the dictation experience.

ATLANTA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2017 / — Every professional using dictation devices has already experienced this problem: suddenly and unexpectedly occurring background noises which considerably impair the recording and render transcription more difficult. Previously disturbances could never be excluded, users had always been prone to the risk that the words are falsely transcribed into text by the speech recognition, or that the person who must manually transcribe the audio file simply must omit incomprehensible passages. This problem is solved now: The Steno SR Series by Talk Technologies guarantee best speech recognition accuracy even in in noisy environments and make sure that users get clearly understandable recordings without any disturbing background noises.

Noise Cancellation Technology for Optimum Speech Recognition Results

The new Steno SR Series is characterized by a unique microphone system with innovative noise cancelling technology. Testing conducted in noisy environments showed peak speech recognition performance. The technology provides optimum reduction of unwanted background noises and best results for transcription and speech recognition.

Steno SR highlights

• The most accurate noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone available
• Decreases potential security risks and protects the privacy of individuals’ information
• Not only does the Stenomask allow for completely private transcriptions it also eliminates all ambient or background noise ensuring a crystal-clear recording
• Lightweight, affordable and road worthy durability, backed by the industry’s best warranty
• Compatible with all speech recognition software including Dragon
• Several models to choose from including a removable hands free option
• Domestically manufactured, assembled and tested in house
• No start up time or learning curve, simply plug in and go

“The SmartMic eliminates background noise in our busy workplace while at the same time providing a private and accurate microphone for speech recognition. We don’t require a private room or office to take voice notes, Stenomask can be used anywhere.”
K. Somner, B.C. Ministry of Health

About Talk Technologies: Talk Technologies Inc. founded in 1947 designs, manufactures and sells Stenomasks to business, industry and institutions around the world. Some of our valued clients include: U.S. Army Inspector General- Pentagon, U.S. Naval Justice Institute, National Guard Counterdrug Task Force, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the NYC Department of Education.

Talk Technologies, voice privacy matters

D Webb
Talk Technologies
888 811 9944
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Aigang Rewrites Future of Digital Insurance with Launch of Blockchain Protocol Demo App


Aigang Network Releases Industry-Changing Digital Insurance Blockchain Protocol Demo App for Internet-of-Things Devices

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, July 13, 2017 / — Today, Aigang Network, a Singapore-based leader in blockchain protocol for digital insurance, has made history with the launch of its Android and iOS demo app. Powered by Ethereum, the demo for the company’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital insurance blockchain protocol for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices is the first breakthrough of its kind.

A significant announcement from Aigang Network, this signals the birth of an exciting new fully Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) marketplace for consumer insurance harnessing the power of smart contracts. With a simultaneous launch on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the app has been custom designed to operate as a smartphone battery insurance highlighting Aigang Protocol. Working as a Peer-to-Peer based marketplace between private investors and insurees, the demo features an attractive one month free, no long term contract, and instant payouts.

The game-changing battery insurance for smartphones represents a momentous time for the digital insurance industry. Through smart contracts, it’s possible to redesign a tired business model and old-fashioned insurance process in a decentralised environment. With more good news for consumers, insurance estimates are now based on the most recent data and claims can be paid out – instantly.

Given its growth rate at the centre of the world’s first ever consumer insurance built on smart contracts, Aigang Network is in the process of expanding its team of blockchain protocol professionals. The demo app perfectly showcases how a new technology can enable digital insurance for Internet-of-Things devices. In the future, the company plans to roll out digital insurance for self-driving cars and drones.

About Aigang Network:
Aigang Network’s blockchain protocol for digital insurance is here with next-generation insurance for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices using Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) and smart contracts. Download the future of smartphone battery insurance for free today:

Google Playstore: Download Here!
Apple Appstore – Use this form!
iOS version is ready too, but you will need to submit your email & receive an invite to download it. Use this form.

Visit our website and see the way insurance has to be done:

Join the conversation via our vibrant Aigang Network communities:

Aigang Network
+370 612 15024
email us here

Aigang Demo Preview

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GradGuard search tool makes it easy for college parents to protect their students

The logo image of GradGuard with a blue cap above the text GradGuard and the statement college life protected

Picture of a college dorm with smoke coming out and text indicating that nearly 2,000 fires occurred in student housing in 2015.

Male student speaking with female doctor with text saying to don't delay purchase tuition insurance prior to the start of school

Paying for college can be a challenge but thanks to a new innovative search tool providing valuable protection for your college student is easy as ever.

When you consider the facts, it is smart for college families to consider how to protect their student and the investment they are making in a higher education with tuition and renters insurance.”

— John Fees, co-founder & CEO of GradGuard

BOSTON, MA, USA, July 13, 2017 / — Paying for college can be a challenge but thanks to a new innovative search tool providing valuable protection for your college student is easy as ever.

The average published in‐state tuition and fee and room and board charges for 2016-17 are $20,090 and for out of state students, total charges are $35,370. The average published total charges at private nonprofit four-year institutions are $45,370, according to the College Board’s 2016 Trends in College Pricing. In total, more than 20 million students and their families invest an estimated $500 billion annually in tuition, academic fees, student housing and related expenses.

In fact, for many college families, the expense of a higher education is one of the largest investments they will make.  “With so much money at stake, GradGuard’s new search tool makes it easy for families to find the insurance protection they need to protect their college student”, said Bob Soza, Chairman of College Parents of America.

The GradGuard search tool provides an easy way for families to find and purchase renters and tuition insurance programs designed just for their college or university. According to John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard all “when you consider the facts, it is smart for college families to consider how to protect their student and the investment they are making in a higher education”.

The Need for College Renters Insurance
College students are smart to consider protecting themselves with renters insurance. According to the 2015 Clery Act reports that colleges and universities reported 13,754 burglaries and robberies. During the same year, campuses reported 1,926 fires within student housing.

While property crimes like burglary and campus fires are an ongoing problem on many college campuses, the good news is that there is a renters insurance policy that is designed just for college students. GradGuard’s college renters insurance contains an exclusive student endorsement that provides an affordable coverage that features worldwide property coverage, a low-deductible and no credit check. For about $.50 cents a day, families can protect students against losses making renters insurance a must have consideration for college families.

The Need for College Tuition Insurance:
College families are also smart to consider protecting themselves with Tuition Insurance. A majority of school refund policies do not extend beyond the fifth week of the semester, and many don’t refund the full cost of tuition after the start of classes.  A 2015 survey of university bursars and health administrators confirmed that 84% of institutions do not provide a 100% refund. Even if the school provides a 100% refund for tuition, most schools do not refund academic fees or student housing.

Tuition insurance can provide up to 100% refund for your expenses if a student gets sick, injured or have to leave school due to the death of a parent.  Tuition insurance can cover those costs and help you get back on your feet in the event of a withdrawal, without the added stress of a financial loss.  Many tuition insurance plans provide coverage for not only tuition but also for expenses related to academic fees and student housing.  

According to research from the American College Health Association, demonstrates that many student health issues including illnesses, accidents, and injuries are so serious that they can force a student to withdraw from classes. The good news is that college families can protect their investment by purchasing tuition insurance coverage starting at $29.95 for $2,500 per term.  

GradGuard also offers special pricing and coverage options at more than 100 colleges and universities. Fees continued, “College families are often unaware that the investment they make in a college education can be at risk. From theft to student health, college students can be vulnerable to real financial losses that can disrupt their education. GradGuard’s search tool and unique insurance programs, however, make it convenient for college students and their families to protect their investment in a higher education.

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GradGuard College Renters Insurance Provides Exclusive Benefits for Students

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Empiric Health, an Intermountain Healthcare Company, Announces New CEO to Advance the Evidence-Based Technology Company

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, July 12, 2017 / — The Empiric Health Advisory Board has selected Rick Adam as the new chief executive officer effective immediately. Rick will accelerate the company’s commitment to provide physicians and clinicians with the tools and support they need to make evidence-based care decisions.

Mr. Adam has had a distinguished career in leading technology and health companies. He most recently was the president and chief operating officer of Stanson Health located in Los Angeles, California. He has deep entrepreneurial roots after founding and leading several companies including Recondo Technology, a healthcare revenue cycle company, and New Era of Network (NEON), an infrastructure software company acquired by Sybase.

Mr. Adam is the first official chief executive officer for Empiric Health, which was formed in early 2017 under the visionary leadership of Intermountain Healthcare and Oxeon Partners. Empiric Health helps health systems identify variations in procedures and outcomes by using its proprietary analytics framework to facilitate data-driven insights. Activated with data, clinicians are able to optimize clinical outcomes and operations to generate measureable and sustainable cost savings.

“After conducting a national search, we are pleased to have Rick lead this incredible work,” says Bert Zimmerli, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Intermountain Healthcare. “Rick has a successful track record in delivering high quality healthcare solutions that provide demonstrable outcomes proven to make care more affordable. His extraordinary leadership in maturing new companies and building teams will enable Empiric Health to change how health systems identify care that does not add value, improve outcomes, and ultimately make healthcare more affordable for patients.”

The Empiric Health offering is based on a program created at Intermountain Healthcare headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The program has saved Intermountain more than $100 million to date, and continues to drive results through supply savings, length of stay reductions, and other operational efficiencies, all while increasing the quality of care.

“We are delighted to welcome Rick as CEO of Empiric Health. A proven entrepreneur and CEO, Rick will accelerate early traction achieved with anchor customers, Intermountain and Loma Linda," says David Whelan, president, Oxeon Ventures and board member of Empiric Health. "Rick's appointment will ensure strong execution as Empiric scales and he will serve as an important foundation as we build the rest of our leadership team."

"As the industry moves through payment reform, the challenge is to maintain or improve patient outcomes while significantly reducing cost," says Rick Adam. "Empiric offers information to clinicians and healthcare leaders that activates evidence based care delivery. I am very excited and honored to be part of this opportunity."

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About Empiric Health

Empiric Health is a technology-enabled service platform that lowers cost and improves outcomes for health system customers through data-driven physician practice change. Empiric differentiates with a proprietary comparative analytics methodology and proven ability to change physician behavior, so that care providers can understand and optimize for high value, episodic care. For more information, visit

About Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 22 hospitals, 180 clinics, a Medical Group with about 1,500 employed physicians and advanced practitioners, a health plans group called SelectHealth, and other medical services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs. For more information, visit

About Oxeon

Oxeon Ventures design, incubate, and build de novo or purpose-built-from-scratch healthcare companies. These companies are built independently, in partnership with entrepreneurs-in-residence, or co-developed with outside healthcare companies including leading health systems, such as Intermountain Healthcare, health plans, or technology and service companies. We develop and hone concepts and business plans and then leverage Oxeon Holding's service lines and vast network of relationships to bring founding leadership, product/market validation, enterprise clients and additional capital for these early stage companies. Companies developed inside of Oxeon Ventures include Docent Health, Risalto Health, and Empiric Health.

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Accuscore Announces Specialized Separated Driver Risk Scoring for Insurers and Fleets

Accuscore announces separated driver risk scoring, based on the same collected driving data, to meet the unique requirements of insurers and fleets.


San Diego, CA July 12, 2017 – Driver Risk Scoring can reflect not only factors that the driver controls, but also uncontrollable factors such as the nature of the driven route. If risk is associated with changes in momentum, it is natural that the driver on a route with relatively more stopping, starting, and turning, will have the opportunity to have more negative driving events and; therefore, a worse score. This type of separated scoring is required to be able to utilize this type of insight as both an effective loss prevention tool for the fleet and a tool of significant underwriting insight to the commercial insurer.

While the commercial insurer would like to fully understand the risk of the total driving experience, including the driver’s behavior as well as the risk associated with the road, the fleet manager/safety manager wants good driving behavior to be reflected with a good score even on a more challenging road. It is not fair for the driver to be penalized for factors beyond their control and yet the insurer benefits from the additional insight of the risk of the driven road.

Accuscore’s in-depth, second by second motion analysis, with multiple compensations applied to each second, achieves the sensitivity of scoring that allows us to isolate the “pure driving” score from the effects of varying road characteristics.
According to Alan Mann, President of Accuscore, “The actionable nature of driver risk scoring is associated with its value as a loss prevention tool as well as an indicator of risk exposure for underwriting purposes. The fleet and the insurer have different needs in terms of scoring insight to fully monetize the value of driver scoring. Accuscore uniquely delivers that optimized view of driving risk to both fleets and insurers.”

About Accuscore

Accuscore is a San Diego-based company specializing in more accurate driver behavior scoring. Commercial insurers receive more risk predictive underwriting insight. Fleets receive an effective loss prevention/driver behavior tool to identify and correct issues related to risky driving behaviors.
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